“VIRTUAL KITCHENS” are quickly gaining popularity for new and existing food businesses.

They give potential business owners an affordable entrance to the food industry. Established business owners can use them to expand their reach, experiment and earn more revenue.

Also commonly known as cloud, dark or “GHOST KITCHENS”, these food professionals operate in warehouses, industrial districts and other areas where traditional restaurants would struggle.

Yet “DARK KITCHENS” manage to thrive by focusing entirely on providing high-quality delivery orders.

Setting up a kitchen is more complex than finding the best location. Starting a “DARK KITCHEN” requires a lot of quality tools and professional kitchen appliances to deliver consistently great food.

Food prep, cooking, cleaning and storage are necessary functions in any kitchen. Each process must be efficient since “DARK KITCHENS” have only their food and fast delivery to earn and retain customers.

Getting the right kitchen equipment gives these unique businesses a chance of success in the competitive food industry.

Understanding “DARK KITCHENS”

The “GHOST KITCHEN” business model is relatively new and only recently gained widespread interest in the food industry.

These kitchens provide a unique way for restaurants to build or expand their operations, without maintaining dining areas or hiring serving staff. This allows “DARK KITCHENS” to focus more on food production and delivery while minimising costs and risks.

The “CLOUD KITCHEN” business model only requires a commercial kitchen to get started. It may be part of an existing restaurant kitchen or a purpose-built facility.

These restaurants often establish delivery services through providers like Uber Eats or Deliveroo. Customers can then place orders through well-known applications and get routed to the kitchen staff for preparation.

Some “GHOST KITCHENS” allow customers to collect their orders, but the primary focus is generally delivery.

The “DARK KITCHEN” business model can offer considerable advantages for owners, such as the ability to launch new concepts or expand existing ones without many of the associated costs.

This also allows restaurants to reach a broader audience through delivery services while providing customers with greater convenience and food choices.


Maxima’s essential kitchen appliances

Maxima has supplied the food industry with commercial catering equipment for over 45 years. That experience shows in every model of every appliance on our web store. Everything you could need for starting a “DARK KITCHEN” is available and affordable.


Maxima’s ovens come in many models and sizes to meet the needs of any kitchen.

Bakery Oven are great for producing large amounts of baked goods, including meat dishes, casseroles, breads, desserts and much more.

Convection Oven are efficient thanks to their fans which circulate heat from multiple elements to make evenly baked dishes. Convection heating speeds up food preparation and improves slow-cooked dishes with better heat control.

Combi Steam Oven are the most advanced options, combining steam injection technology with pre-loaded cooking programmes for easy dish preparation. Steaming is ideal for preserving the vitamins, flavour and colour of many foods.

You can prepare various dishes quickly and consistently with quality commercial ovens. Not only do they come with the latest technological features like detailed LCD screens, but they are also energy-efficient and easy to operate.


Maxima’s Fryer are another great kitchen appliance for preparing food fast. You can find sizes ranging from small countertop models to full-size premium options that fit up to four frying baskets.

Their precision thermostats are adjustable and come with safety features and auto-off functions. Plus, advanced filtration systems keep the oil clean longer, allowing you to minimise waste and maximise profits.

Maxima's fryers come in various models. This includes multiple baskets with separate thermostats so you can cook different dishes at the same time. Look for fryers with drain taps for easy cleaning and oil replacement.


Refrigerating are essential appliances in any professional kitchen. Maxima’s fridges, freezers and ice makers can meet your exact needs.

Besides basic cold storage, some fridges and freezers are designed to double as worktop counters or display cases. Some even specialise in Pizza Prep Fridge , holding dough, toppings and other ingredients at perfect temperatures.

“DARK KITCHENS” can significantly benefit from a quality Ice Maker for creative delivery packaging that keeps items chilled.

The most important benefit of commercial refrigeration is food preservation, a huge factor in waste reduction and increased profits.

Prep tables

No kitchen is complete without plenty of workspace to prepare its meals.

Maxima’s kitchen equipment includes Stainless Steel Table that serve this purpose excellently. They are adjustable and come in many sizes to maximise the efficiency of your kitchen layout. You can customise the height to whatever is most comfortable to prevent muscle strain.

Stainless steel is ideal because it is resistant to corrosion, rust and repeated heavy use. It’s also easily cleaned due to its smooth surface, leaving nowhere for bacteria to hide.

Whatever type of “DARK KITCHEN” you’re running, Maxima has the catering appliances you need. Our team of professionals can even provide expert guidance to help you create a cost-effective setup.

Maxima’s smaller equipment

After you have all your necessary appliances, it’s wise to find tools that save time during food preparation. Good kitchen efficiency helps reduce delivery time, improve customer satisfaction and maximise profits.

You can find a wide range of Maxima kitchen equipment that speeds up food production and improves productivity.


There are many applications for Blender in professional kitchens. Soups, juices, smoothies and sauces can all be prepared instantly with a quality blender. Time-consuming jobs like dicing, mixing and pureeing become effortless.

Maxima’s blenders come in various sizes to meet the needs of any kitchen. Like all Maxima catering appliances, they’re designed for durability and easy use and cleaning.

Variable speed settings and a pulse function allow you to work with various ingredients. Plus, the heat-resistant jugs are 100% BPA-free for fully food-safe dishes.

Maxima’s Stick Blender are a great alternative or addition to jug blenders. These offer a lot of flexibility and are dishwasher-safe blending sticks for easy cleaning.


Commercial mixers are another tool with many benefits for professional “DARK KITCHENS”. If you’re looking for a model with the most uses, you may be interested in a Planetary Mixer .

These powerful machines are great for kneading, stirring, beating and whisking large amounts of food. You’ll enjoy the precision of 11 speed settings, which is suitable for many ingredients.

If your main focus is pizza, desserts or other baked goods, you may prefer Maxima's Dough Mixer . These appliances make it easy to knead and mix dough quickly and evenly. The auto shut-off feature will keep your machine from overheating, maintaining safety and quality for many years.

A Meat Mixer may be your best option if your menu focuses on meat dishes. These tools efficiently mix meats with herbs and seasonings for starters or stuffing. You’ll save time on cleaning, too, since the parts are dishwasher-safe.

No matter the menu you offer, Maxima’s mixers can speed up the process. Your dishes will get consistent results and your customers will be pleased with your quick delivery time.

Meat mincers

If your menu includes dishes with minced meat or stuffed sausages, you need to invest in a Meat Mixer . These powerful machines turn even the toughest meat into mince with even consistency. Beef, pork, poultry and fish are no problem.

Besides meats, you can use commercial mincers to make stuffing or grind up nuts, vegetables or herbs. The steel blades and grinding area are easily removed and washed in a dishwasher for effortless cleanup.

Depending on your model of choice, Maxima’s meat mincers can produce up to 320kg of mince per hour. You’ll be well-stocked and prevent many wasted hours of labour.

There are plenty of other reliable tools for every food ingredient on the market, besides blenders, mixers and mincers. There are many ways to make your food prep smoother and more efficient than ever.

The advantages of choosing Maxima

Besides providing a one-stop shop for quality kitchen equipment, there are other important benefits to shopping with Maxima.

First, all equipment is made to handle intense commercial kitchen environments. Reliability and durability are top priorities in each design, providing consistent results when used as directed.

Maxima recognises that fast-paced kitchens come with a fast-paced business. That’s why all orders are dispatched within 24 hours to prevent disruptions to your operations.

Even more importantly, Maxima’s team of technical professionals support each purchase. They can help with installation, maintenance, spare parts and any other concerns. Each appliance comes with an extensive warranty, so your equipment is well-protected.

If this sounds too good to be true, check Maxima’s customer reviews on Google and TrustPilot. Over 45 years of catering equipment experience have led to a high customer satisfaction rating of 9/10.

When starting any food business, it’s important to keep up to date with growing trends to ensure your business stays at the forefront of the industry.

The right equipment can improve the consistency, safety and performance of any catering business by making food prep faster and easier.

Maxima’s kitchen equipment will help your “DARK KITCHEN” provide customers with quality service, convenience and customer satisfaction.

Browse Maxima's web shop of new or refurbished catering equipment to find high-quality kitchen equipment you can afford.