Essential appliances for cupcake shops

When it comes to any food business, having the right kitchen equipment can make or break a business. And this includes a cupcake shop. Without the right kitchen appliances, you won’t be able to make your products quickly and easily.

When it comes to setting up your kitchen for a cupcake shop, certain pieces of professional kitchen equipment will be necessary to ensure your success. From bigger appliances like fridges and ovens to smaller ones like mixers and rollers, it's a good idea to invest in items that make life easier.

When purchasing your professional equipment, there are a few things to keep in mind. Important factors include size, energy efficiency and durability. Your appliances should also be easy to keep clean. Here's our list of essential items for a professional cupcake shop.


1. Fridges and freezers

The first things you'll need are fridges and freezers to store ingredients and finished products in. Fridges are indispensable because they will help keep your ingredients fresh, while freezers are great for storing finished products or leftovers that can be frozen for later use.

When shopping around for these larger appliances, keep in mind how much space you have available in your kitchen. A chest freezer may seem like a good idea, but if you're limited on space, then a double-door upright freezer might be more practical. Make sure that your fridge and freezer are the right sizes for what you plan on storing in them.


2. Commercial-size mixers

Having a commercial-size stand mixer is key when it comes to making cupcakes. It helps to reduce a lot of manual labour and lets you make a batter that is more consistent from batch to batch.

You’ll need a mixer that can handle large batches of ingredients, such as cake batter and frosting mixtures. These come in a variety of sizes to suit any business need, so work out an estimate of how many cupcakes you'll need to produce daily to get an idea of the size you require.

3. Dough mixer

In addition to a commercial-size mixer, you’ll also need a do dough mixer ugh mixer. This is convenient if you want to make other times of batters or dough for desserts other than cupcakes. With this, you can also add different tartlets and other baked goods to your menu.

A heavy-duty commercial dough mixer can help make your job easier and faster by ensuring that all the ingredients are mixed properly and evenly. Look for models that are easy to clean, as well as the right size to suit your needs.


4. Catering ovens

When it comes to baking cupcakes, having an oven with enough capacity is essential. Investing in bakery ovens will ensure that you have enough space for your cakes and will help speed up the process of baking them. They'll also be able to handle daily intensive use without any hassle.

Make sure to get an oven that has adjustable shelves so that you can place them depending on the size of each batch of cupcakes you're making. Models that are made from strong, durable materials will last a long time and are usually easier to clean.

5. Fondant roller

When making cupcakes, being able to create beautiful decorations from fondant can make your products stand out from your competitors. A roller is essential for this. Not only does it lessen the work done by hand, but it also ensures your layers are the same thickness every time.

When investing in a fondant roller , it's important to look for models that include a foot pedal to make the rolling process even smoother. They also need to have removable parts that make cleaning much easier.


6. GN containers

GN containers are perfect if you plan to use lots of different ingredients to make the right toppings. From sprinkles and nuts to fresh fruit or chocolate pieces, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating beautiful cupcakes that everyone wants to try.

GN containers keep your ingredients neatly separated and can be easily refrigerated until needed. They come in various sizes and depths to suit any kitchen and often come with lids that make them easy to stack on top of each other. Every commercial kitchen should have a few of these!


7. Bain marie

A bain marie is ideal for keeping toppings like chocolate at a perfect temperature. It keeps the chocolate at precisely the right temperature without burning or overcooking it. A bain marie will help ensure that your cupcakes are always perfectly finished.

Bain maries that come with a drain tap make it convenient to drain the water and clean the appliance. You should also keep in mind the various sizes available and what you will require to meet your daily needs.

8. Display fridge

Of course, being able to showcase your cupcakes and the different flavours is crucial to making sales. Customers are much more likely to make additional purchases if there are a variety of options in front of them. A display fridge lets you present your products while keeping them cooled and fresh.

Display fridges come in many shapes and sizes. Vertical square-shaped ones are great if you are short on space, while horizontal ones with curved glass fronts allow customers to see everything very easily.


9. Espresso machines and orange juicers

Depending on what kind of cupcake shop you want to open, you may find the need for various drink options. Perhaps you also offer a seating area where customers can sit down and enjoy their cupcakes on-site. Or maybe you want to have a more relaxed cafe vibe and serve your sweet treats alongside a delicious cappuccino. If you're serving drinks, professional equipment will make all the difference.

Firstly, invest in a professional espresso machine if you wish to serve coffee. Not only does it allow you to serve up many cups at the same time, but it also really affects the taste. The same can be said for freshly squeezed orange juice. This always tastes better than store-bought, and with a commercial juicer , you can make plenty of juice quickly, without any mess.

10. Commercial dishwashers

Lastly, having clean utensils is essential when it comes to baking cupcakes – so investing in a commercial dishwasher like a utensil washer is a must! These washers are designed specifically for large utensils, like mixing bowls, pots and pans. They can also be used for smaller plates or bowls needed during the baking process.

Commercial dishwashers are a better investment than a simple home version, as they run much faster and are designed to use as little water as possible. Not only are your dishes cleaned and back in service quickly, but they help keep utility bills down too.

Whatever pieces of equipment you end up investing in, make sure they fit within your budget and are easy enough for you to operate. Professional kitchen equipment suppliers usually offer lots of advice and after-sales service, so it is worth it to spend a bit extra. Once your kitchen equipment is all setup, you'll be ready to start baking your delicious cupcakes!