Drinks make up some of the most profitable items on your menu. Low production costs and high mark-ups mean that with a few simple upgrades, you can uplift your drinks offering. Try adding these appliances to your bar equipment and enjoy the benefits they have to offer.


Ice machine

Every drink that is not served hot should be served ice, ice cold. Whether you’re using ice to keep the liquids cool in the glass, or even to store drinks in the glasses themselves, ice is a crucial ingredient in any bartender’s repertoire.

Ice machines offer two options, either cubes that come in various shapes and sizes depending on your need, or in a flaked and crushed format that’s perfect for adding to cocktails, slushies and even iced coffee.


Espresso machine

Bartenders don’t just make cocktails and pour beer. A good bar, whether in a pub, a restaurant or even a hotel, needs to have a variety of drinks available and nothing is more classic than a great cup of coffee.

''Nothing is more classic than a great cup of coffee.''


And coffee itself is a hugely versatile ingredient. Not just in specialty coffees or other drinks like cocktails and smoothies, but also for food preparation. A beautifully brewed cup of coffee, thanks to a good espresso machine, makes the perfection addition to many desserts and even sauces.




Every bartender knows the value in a good quality, high powered motorised blender. From crushing ice to mixing drinks, and even helping create specialty coffees and milkshakes, a blender is an indispensable appliance behind the counter.

These appliances are not only easy to use but also easy to clean so you can quickly switch from one job to the next. Simply add hot water to the jug, along with a little washing up liquid, and run the appliance for a minute. Then rinse quickly and you’re ready to start up again!


Orange press

Freshly squeezed juice is unparalleled. You just can’t fake that fresh, sweet taste but it can be a pain to do this job manually. An orange press takes the hard work out of the job for you and lets you focus more on what’s really important, the perfect drink.

Orange juice isn’t just a great option on its own. It can also be added to a variety of other drinks to create delicious cocktails like a champagne mimosa or tequila sunrise. They can also be added to fresh smoothies instead of water for an extra punch of vitamin C.


Drinks fridges

Having somewhere to store drinks that don’t need any preparation is always a good idea. From cold drinks to beers and wines, you’ll need plenty of space and luckily, because of the different options available, there’s always a drinks fridge to suit your needs.

If you have a lot of undercounter space, undercounter fridges with sliding doors are the best use of your space. If you have limited floor space, then a vertical fridge is perhaps your best bet. For really limited spaces, try a small counter fridge that also offers a good self-service option when your hands are busy.



Whatever your bar set-up and restaurant needs, there are plenty of appliances available for making your life easier. Vegetable slicers that can slice up lemons may save you a ton of time, or a glass washer to make sure you always have clean glasses on hand are both excellent options if you have the space for them. Explore more on our webshop,