Kitchenware needed to open a dessert bar

Opening a dessert bar is a great way to get creative with your baking and make delicious desserts that customers will love. To do this, however, you'll need the right equipment. Investing in catering-quality appliances will make all the difference when it comes to how quickly and easily you can create your products. Let’s look at the different kinds of kitchen equipment you will need when opening a dessert bar.


1. Catering-quality fridges and freezers

Quality fridges and freezers are essential for any business that serves food or drinks. A good fridge can help keep ingredients fresh for longer and help you save money on wasted food. Investing in high-end models will ensure that your food stays cooler for longer, which means your ingredients won't spoil as quickly, meaning more savings eventually.

You'll also want to purchase professional freezers so that you can store different types of food without worrying about it spoiling too soon. Freezers are also good for storing items that have already been prepared, such as ice cream or cookie dough. Make sure you invest in ones with adjustable shelving and are big enough to suit your needs.


2. Ovens or stovetops

Ovens are essential for baking cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, cupcakes and other desserts. If you're going to be baking daily, then it's important to purchase one that can handle intensive use. Professional ovens are usually very durable and last for a long time. Look for ones with multiple shelves, so you can bake multiple batches at a time.

A stovetop might also be an option if you need to melt foods like chocolate or make caramel from scratch. If this is a key ingredient in your desserts, then it is worthwhile to look for a stovetop with multiple burners, so you can have more than one flavour going at a time. If space is limited, and you don't need large quantities, a mobile induction hob can be moved anywhere it is needed.

3. Mixers and rollers

A good professional kitchen mixer is essential for creating decadent batters and doughs for cakes and cookies, as well as frostings and sauces for pastries such as crème patisserie (pastry cream) or rolled fondant icing (royal icing). An electric mixer or stand mixer is best, as it allows you to mix ingredients faster than by hand while still maintaining quality control over the process.

A dough roller is also helpful if you plan on making doughnuts or cinnamon rolls, as it will help ensure they turn out perfectly round every time!


4. Bain marie

A bain marie (or double boiler) is necessary if you plan to make custards, mousses, creams or sauces with egg yolks — such as crème brûlée or chocolate mousse. These require gentle heat, so they don't curdle while being cooked. A bain marie heats things without burning or overcooking, so it's ideal for this type of ingredient.

When looking for a good bain marie, the most important thing to consider is what size you will need. You can get bain maries with multiple compartments for different foods, so if you have a variety of sauces, then this is a good investment.

5. Whipped cream machine

Very few desserts can't be made even tastier without a dollop of whipped cream on top. From pies and tarts to sundaes and mousses, many desserts can be complemented with this versatile topping.

Making whipped cream from scratch can be tedious, so investing in a whipped cream machine is worth it if you plan on serving lots of desserts with whipped cream toppings! These come in various sizes, depending on how much whipped cream you require. Keep an eye out for models that are easy to keep clean.


6. Tartlet maker

For those who want to serve petit fours or mini tartlets at their dessert bar, then this type of machine is perfect! It creates small tart shells quickly with no fuss – just add your desired filling afterwards. Be confident that every tartlet base comes out the same, every time.

Tartlet makers come with interchangeable plates so that you can create assorted sizes depending on what kind of sweet treat you're trying to make. These can be sold separately to the machine, so make sure you also include the baking tray you want. They should also be both easy to operate, and easy to clean.

7. Display fridges

Lastly, display fridges are always a great investment when opening a dessert bar because they not only allow customers to see what treats are available but also keep them chilled until served. This is important when it comes to preventing unnecessary waste. It has the bonus that you can present your products attractively.

Display fridges come in many sizes depending on how much storage space needs accommodating. Vertical models are ideal for presenting larger items, like cakes and tarts. They also take up less space. Horizontal options are ideal for small, single-portion items like tartlets and cookies and even come in a self-service option if desired.

Opening a dessert bar requires many pieces of specialised kitchen equipment, but making sure your purchases are professionally designed will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. With quality appliances powering your business operations, there'll be no stopping your delicious creations from reaching your growing customer base.