Prepare your ice cream shop for summer


Summer is synonymous with ice cream. As the temperatures rise, so does the public's craving for this delightful treat. This season presents the ideal opportunity for ice cream shop owners to boost sales and solidify customer loyalty. But are you ready to handle the summer rush, cater to evolving preferences and ensure your shop becomes the go-to spot for ice cream lovers? This blog post will guide you through essential steps to ensure your ice cream shop is ready for a successful summer.

Ice cream storage equipment

Storing ice cream correctly at optimal temperatures is vital for ensuring the safety and quality of products. Here are a few essential appliances that can help to store your ice cream efficiently.

Gastronorm containers

Stainless steel GN containers are handy for storing and serving ice cream. They should be placed in a freezer or display cabinet that maintains the temperature at less than -18°C. These trays are sturdy and resistant to thermal shock, which is essential for preserving ice cream. Due to their non-stick characteristics, they are simple to clean and maintain. Moreover, they provide excellent heat insulation and protect food from outside factors.

When selecting the appropriate gastronorm containers, several factors must be considered: the container's size (based on the kind of products you plan to store), the material's quality (18/10 stainless steel), and the number of containers required. Maxima offers a comprehensive range of GN containers in various shapes and sizes to cater to all your ice cream preparation needs.

Commercial freezer equipment

The freezer may be the most essential equipment in your ice cream shop. Without it, all your ice cream will melt and go to waste.

When you're selecting freezers for your ice cream shop, there are several key features you should consider:

  • Size: Think about the volume of ice cream you'll have to store simultaneously and choose a freezer that can handle it. Remember that you might also need to store extra items, such as toppings, in the freezer. A busy ice cream store will likely require a freezer of around 1200L to accommodate the quantity of ice cream it will sell. Reach-in freezers are suitable for smaller ice cream enterprises or storing popular flavours near the serving counters. For ingredients and toppings you don't want to freeze, you'll need reach-in refrigerators to maintain them at safe food temperatures.
  • Regulation of temperature: An efficient freezer should sustain a steady temperature. Ice cream needs to be kept between -10 and -20 °C to ensure it remains frozen and doesn't melt. Opt for a freezer with an adjustable thermostat and a precise temperature indicator.
  • Organisation: Quick access and organisation of your ice cream are essential, so consider a freezer with adjustable or detachable shelves. Most of Maxima’s refrigeration units are equipped with adjustable shelves and you can also purchase additional shelves on our website.

Chest freezers

Depending on your setup, chest freezers can be placed at the front or back of your shop. They operate at a wide temperature range, with most of them able to withstand temperatures as low as -24°C. Chest freezers can be an ideal initial investment for those starting an ice cream business. These units, with capacities of up to 488L , are cost-effective and space-saving substitutes for walk-in freezers, especially if you're constrained by budget or space.

Blast chillers

Blast chillers are essential for rapidly cooling down freshly made ice cream, ensuring perfect texture and consistency. They help preserve the quality of your products by preventing the formation of large ice crystals. Blast chillers ensure your ice cream sets quickly and retains its creamy texture. They also enhance food safety by reducing the time products spend in the temperature danger zone. This quick cooling process helps maintain the flavour and quality of your ice cream.

Whipped cream dispensers

Whipped cream machines allow you to add finishing touches to your ice cream offerings. Made from aluminum or stainless steel, these dispensers use nitrous oxide gas to produce whipped cream or mousse, which is added to top off ice cream. Maxima’s whipped cream machines are available in two capacities, 2L and 5L and can make up to 100L of whipped cream per hour.

More beneficial ice cream equipment

Ice cream shops can benefit from specialised appliances that help prepare and produce various ice cream-based products.

Drink mixers

Drink mixers are ideal for blending ice cream, milk, flavoured syrups and other ingredients like nuts and candies into milkshakes. They are designed to preserve the richness and thickness customers want in a frozen drink. Drink mixers can have one or two cups, depending on your needs. Maxima’s milkshake makers also feature two speeds and can blend various ingredients quickly and easily.


Blenders are indispensable in an ice cream shop. They help create smooth and creamy textures for milkshakes, smoothies and soft serves. High-powered commercial blenders can handle a variety of ingredients, from fruits and nuts to thick syrups and ice. When selecting a blender, consider its power, durability and ease of cleaning. Opt for models with variable speed settings and strong, sharp blades capable of crushing ice effortlessly.

Food processors

Ice cream parlours can benefit from the versatility of professional food processors. These machines significantly enhance efficiency by quickly chopping, blending or pureeing various ingredients for toppings such as cookies, nuts and chocolates. Additionally, ice cream shops can use a food processor to blend fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas or mangoes into a smooth puree, which can then be incorporated into an ice cream base for vibrant, natural fruit flavours.

For more adventurous flavours, a food processor can help grind herbs, spices or exotic ingredients like matcha or lavender to create unique and sophisticated ice cream offerings.

Waffle makers

Waffle makers help create delicious, crispy cones that complement your ice cream perfectly. Offering freshly made waffle cones can set your shop apart from competitors who use pre-made options. Invest in a commercial-grade waffle maker that heats evenly and maintains a consistent temperature. Look for models with non-stick surfaces to ensure easy removal of the waffles and straightforward cleaning. Adjustable temperature settings are also beneficial for achieving the desired level of crispness.

Setting up an ice cream shop requires careful planning and investment in the right equipment. High-quality equipment is essential for enhancing your production process and improving the quality of your offerings. Investing in the right appliances and maintaining them properly can create a memorable customer experience and build a successful ice cream business.

Ready to take your ice cream parlour to new heights? Explore our range of equipment and find the perfect tools to elevate your shop!