BBQ in the catering industry?

Also on the terrace you can give your guests a great barbecue experience. That means that they want to see the preparation, smell it and see the smoke.

Do you think this is too labour-intensive? This is not so bad. It can also bring you a lot: the smell of grilled food attracts people. And because just about everyone is a barbecue expert by now - or at least an enthusiast - there are plenty of ways to fill up the terrace by using the BBQ.


Increase turnover with a barbecue on your terrace

Consider putting together a barbecue menu that you put on the table on sunny barbecue days in addition to the usual menu. Promote it in advance on your website and social media so that you do not only have to rely on casual passers-by on the day itself, but also get some reservations in advance.    

Be creative

With a BBQ you can go in all directions, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunities. Make it easy on yourself and be creative.

Promote a special day. How about a "burger day" with a selection of delicious burgers. Of course, you can think of countless variations on this, such as spare rib day, chicken day, etc.

Organise an event such as a quiz, bingo or a beer tasting with accompanying delicacies from the BBQ. All these events are suitable for a package deal with a fixed all-in price. This is easy for customers and you always have a guaranteed turnover this way.

Do you also provide catering on location? Of course, you can also include your BBQs and these arrangements in this.

What do you have to pay attention to when barbecuing in the catering industry?

Keep an eye on the wind direction of course. A bit of smoke is of course part of barbecuing, but make sure that your guests don't get the full blast all the time. A movable BBQ on wheels ensures that you can always react immediately when the wind changes direction.

Don't think about meat only

If you are not sure whether you want to treat all your terrace visitors to the smell of meat, consider using the barbecue solely for baking bread. The smell of freshly baked bread, such as focaccia bread, nut bread and baguette, is always a good thing and there are plenty of dishes on the menu where you can serve this freshly baked bread.

If you want to use the barbecue on your terrace as a "visitor magnet", don't only go for meat. The barbecue is perfect for grilling vegetable dishes. Grilled courgettes, corn on the cob, bell peppers or portobellos are just a few examples of healthy alternatives that are also quick to prepare.

BBQ year round!

BBQ and balmy summer evenings go hand in hand, of course. But why would you put your BBQ in the shed after summer? A winter barbecue is just as cosy!

The same applies here: be creative. You can think of themes for every season: autumn barbecue, Christmas barbecue, winter barbecue, New Year's barbecue or Valentine's barbecue.

Create a cosy atmosphere with sufficient lighting, warmth (fire baskets, torches, blankets) and some shelter from the cold and your guests will have something other than a standard lunch or dinner.

All-in-one: Kamado BBQs

Kamado BBQs are ideal for BBQs on a terrace. These egg-shaped BBQs take up little space but are still suitable for large groups. And just as important: with a Kamado BBQ you can bake, grill, steam and slow cook.

Another good thing to know is that Kamado BBQs retain the heat for a long time thanks to the ceramic wall. This allows you to cook at a constant temperature and you do not need to quickly add more charcoal.

Maxima has Premium Kamado BBQs that have a base with wheels. They come in different sizes, because when you use the accessories and/or cook for groups, you will soon need a large BBQ where everything fits at the same time.