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Glass freezers are a popular choice for businesses due to their stylish design, energy efficiency and ability to showcase products. They provide an attractive display while keeping drinks at optimal temperatures. Glass freezers can be used to serve a wide range of drinks such as cocktails, aperitifs, wine, beer and even smoothies.

What are the features of Maxima's glass freezers?

Glass freezers are equipped with various features, making them ideal for different catering establishments. These features include:

  • Battery-powered indicator lights
  • Sterilises glasses instantly
  • Suitable for all glass sizes
  • Can be assembled quickly and mounted to any bar
  • Works without electric power

How does a glass freezer work?

Glass freezers, also known as glass frosters, are excellent tools for serving ice-cold beverages. It forms an appealing layer of ice on the glass, enhancing both the appearance and the longevity of the drink's coldness.

All you need is a tank of liquid carbon dioxide. Simply connect this to the Maxima glass freezer. When you open the gas cylinder, place a glass under the head of the glass freezer with one hand and press down on the head with the other hand for a few seconds. The appliance instantly chills your glass to approximately -15⁰C.

Where are glass freezers mostly used?

Glass freezers are primarily used in the food and beverage industry, such as restaurants, hotels and cafes.

Glass freezers are preferred in these sectors due to their ability to maintain a consistent temperature, ensuring that beverages remain cold for extended periods. This also makes them ideal for businesses like bars and nightclubs that serve drinks that are chilled.

What do you need to consider when using a glass freezer?

Thanks to its simple operation, any bartender can easily operate this appliance. However, caution is advised due to the low temperatures and the use of liquid CO₂. Make sure to carefully read the manual when connecting the appliance and only use it indoors, where the temperature does not exceed 27⁰C.

Look for a glass freezer that has a convenient clamp at the bottom to keep it securely in place on the edge of the bar or table. One major advantage is that no power connection is required, although two batteries are needed for the indicator lights to function.

Only use glass freezers for freezing glassware. If you're looking to present dishes with a special cooling effect, check out our dry ice machine . You can also opt for traditional ice cubes to keep drinks cool. Our ice makers can quickly produce large quantities of ice cubes or flaked ice for your convenience.

What are the benefits of using a glass freezer?

Glass freezers play a significant role in enhancing the flavour and experience of your drink.

Here are some benefits of using a glass freezer to chill glasses:

  • Enhances flavour: When you pour cold drinks into chilled glasses, the liquid retains its temperature for longer, allowing you to taste the flavours better. This is particularly true for drinks with complex flavours, such as cocktails and wine.
  • Improves texture: Chilling glasses also help in maintaining the texture of your drink. For example, cold beer stays fizzy for longer when poured into a chilled glass, giving you a crisp and refreshing taste.
  • Minimises dilution: Ice cubes can dilute your drink if not used correctly. By chilling your glasses beforehand, you can minimise the amount of ice needed to keep your drink cold, preventing it from becoming watered down.
  • Faster service: A glass freezer allows you to quickly chill glasses on demand, making it ideal for hosting parties or events where you need to serve multiple drinks at once.
  • Presentation: Chilled glasses not only improve the taste of your drink but also add to its presentation. It adds a sophisticated and professional appearance, perfect for impressing guests or customers.

How to maintain a glass freezer

Glass freezers don’t get dirty quickly as they are only used to freeze clean, empty glasses. If needed, wipe down the aluminium casing and stainless steel head with a soft cloth.

Regularly check the condition of the gas hose. Regularly check the connected liquid CO₂ cylinder so you can replace it with a new one when it’s almost empty. If you’re not using the appliance for an extended period, close the supply to the cylinder and disconnect the device.