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Espresso Machine - 1 Piston - 240 Cups Per Hour - Self-cleaning
€4,699.04 €3,883.50 €3,139.94 €2,594.99
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Espresso Machine - 1 Piston - 180 Cups per Hour
€4,590.14 €3,793.50 €2,299.59 €1,900.49
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Espresso Machine - 2 Pistons - Compact - 360 Cups per Hour
€6,713.69 €5,548.50 €3,370.44 €2,785.49
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Espresso Machine - 2 Pistons - 360 Cups per Hour
€7,040.39 €5,818.50 €3,539.24 €2,924.99
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Espresso Machine - 3 Pistons - 540 Cups per Hour
€9,073.19 €7,498.50 €4,573.78 €3,779.98
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Coffee is not simply a beverage. For many, it’s a basic necessity for life. A good espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato should always be made in style. The elegant espresso machines by Maxima are the start of an exceptional coffee taste experience and a delight to work with for every barista.

The ultimate coffee experience

For a good cup of coffee or an espresso, you have to take your time. This applies not only to the drinking, but also the preparation. Ordering an espresso should not just be a transaction, but also the start of your coffee experience. Every coffee lover wants to see the barista perform his actions with passion and experience. The result is a really delicious espresso that takes your breath away. That’s why an espresso machine often has such a prominent place in the catering business. And rightly so as the espresso machines are often elegant and luxurious, so they should be seen as well as enjoyed!

Which Maxima espresso machines are there?

Maxima includes professional espresso machines in its range. The differences between the models is in the size, which affects the capacity, of course. With the most compact model for example, you have one 'group', or dispensing point, at your disposal: one piston, one water tap and one steam tap. Even with its practical size, it can still make up to 240 cups of espresso per hour using four different doses of coffee.

For greater capacity, simply choose a model with multiple dispensing points. You will then have a larger boiler and several pistons at your disposal. With the 'grande' model, it even has a boiler with a capacity of 17,5 litres and three heavy duty pistons. With this model, you can make up to 720 delicious cups of coffee per hour. This model also has two steam taps and a hot water tap at your disposal.

So base your choice mainly on the capacity you require. It is wise to first make a realistic calculation of how many cups of espresso you expect to serve every day.

What are the key features of a Maxima espresso machine?

Maxima espresso machines not only look great, they also offer great quality. After all, you have to be able to rely on being able to serve a good cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato at any time of the day or year. At Maxima, we know that professional catering equipment is crucial to your business. That is why all our espresso machines are reliable and of high quality.

Our espresso machines have the following features:

  • equipped with overpressure valve
  • control panel with useful touch keys
  • copper boiler with anti-vacuum valve
  • warning light for low water level in the boiler
  • heavy duty pistons with double spout and filter
  • self-cleaning group head with automatic backwash
  • chrome drip filter with large stainless steel drip tray
  • pump switches off automatically at low water pressure
  • solid, stainless steel housing with an elegant appearance
  • chrome hot water tap, and chrome and steel steam wand
  • boiler element switches off automatically at low water level
  • motor pump with high efficiency and automatic particle filter
  • 4 different coffee doses per group (microprocessor controlled)

How do you maintain an espresso machine?

An espresso machine has to be cleaned every day, but fortunately this is very easy. For instance, the group head is self-cleaning and has an automatic backwash. You will have to clean the steam pipe, filter and filter carrier after every use. The machines come with an extensive manual that also covers cleaning and maintenance. There you will see, among other things, descaling as one of the most important maintenance steps.

What accessories are there for Maxima espresso machines?

When you purchase an espresso machine, you receive a versatile catering appliance that’s ready to use. You can also order extra accessories, such as a milk froth attachment, a knock out drawer (for used coffee grounds), a coffee grinder, a barista set and a water softener. These expand the possibilities of your Maxima espresso machine even further and guarantee the quality of your espresso, doppio, cappuccino and latte macchiato.

Which other bar equipment is suitable for my food business?

Coffee is certainly one of the most important drinks on the menu. Are you looking for other bar equipment to put even more delicious drinks on the table? For this, you have come to the right place at Maxima. In our webshop, we offer a wide range of professional bar equipment , such as drinks dispensers, orange presses blenders and hot water dispenser .

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