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Coffee Percolator - 10L - 80 Cups - Removable Coffee Filter
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Coffee Percolator - 15L - 120 Cups - Removable Coffee Filter
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With these professional coffee percolators from Maxima, you always have enough coffee ready for drinking, even with large groups. With the handy drain tap, the glass gauge and the practical format, it’s a very convenient and beautifully designed coffee percolator. It’s useful for any catering establishment, at events or as a back-up for extra capacity during busy times.

What are the advantages of a professional coffee percolator?

When you want to be able to serve coffee to large groups of people, it isn’t very efficient to use thermos flasks. With a professional coffee percolator, you always have at least 10 litres of coffee ready.

The green indicator light shows when the coffee is ready to serve. You can usually make an entire percolator in 45 to 60 minutes. Pouring the coffee is very easy using the handy tap and, thanks to the transparent glass gauge, you always know how much is left. The coffee percolators also have overheating protection and automatically shut off the water if the temperature is too high. 

TIP: If you use coarsely ground coffee, you can scoop it directly into the stainless steel filter basket. In this case, you do not need to use paper filters. However, you do need these with regular or finely ground coffee beans. To serve guests with freshly ground coffee beans, you can grind these on the spot with a professional electric coffee grinder

The coffee percolator you choose depends on the capacity you require. Aside for this, the following features are always the same:

  • stands on four rubber feet
  • temperature indication light
  • includes tap for easy pouring
  • stainless steel housing and lid
  • removable stainless steel coffee filter
  • glass gauge with measurement indicator
  • convenient insulated handles for carrying
  • average heating time between 45-60 minutes

While Maxima is proud of our coffee percolators, we also have other appliances for other warm drinks, like tea. Tea is also best served hot, using one of our professional hot water dispensers providing the same convenience for both tea and coffee drinkers. Both appliances have beautifully finished stainless steel housing, so they fit well together. The hot water dispenser and coffee percolator are ideal for many different catering establishments and particularly for catering businesses or food trucks at events where you do not have access to a constant water connection.

TIP: When filled, the coffee percolator and hot water dispenser can be heavy. It can be helpful to use a stainless steel serving trolley to move these appliances to and from the serving area.

How do I clean a coffee percolator?

Good maintenance is obviously important to preserve the length of life of your equipment. This also applies to our percolators, because the condition of the appliance can also have an affect the quality of the taste of your coffee. Fortunately, cleaning is very easy.

Clean the inside, the percolator tube and the filter with a mild, non-abrasive detergent and rinse thoroughly with water. There are also special solvents available that work on stubborn coffee deposits.

It is not unusual for a layer of limescale to form on the inside after a while. The thicker this layer, the greater the effect it has on the performance of the heating element. You may need to descale the percolator every now and then so that this does not build up over time. Descaling can be done with a descaler, but you can also bring a mixture of vinegar and water to boil and leave this for 15 minutes. Then drain all the water and rinse a few times with clean water to wash away the vinegar smell and taste.

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