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Ice Machine - 30kg/day - Crushed/Flaked - Water Cooled
€2,321.39 €1,918.50 €1,390.28 €1,148.99
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Ice Machine - 50kg/day - Crushed/Flaked - Water Cooled
€2,539.19 €2,098.50 €1,504.62 €1,243.49
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Ice Machine - 45kg/day - Bullet Cubes - Water Cooled
€1,506.44 €1,244.99 €1,101.69 €910.49
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Ice Machine - 30kg/day - Crushed/Flaked - Air Cooled
€2,230.64 €1,843.50 €1,348.53 €1,114.49
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Ice Machine - 28kg/day - Bullet Cubes - Air Cooled
€1,343.09 €1,109.99 €780.44 €644.99
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Ice Machine - 50kg/day - Crushed/Flaked - Air Cooled
€2,285.09 €1,888.50 €1,515.51 €1,252.49
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Ice Machine - 15kg/day - Bullet Cubes - Air Cooled
€471.89 €389.99 €266.79 €220.49
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Ice Machine - 85kg/day - Crushed/Flaked - Water Cooled
€2,484.74 €2,053.50 €1,669.79 €1,379.99
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Ice Machine - 130kg/day - Crushed/Flaked - Air Cooled
€3,755.24 €3,103.50 €2,468.39 €2,039.99
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Ice Machine - 100kg/day - Bullet Cubes - Air Cooled
€3,591.89 €2,968.50 €2,903.99 €2,399.99
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Ice Machine - 24kg/day - Bullet Cubes - Water Cooled
€1,197.89 €989.99 €704.21 €581.99
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Ice Machine - 60kg/day - Bullet Cubes - Air Cooled
€1,903.94 €1,573.50 €1,366.68 €1,129.49
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Ice Machine - 24kg/day - Bullet Cubes - Air Cooled
€1,143.44 €944.99 €695.13 €574.49
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Ice Machine - 85kg/day - Crushed/Flaked - Air Cooled
€2,448.44 €2,023.50 €1,600.82 €1,322.99
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Ice Machine - 80kg/day - Bullet Cubes - Air Cooled
€2,557.34 €2,113.50 €1,791.39 €1,480.49
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Ice Machine - 45kg/day - Bullet Cubes - Air Cooled
€1,506.44 €1,244.99 €1,101.69 €910.49
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A cocktail is only truly complete when poured over ice cubes. Soft drinks, liqueurs and mixes are also at their best when 'on the rocks'. Whether you use ice for keeping products cool or to present products, you will find a need in every catering business. With an ice maker, it’s simply a breeze. Maxima has a range of ice machines to meet any industry need – from crushed or flaked ice to bullet shapes, water or air-cooled and even compact tabletop models. 

Buying a commercial ice maker

No food business can survive without enough ice on hand. Bars and clubs need ice maker machines to give a constant supply of ice cube for their drinks. Crushed ice makers are useful in supermarkets and butcheries when it comes to presenting their products. And every restaurant or cafe should have an ice cube maker machine as part of their kitchen and bar appliances. But knowing which machine to invest in and why can be difficult. That's why we've explained the different kinds available and offer advice on which model would suit you best.

What types of ice makers are there?

Because an ice machine is so incredibly versatile, Maxima has them in a variety of different sizes. Your choice should be based on the capacity and the format required. There are even compact versions – small ice machines that fit perfectly in the kitchen or behind the bar. For higher capacity requirements, there are machines that can make as much as 130kg of ice cubes or 400kg of flaked ice every 24 hours!

Ice machines are also divided according to the form of ice they make. These are either ice makers for ice in cubes or ice makers for crushed or flaked ice, also known as a shaved ice machine. You can also get ice makers that are suitable for different environments. Air cooled ice makers are best used indoors, while water cooled models can be used in hotter environments like clubs or outside on the terrace.

Ice makers for ice in cubes

If you run a bar, cafe or anywhere that seres a lot of drinks, then this model is the best version for you. Cubed, or bulleted, ice is ideal for use in a glass to help you serve drinks that are chilled. These types of ice makers are also frequently found in restaurants, hotels and fast food service providers.

Ice makers for flaked or crushed ice

Flaked and crushed ice has many uses. Not only can it be added to cocktails and smoothies for a refreshing beverage, but it can also be used to enhance the presentation of products. For example, it is ideal to showcase the different kinds of fish at a fish shop, or to keep salads cool at a buffet. Crushed ice makers, or shaved ice machines, are best suited to businesses who need to keep presentation in mind.

Air cooled ice makers

Any refrigerating appliance needs to be placed in an area where it can work at its best. A water cooled ice maker is best suited for indoor use in an area that does not get too hot. Anywhere that the temperature remains consistent is good for an air cooled ice maker. There should also be a bit of extra space available around an air cooled ice maker for the air supply and exhaust.

Water cooled ice makers

A water cooled ice machine is better for use at higher ambient temperatures, for example, in a hot cafe or disco, or when used outside on a terrace or at an event. Water cooled ice machines are also better as built-in equipment because you do not need to keep any space free around them. 

For which catering establishments is an ice maker useful?

As indicated, ice cubes and ice chips can be found in hospitality locations where you want to keep drinks cool and food fresh. And you can also use ice for product presentation. Typical catering establishments that will benefit from using an ice machine include:

  • snack bars
  • beach bars
  • food trucks
  • cocktail bars
  • cafes and terraces
  • fast food restaurants
  • nightclubs and discos
  • catering at (summer) events
  • hotel bars and dining rooms

Which type of ice cube machine do I need for my catering business?

There are various features you should consider before making your purchase of a commercial ice maker. Most importantly, you need to know what kind of environment you want to put it in. This will help determine the size and type of cooling you require. From there, your choice comes down to how much ice you plan to keep and what kind of format will the ice take.

Production capacity

An ice maker creates a large capacity of ice cubes or flake ice very quickly. For busy bars and restaurants, this is a big help as it ensures a consistent stream of ice ready to use. Larger hotels and restaurants may need a bigger production capacity, while somewhere like a cafe or sports canteen may need something smaller. A bar would need a large capacity to keep up with drinks demands from thirsty customer. 

Storage capacity

These ice machines doesn't just make ice, they also store it, so you always have ice cubes on hand and ready to be used. They do not only save you a lot of time, but also a lot of space in your freezer. For this reason, you should always consider the capacity you'll need first. Do you know how much ice you will be needing and how much do you need to have on hand?

Shape of ice cubes

The best known application, of course, is for serving with drinks to keep them nice and cool. Soft drinks, liqueurs, cocktails and alcoholic mixes are best served 'on the rocks', not only in terms of temperature, but also for looks. For these needs, a cube or bullet ice shape is sufficient. 

Ice flakes, however, are crucial for the optimal transport and storage of food. They are best suited when you require good product presentation as well as cooling. A salad bar looks fresh and crisp when served alongside ice, and it keeps the ingredients chilled at the same time. The same goes for smoothies or bottled drinks that are displayed in a bowl of ice. And at the fish stall, you can show off the freshest catches without compromising on quality.

Types of cooling

There are two kinds of cooling that ice makers use – water and air cooled. Both of these have pros and cons, but it mostly comes down to where the machine will be used. Water cooled ice makers are suitable for use indoors where there is enough space around the machine. This works best in bars, restaurants and hotels. An air cooled water machine works best outdoors, so it can be used on a terrace or beach club.

How much ice will I need for my catering business?

It is difficult to specify exactly how much ice you will need for your catering business. This depends on several factors. Are your drinks already pre-chilled? How cold do you want to serve your drinks? You also have to take into account the ambient temperature, the size of the ice cubes required and the glasses available, as well as how much ice you want to put in a glass.

There are some guidelines you can look at though before purchasing your commercial ice maker. For most drinks in glasses, two ice cubes are usually enough. With 1kg of ice cubes, you can fill about 15 glasses. This would be ideal for most restaurants, hotels and cafes.

When it comes to more specialised drinks, like cocktails, about five ice cubes are average. So this is the number you'll need to take into account if you are a bar or club owner.

You may serve some cocktails with crushed ice, instead of cubes. To use crushed ice for product presentation, you can divide the content of the containers by two. You will then have the number of kilograms of crushed ice needed to fill your bin or crate.

In our webshop you will find a wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment, such as fridges , freezers and refrigerated display cases, as well as blast chillers to cool your dishes quickly to the right temperature.

What is the best ice cube maker?

Maxima offers a range of ice makers to suit every food business. With the different capacities, you can easily find one to meet your needs. Our products are known not only for their quality, but also their affordability. The following features are standard with each of our commercial ice makers:

  • easy to clean
  • quick and easy installation
  • equipped with a water valve
  • good insulation and hygiene
  • robust stainless steel housing
  • protected against overloading
  • four adjustable feet for stable placement

Maxima's refurbished equipment

Even though all our machines are priced competitively, we also offer refurbished items for sale at a reduced price. These machines may have been demo models or returns, which are usually sent back as a precaution when the packaging has been slightly damaged during transport. You can get a second-hand commercial ice maker that has been thoroughly tested by our technical department at an even lower price. Browse our Refurbished section to find your new second-hand commercial dishwasher today.