Opening a frozen yoghurt shop

Starting a business is no small undertaking. There are a lot of decisions that need to be taken into account, such as choosing the perfect location, marketing, setting up the store and managing daily operations,

If you’re considering opening your first frozen yoghurt shop, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Although there are a lot of things to consider, there are a few key things you need to have in place to ensure a successful opening. Let’s take a look at the main things you need to have ready before officially opening your doors.


1. A carefully considered business plan

Before you do anything else, it’s important to create a detailed business plan. This document outlines the different aspects of your business, including financials, marketing strategies and target markets. It's essential when approaching any investors so that they have a good idea of what their investment will entail.

There are many templates available online that help you create a first draft. The things you should include are an overview of your business model and what you will need to get started. It’s also helpful to outline your competition and how you intend to stand out from the crowd.


2. What financial support you'll need

Money plays a significant role in running any business – and this includes frozen yoghurt shops. Before officially opening your doors, you'll have to make sure that you have enough capital set aside for initial expenses such as rent payments, insurance premiums and employee salaries. You'll also need enough for ongoing costs like utility bills and fresh ingredients.

Additionally, depending on where your shop is located, there may also be taxes or other fees related to running a small business that need to be taken into account. Research these requirements beforehand so that nothing catches you off guard later down the line. Your local city council should be able to help you with this.

3. An idea of the right location

The right location is one of the most essential factors when it comes to opening any food-related business. This is something that can make or break a store. Have a look at any areas that interest you and do some research on businesses currently operating in the area. There may be competitors that make it a difficult market to break into.

Things to look for in an ideal location include one that has plenty of foot traffic and is easily accessible by car or public transportation. If you’re leasing, make sure you read through the lease agreement thoroughly and understand what all the terms mean before signing anything.


4. An attractive store design

Once you’ve chosen a great location for your frozen yoghurt shop, it’s time to focus on the design of your shopfront. As the first thing customers see, this needs to be eye-catching and inviting so that customers feel comfortable and want to come in. Bright colours, attractive lighting and positive signage can all help make a big difference.

You should also think about the layout of the inside of your store. This includes where products will be placed, how long customers will have to wait for their order, and any other features you may want to highlight. For example, you may want a few self-service machines to accommodate different types of customers and create a more engaging experience.

5. What items will be on your menu

You will also need to decide which frozen yoghurt flavours and toppings you will offer your customers. Will you go for very traditional options or something a bit more unique? Will you offer certain kinds of toppings or have versions suitable for food allergies? Whatever you decide, make sure that your menu stands out and is also profitable for your business.

It is a clever idea to have some costs in mind when setting up your menu, so you can see which items are more profitable than others. Find a few key items you can position as bestsellers that offer great profit margins and watch your business grow from day one.


6. Your branding and marketing strategies

Another thing to consider before officially launching your shop is branding and marketing. You want customers to know who you are and what sets your store apart from the competition, so spend some time brainstorming creative ways to make your business stand out.

Your branding will help make your business more familiar to customers. It creates a consistent look and feel throughout your business. Your marketing strategy could include both traditional and digital marketing aspects, depending on your budget and your target market. Be sure to leverage social media platforms like Instagram for affordable brand exposure.


7. The right professional kitchen equipment

Don't forget about essential kitchen appliances and equipment that you might need to make, store and sell your frozen yoghurt. These include things like fridges , plenty of freezers , blast chillers , whipped cream machines , display fridges , GN containers and planetary mixers . You could also invest in a dry ice machine to keep products consistently cooled.

The most important aspect when purchasing kitchen equipment for a food business is to invest in professional quality appliances. These are built to last longer and can handle daily intensive use. They are also often easy to keep clean, contributing to a hygienic and well-organised shop.

8. Well-trained employees

Finally, before you open your doors to the public, make sure that you have enough trained staff to cover daily operations. This includes employees who can handle customer service with ease, market and promote your products, and help with food preparation.

A good way to ensure that your employees are capable is to offer plenty of training so that they are well-informed about the products. They should also already have experience in food service, so they know how to handle any problems as they arise.

Opening your first frozen yoghurt shop can seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning and preparation, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Make sure that you consider all necessary steps before officially opening your doors, and you'll soon find your frozen yoghurt store is a resounding success.