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Do you want to make a fresh smoothie, fresh juice or regular hot soups and sauces in no time? Professional, powerful and quiet blenders of catering quality can be found at Maxima.

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Do you want to make a fresh smoothie, fresh juice or regular hot soups and sauces in no time? Professional, powerful and quiet blenders of catering quality can be found at Maxima.

What can you use a blender for?

A blender is one of the most frequently used appliances in the hospitality industry. This is not surprising due to both the appliance’s size and versatility. Both in the kitchen and behind the bar, a blender is regularly put to use.

Chopping up nuts or frozen fruit, crushing ice cubes, dicing vegetables and mixing batter are typical jobs for the powerful commercial blender. A blender is also often used for blending sauces, milkshakes, cocktails and, of course, pureeing soups and smoothies. It is also sometimes called a soup or smoothie maker. Soups, for example, can be made very easily, especially if the blender also has a heating function.

What should I look for when purchasing a commercial blender?

The most important thing to consider when investing in a commercial blender is the power of the appliance. This is usually indicated in Watts. A higher wattage means a stronger motor, which is important when working with hard ingredients like ice cubes or frozen ingredients like fruit or vegetables. A motor that is too weak could overheat more easily.

The number of revolutions of the blades per minute is also important as this gives you an indication of the speed and how quickly it will blend your ingredients. This is indicated in 'RPM' (revolutions per minute). You should also consider the quality of the blades when making your choice as these can be affected by how frequently you plan to use the machine. The better the quality of the blades, the longer they will last.

For ease of use, it is also a good idea to look for how loud the appliance it. For blenders that sit on the bar, you would rather have a quieter motor that won’t disturb your customers too much. It’s also good to have a control panel that is clear and simple so you can immediately see how it works.

What are the features of a Maxima blender?

The size of the pouring jug differs between the different types of blender, as does the number of revolutions per minute. This is usually 20 000RPM or even 28 000RPM for the power blender and the cooking blender. There are a number of features that all devices have in common:

  • Easy to clean
  • Variable speeds
  • Lid with refill opening
  • Strong, stainless steel blades
  • Equipped with pulse function
  • Protected against overheating
  • Heat-resistant jug (100% BPA free)

How do I clean a blender?

As only the jug is usually in contact with the food, this is the part that needs cleaning thoroughly. The motor base can be wiped with a cloth, but cannot be rinsed or put in the dishwasher.

The pouring jug and any detachable parts can be put in the dishwasher, but to keep the blades as sharp as possible, it is better to clean these by hand with soap and water.

You can also fill the blender three-quarters full with warm water and a little washing-up liquid. Turn it on for a short while and the blender will do the cleaning for you. Rinse it with warm water and dry the blades well with a dry cloth. Let the jug dry upside down so that all the water runs out.

What other bar equipment does Maxima have?

After you have created the perfect smoothie or cocktail with your blender, you also want to serve it and present it in the right way. Put the finishing touches on it using some of our other handy bar equipment, such as a glass freezer or ice maker .

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