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Glass Freezer - Works Without Power - All Glass Sizes
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What is the best way to serve cocktails at the table? By using a glass freezer, of course, adding the perfect finishing touch to a deliciously cooled drink. A cocktail is only ever complete when it has an elegant layer of ice on the glass. From cocktails and aperitifs, to wine and beer, or even something as simple as a smoothie, they all taste so much better when served in an ice cold glass.

How does a glass freezer work?

A glass freezer (or glass froster) is ideal for presenting drinks so that they remain ice cold. It creates an attractive layer of ice on a glass which not only looks good, but also ensures a long lasting cold drink.

All you need is a tank of liquid carbon dioxide. Simply connect this to the Maxima glass freezer. When the gas cylinder is open, hold a glass under the head of the glass freezer with one hand and press the head down a bit with the other hand for a few seconds. The device immediately cools your glass down to about -15⁰C.

What are the advantages of a glass freezer?

Of course, there are several ways to serve a nice cold drink. With a frozen glass, you can surprise your guests much more than by just pouring a cool drink.

A glass freezer offers many various advantages:

  • enhances the taste
  • freezing sterilises the glass
  • stylish product presentation
  • drinks stay fresh for a long time
  • suitable for many types of glass
  • no power needed so it can be placed anywhere

Thanks to the advantages mentioned above, a glass freezer is well suited for a variety of catering establishments. You will not only find it in cocktail bars, hotel bars and nightclubs, but also in cafes, restaurants and beach clubs. The drinks you can present in an extra cold glass is entirely up to you – the possibilities are endless. From a cocktail or aperitif, to wine, beer or a smoothie, they all taste so much better when served in an extra cold glass!

What do you need to consider when using a glass freezer?

Thanks to its easy operation, any bartender will be able to master this device in no time. However, given the low temperatures and the use of liquid CO₂, some caution is advised. It’s important to read the manual carefully when connecting the appliance. You should also only use it indoors, where it will not get warmer than 27⁰C.

Because a glass freezer must always remain solid and upright, it has a handy clamp at the bottom. This clamps it firmly and securely to the edge of the bar or a table. A big advantage is that no power connection is needed, but you do need two batteries to run the indicator lights.

Only use the glass freezer for freezing glassware. Do you want to present dishes with a special cooling effect? Then have a look at our dry ice machine . Dry ice creates a mysterious mist so you can serve your dishes and drinks with spectacular effects. Of course, you could also choose the simple, but familiar ice cubes to keep things cool. Our ice makers will make large amounts of ice cubes or flaked ice for you in no time at all.

Does a glass freezer need maintenance?

A glass freezer should not get dirty quickly because you only freeze clean, empty glasses. If necessary, you can wipe down the aluminium casing and the stainless steel head with a soft cloth.

It is good to check the condition of the gas hose regularly. You should also check the connected liquid CO₂ cylinder is almost empty so that you can prepare a new one. If you are not going to use the device for a longer period of time, close the supply to the cylinder and disconnect the device.

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