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Black Friday deals allow business owners to save a significant amount of money on equipment purchases. They can upgrade or replace old equipment, stock up on essential supplies or invest in new technology without spending too much money. For food businesses, having reliable and high-quality equipment during peak season is crucial for keeping up with demand.

Mark your calendars, as Maxima will be offering exclusive deals and discounts for Black Friday 2023.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an annual shopping event that takes place on the last Friday of November. It marks the beginning of the festive season and is known for its massive sales, discounts and deals.

Where did Black Friday come from?

The history of Black Friday can be traced back to Philadelphia in the 1950s. The term was initially used by police officers to describe the traffic and crowded sidewalks that occurred on the day after the American holiday, Thanksgiving. By the 1980s, it had become widely known as the biggest shopping day of the year.

Black Friday gained popularity in Europe when major retailers started offering deals and promotions to compete with American companies. The first Black Friday sale in the UK was held in 2010. Since then, its popularity has continued to grow, with more and more countries joining in on this shopping event.

How can your business benefit from Black Friday sales?

Black Friday is a day for consumers to get the best deals and discounts on their favourite products. However, businesses can also benefit from this annual event and enjoy increased efficiency and profits. Black Friday for businesses means that they can buy new or replace old equipment to prepare for the busy season.

Huge discounts at exactly the right time

As we approach the end of the year, businesses are starting to feel the pressure of budget constraints. Since Black Friday weekend takes place right before the peak season, it’s an ideal time for businesses to upgrade or replace their kitchen equipment with attractive discounts.

During the holiday season, businesses experience a surge in sales and need to be fully equipped with updated and high-quality equipment. By taking advantage of Black Friday deals, they can save on costs while preparing for busy times. This will also ensure that they set themselves up for a successful start to the new year.

Whether it's replacing old refrigeration units or upgrading cooking equipment, now is the time to invest in essential tools that will benefit businesses in the long run.

Equip your kitchen for the busy season

Upgrading your old equipment is important for preventing breakdowns. As machines age, they become more prone to malfunctions and failures. This can be due to wear and tear, lack of maintenance or simply outdated technology. By investing in new equipment like commercial dishwashers or combi steamers, you are ensuring that your kitchen runs smoothly and efficiently without any unexpected interruptions.

New machines also come with advanced features that can speed up your internal processes.

Examples of time-saving appliances include:

With these efficient appliances, you'll have more time to focus on other important tasks and provide a better dining experience for your customers.

Don’t forget to explore Maxima’s other time-saving appliances such as deep fryers and dough rollers in our Black Friday sale.

Expand your menu with smaller specialised appliances

As the festive season approaches, restaurants and hotels are preparing for the busy period ahead. With increased competition during this time, businesses need to stand out from the competition.

This is where smaller kitchen appliances can be beneficial. These machines often have low investment costs and provide a great opportunity to expand a business’ menu and offer new items that will satisfy customers.

Here are a few smaller appliances that can make a big difference:

  • Waffle makers : With so many models available, restaurants can get creative and come up with unique waffle dishes that customers won't find anywhere else.
  • Pancake maker : Bakeries and cafes can easily make these delicious treats without spending a lot of money on expensive equipment.
  • Donut makers : Businesses can offer freshly made donuts without the need for extensive equipment or skilled labour.

When is Black Friday this year?

This year, Black Friday will take place on 24 November. However, multiple businesses start their promotions as early as October. This gives customers enough time to take advantage of these big discounts. Many Black Friday campaigns continue until Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and is dedicated to online shopping. One benefit of Cyber Monday is the fast delivery offered by online shopping. With the rise of same-day and next-day shipping, you can receive your purchases in a matter of hours. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and encourages repeat business.

Online shopping also offers a wide range of products all in one place. Customers can easily browse through different websites and compare prices, features and reviews to make informed purchasing decisions.

This makes it easier for businesses to showcase their products and reach a wider audience. Online shopping also allows customers to ask for technical advice or assistance using chat services, making their shopping experience more convenient.

How is Maxima celebrating Black Friday this year?

For Black Friday, Maxima is offering discounts of up to €1.000 on the entire product range, making it the ideal opportunity to upgrade your kitchen appliances or invest in new ones. Maxima will also be participating in Cyber Monday 2023. As an extension of our Black Friday promotions, we are excited to continue the savings and offer even more deals to our partners.

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be available until 27 November, so make sure to take advantage of these deals while they last.


Black Friday is a great opportunity for food businesses to invest in new equipment. This will allow them to take advantage of the increased demand without suffering malfunctions or delays from old equipment. With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the ideal time to take advantage of Maxima’s Black Friday sales and promotions.

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