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Automatic Water Softener 5L

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The items listed here are refurbished, or second-hand, products. The price shown already includes the discount. Our refurbished items are always 100% in working condition and have been thoroughly checked and tested. They have a three month carry-in warranty. Read more
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More Information
Article number 0935-1100
Barcode (EAN) 8720365348051
Type of power supply 230V


Our refurbished equipment has either been used as a demo model or may have suffered minor damage during transport. These are usually aesthetic, such as minor scratches or dents on the product.

The machines are almost as good as new, but sometimes the original packaging is missing. The article may have been returned because the packaging was damaged during transport. These items are sold at a significant discount.

In order to guarantee the quality of the products, we check every second-hand item ourselves before it is put up for resale. Our own technical staff thoroughly test and service the device so you care always be sure that you are purchasing a reliable article at a hugely discounted price.

It is not possible to return refurbished devices. We do offer a three-month carry-in warranty on this equipment.

Condition of the article: 100% working, checked and tested
Warranty: three months carry-in warranty

Please note: the image shown is a photo of a new model and not of a refurbished item.

Product description:

Softer water is much better for appliances that require water to run. Hard water contains mineral deposits that can build up over time, causing limescale to develop and changing the flavour of the water. Preventing the build-up of limescale means less time cleaning and a longer lifespan for your professional kitchen equipment. Thanks to this automatic water softener, this is now an easy thing to do. 

Protect against limescale

Tap water can often result in limescale and, depending on where you live and the water hardness, this can become a real problem. Any equipment that uses water will eventually have to face this. Examples of appliances it could affect includes dishwashers, espresso machines and combi steam ovens that then do not function at their best and consumer more energy. Limescale can also affect the taste of things like tea and coffee, as well as how efficient detergents are in the dishwasher. To overcome this, all you have to do is plug in a water softener and refill the salt tablets every now and then to help keep your machines in top shape. The salt tablets can easily be ordered online.

Easy operation through automatic regeneration

This electric water softener is filled with balls of synthetic resin. These convert the limescale into sodium, which is not harmful to your health or your machines. After using the water softener for a while, the resin balls become saturated. Luckily, this device is self cleaning. Salt ensures that the resin balls release the stored limescale and are discharged via the salt water. This process is called 'regeneration'. The regeneration is done automatically. You only have to enter the tested water hardness into the machine's display and the system itself calculates the most efficient schedule for regeneration. The display also shows the number of litres available before a new regeneration cycle is needed.


  • Nominal flow: 0-20
  • Electric control valve
  • Produces hard water during regeneration

Product specifications

  • Net weight: 10kg
  • Dimensions: W23,5 x D39,5 x H52cm
  • Salt consumption: 0,7kg
  • Brine tank capacity: 20kg
  • Amount of resin: 5L
  • 230V / 50Hz / 1 Phase 3W

Pros and Cons

  • Saves energy and cleaning products
  • Devices last longer and work more effectively
  • Easy to connect and operation, thanks to clear display and buttons
  • Salt level needs to be checked and refilled regularly


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