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  1. Maxima planetary mixers

    6 Reasons why you need a professional planetary mixer

    Planetary mixers are multi-functional tools that can change the way you prepare food. Learn the six reasons you need to invest in one.

  2. working_in_dark_kitchens

    The future of “DARK KITCHENS”: trends and predictions

    The landscape of the hospitality industry is changing. New technologies and business models provide exciting opportunities for growth and expansion

  3. maxima-kitchen-equipment

    Maxima kitchen equipment for successful "DARK KITCHENS"

    Remote kitchens are changing the food industry. Find the kitchen equipment you'll need to start your own at maxima.com

  4. Leaking-water-hose

    How to maintain your catering equipment for a long lifespan

    Commercial kitchen equipment needs regular maintenance to keep it performing at its best. Learn how maintaining your equipment can protect your business.

  5. Chefs-in-professional-kitchen

    Essential catering equipment for starting your "DARK KITCHEN"

    The food delivery service business is evolving. Learn about the most important pieces of equipment that make every "VIRTUAL KITCHEN" a big success.

  6. How to launch your own "DARK KITCHEN" successfully

    How to launch your own "DARK KITCHEN" successfully

    The increase in popularity of the food delivery market means that now is the best time to learn how to get started.

  7. Restaurant-owners-calculating-their-profits

    Financing catering equipment for hotels or restaurants

    All food service businesses require quality equipment to succeed, but these can be costly. Learn more about your financing options.

  8. The rise of "DARK KITCHENS": a new trend in hospitality

    The rise of "DARK KITCHENS": a new trend in hospitality

    The hospitality industry is experiencing a big change in how it operates. Learn more about how a new business model is changing how we do food service.

  9. How-catering-equipment-can-improve-your-kitchen-workflow

    How catering equipment can improve your kitchen workflow

    Discover how professional kitchen appliances are helping the hospitality industry optimise their workflow for better efficiency.

  10. Discover-how-hotels-benefit-from-quality-catering-equipment

    Discover how hotels benefit from quality catering equipment

    Whether your hotel provides room service or a fully functioning restauramt, it'll take quality equipment to impress your quests.