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Coffee Grinder - 2kg of Beans - Automatic with Sensor - with Portioner
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Coffee Grinder - 2kg of Beans - Digital Display and Portioner
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Coffee Grinder - 2kg of Beans - with Portioner
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Every good espresso, doppio, cappuccino or latte macchiato starts with freshly ground coffee beans. A really fresh cup of coffee is, of course, made with the coffee beans you have ground yourself. From now on, grind your coffee beans in style, thanks to the elegant coffee grinders from Maxima.

What different coffee grinders does Maxima offer?

The main difference between our grinders is in the capacity of the bean container. Depending on the model, you can put 0,5kg up to 2kg of coffee beans in the bean container. The capacity of the container also relates to the speed of grinding. For example, the model with the smallest bean container grinds 500g of coffee beans in six minutes. The larger bean grinders with 1kg and 2kg bean tanks grind 500g in five minutes.

With the exception of the smallest model, all coffee grinders have a dispenser tank that you can use to fill the piston holder with freshly ground coffee. At Maxima, however, there are always multiple options. If you choose a digital coffee bean grinder, you can set the grind level and the dosage using a handy touch screen.

For the coffee connoisseurs, you might want to show that you freshly grind the coffee beans right there on the spot. The sound confirms that they are in the right place! But perhaps peace and quiet are more important aspects in your hospitality business. In that case, choose an extra quiet bean grinder. You will recognise these models by the round recess in the middle.

What are the main features of Maxima coffee grinders?

Whatever professional coffee bean grinder you choose, at Maxima you are always assured of a coffee grinder that is suitable for intensive use in the professional hospitality industry.

In addition, our coffee grinders have the following features:

  • easy to clean
  • handy piston holder
  • stands on four rubber feet
  • adjustable grinding degree
  • motor with thermal protection
  • transparent plastic bean container
  • adjustable dosage of ground beans
  • grinder with hardened steel of Ø 6cm
  • adjustable time for grinding the beans

The ultimate coffee experience

For a good cup of coffee or espresso, you need to take your time. Not only when drinking it, but also during the preparation. Ordering an espresso should not only be a purchase, but the start of a coffee experience. And after grinding the coffee beans, this experience naturally begins with a professional espresso machine . This results in a really delicious espresso that you can sit down and enjoy. That is why an espresso machine often has a prominent place in the hotel and catering business. And the elegant and luxuriously equipped espresso machines of from Maxima that begged to be seen!

Which other bar equipment is suitable for my hotel and catering business?

Coffee is one of the most important drinks on the menu. Are you looking for other bar equipment to put the most delicious juices on the table as well? Then you’ve come to the right place. In our webshop, we have a wide range of professional bar equipment, for example, drinks dispensers, automatic juicers, catering blenders and kettles.

Cleaning an electric coffee grinder

Ease of use is one of the most important requirements when designing all types of Maxima kitchen appliances. Easy cleaning and maintenance are a natural part of this. Parts such as the bean container, the collection tray and the lid are easy to remove. Clean these by rinsing or by wiping with a damp cloth. Make sure these parts are completely dry before you put them back together. You can also wipe the casing with a soft, damp cloth.

It is also advisable to regularly brush the interior around the blades with a soft brush. After a while the remains of ground coffee can collect around the blades. By brushing this away, the blades have enough space to move smoothly again.

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