Host a successful summer barbecue with Maxima equipment


With summer finally here, restaurants and catering companies are preparing for one of the season's highlights - summer barbecues. Everyone loves a barbecue. It combines the warmth of the sun with delicious food and outdoor dining. To ensure that your summer BBQ is a great success, it's crucial to be well-prepared with the right barbecue equipment.

This guide will walk you through the essential barbecue must-haves and machines needed to deliver an unforgettable barbecue experience for your customers.

What cooking equipment do you need for a summer barbecue?

The right equipment is essential to serve your customers delicious barbecue-inspired dishes. Investing in high-quality cooking appliances , like the ones sold at Maxima, can help you serve tasty food that’ll have your customers return for more.

Catering barbecues

The heart of any barbecue is, without a doubt, the barbecue itself. This is why investing in a quality barbecue is a good idea. Maxima’s Kamado barbecues is made from durable materials, like ceramic, which extends the appliance's lifespan. This gives you the certainty that your equipment will last long and withstand daily use.

Here are some features to look for when buying a barbecue:

  • Temperature control: One of the most essential features of a professional BBQ is its temperature control. By controlling temperature accurately, you can cook dishes consistently to the same high standard every time, reducing the risk of undercooked or overcooked food.
  • Cooking capacity: Commercial kitchens often need to produce a lot of food quickly. Restaurant barbecues' large cooking capacity allows chefs to increase their output while ensuring every product is cooked evenly. This is especially useful for catering events or busy restaurant services.
  • Efficiency: Time is an important factor in a commercial kitchen. Professional BBQs are designed to be efficient for that reason. They have faster heating times, even heat distribution and are designed to be easier to clean. This makes them ideal for high-volume cooking.


Establishments could also opt for a professional grill or griddle for an authentic barbecue taste. Grill barbecues are vital to achieving those iconic char marks on burgers, steaks and vegetables. Consider investing in high-quality, durable grills that can withstand constant use throughout the day.

Maxima offers a variety of smooth and grooved grills. Grooved grills are ideal for cooking meat like steaks while flat-top grills can be used to cook vegetables and fish.

Deep fryers

A barbecue isn’t complete without a range of tasty side dishes. This is why establishments could benefit from having a reliable deep fryer. Deep fryers allow you to serve fresh side dishes like fries, onion rings, chicken wings and even sweet treats like donuts.

Maxima’s deep fryers come in various sizes, so you can choose one that fits your kitchen needs. Whether you need a small fryer for occasional frying or a larger model for frying large amounts daily, we have options that suit your cooking requirements.

Many professional deep fryers have user-friendly cleaning features like removable tanks that can be taken apart and cleaned individually. Look for models with drain taps for easy draining. This will help clean the deep fryer quickly and easily, leaving more time for cooking delicious dishes.

What food processing equipment do you need for a summer barbecue?

Preparing high-quality dishes for a barbecue requires various specialised equipment. Maxima offers a range of durable food processing equipment that enables restaurants and caterers to prepare barbecue feasts efficiently.

Hamburger presses

Using a hamburger press can offer several key benefits for restaurants that want to serve high-quality dishes to their customers. Firstly, a hamburger press ensures consistent patty size and shape, which is critical for even cooking and presentation. This consistency helps maintain portion control, which reduces waste and ensures uniformly cooked, juicy burgers.

A hamburger press can significantly speed up preparation, increasing kitchen efficiency and quicker customer service. This uniformity and efficiency are important for maintaining high standards in a busy restaurant, particularly in summer when barbecue menus are in high demand.

Meat mincers

A meat mincer is another essential tool for restaurants that want to elevate their barbecue offerings. With a meat mincer, chefs can control their minced meat's texture and fat content, which is crucial for making flavourful and tender barbecue dishes. This process allows custom blends to suit specific recipes or customer preferences.

Mincing meat in-house also ensures the quality and freshness of the ingredients and enhances the final product's overall taste and safety. A meat mincer's versatility also enables the preparation of various minced meat dishes, such as hamburgers and sausages.

Vegetable slicers

With a vegetable slicer, chefs can achieve precise and consistent cuts of vegetables. Properly sliced vegetables cook evenly and can be arranged attractively on plates, enhancing the visual appeal of the dishes.

Professional vegetable slicers also significantly reduces preparation time, increasing kitchen productivity. They can be used efficiently to prepare salads, burger toppings and side dishes. For example, a vegetable slicer can quickly shred carrots and cabbage if you want to serve fresh coleslaw with your barbecued dishes.

Maxima’s vegetable slicers include five different cutting discs for preparing various vegetables. You can also order a French fry grid to cut potatoes into French fries quickly and easily.

What refrigeration equipment do you need for a summer barbecue?

In summer, it’s even more important for restaurants to have sufficient refrigeration units to ensure the freshness and safety of perishable goods like meat. At Maxima, you can find a wide range of refrigeration and freezer equipment to store your products efficiently.

Undercounter freezers

An undercounter freezer is perfect for maximising space while keeping your meats and frozen goods well-preserved until they're ready to be grilled. Its accessibility also speeds up the workflow in a busy outdoor catering environment.

Maxima’s chest freezers are available from 93 to 488L and have a maximum ambient temperature of 38⁰C. This makes them ideal for use in areas with warmer weather. These chest freezers are also equipped with wheels for easy mobility and transportation to required areas.

Upright fridges

A staple in nearly every commercial kitchen, reach-in fridges offer versatility and practicality. These units can accommodate diverse products, from fresh produce to beverages. Known for their convenience, these fridges provide easy access to ingredients, facilitating a smooth kitchen operation.

Barbecue restaurants can use an upright fridge to keep their vegetables, sauces and marinades fresh until serving. Opt for models with adjustable shelves, like those from Maxima, to accommodate various container sizes and improve your kitchen’s organisation.

Drinks fridges

No summer barbecue is complete without a selection of refreshing beverages. That is why restaurants and caterers can benefit from Maxima’s bar refrigeration range. Bar refrigeration like drink fridges and mini fridges helps preserve the quality of beverages and maintain optimal temperatures.

A drinks fridge ensures your sodas, juices and beers stay cool, giving your guests the perfect accompaniment to their meal. It’s also easy for staff to track stock and restock needs. Compact models can accommodate cans and smaller bottles, while larger ones can hold full-sized bottles like wine.

Equipping your restaurant or catering service with these essential tools ensures you’re well-prepared to host a successful summer BBQ. These tools streamline the cooking and preparation process and enhance the quality and variety of your food and drinks.

Remember, the key to a memorable summer BBQ lies in the details—from the freshness of your ingredients to the efficiency and reliability of your equipment. Investing in the right barbecue essentials can offer your customers a summer filled with joy, satisfaction and culinary excellence.

Make this summer memorable for your customers and host the perfect summer barbecue with high-quality appliances from Maxima!