Smart choices for market stalls

When you're "on location" with a mobile kitchen, food truck or market stall, you want to be able to run at full speed. The best way to do this is to have all the conveniences you could possibly need on hand: the equipment necessary to keep things cool, defrost, heat up, and bake and roast.

But the luxury of space does not usually exist at smaller locations, so choices have to be made. Fortunately, with the right preparation, and by choosing the right equipment, you don’t have to compromise on quality and convenience.  


Space vs convenience

The layout of a market stall or mobile kitchen is not usually the same as that of a brick-and-mortar store. You will have to make even better use of the available space.

High capacity equipment may be very convenient to work with, but you also have to take into account that you need to transport everything. It is then worthwhile to look at more compact catering equipment. When working on location, appliances on wheels can also offer greater convenience, such as a compact refrigerator or freezer. And do you have something to cook or bake on site? A freestanding induction hob can be placed anywhere. The same goes for griddles, the 36cm wide models are very practical to use.

Smart preparation = fast service

A good start is half the work. It’s important not just to look at what you need to take along, but also at what you don't need. The more equipment you carry, the less room you have to carry the stock you want to sell.

So take note of the food you're going to sell. There are bound to be items like snacks, dishes or ingredients that can be made on the premises beforehand. Sure, fried snacks and dishes that are quick to prepare like waffles can be made on the spot. But sauces, batter mix, cut fruit or vegetables, soups, pasta, you can usually pre-prepare more than you might think. In this case, it's just a matter of packaging them properly and keeping them cooled.

Anything you don't have to cut, fry or roast on the day of the market saves you time that can better be spent focusing on your sales. And market-goers are more likely to buy a snack from you if they see that they don't have to wait long for it.

In the blog “Preparing food for freezing” we previously wrote about how convenient it is to freeze vegetables and even meat without worry. By using a vacuum sealer, you can freeze it in the perfect state without losing flavour, texture and moisture. Pre-cut and pre-seasoned ingredients also lend themselves perfectly to this.

In fact, you can prepare and freeze entire ready-made meals in advance. Also check out what you can prepare in advance that are the exact portion sizes in order to be able to increase the sales speed.

Speaking of speed, there are plenty of snacks that are quick to cook and require little or no preparation. How about waffles? Did you know that Maxima has more than 20 different types of waffle makers? From traditional waffles to Belgian waffles, these quick snacks are a guaranteed success at any market! Of course, the same category includes pancakes, mini pancakes and churros.

Food preparation on the spot: 5 easy devices highlighted

OK, so you've prepped as much as you can, vacuum packed everything and, where possible, already packed it in the right portions. Time to hit the road!

The frozen foods will need to be defrosted. Which device you use for this depends on what you are defrosting. A bain marie is a safe way to defrost because you can heat or cook very evenly without risk of burning. The same thing goes for a sous vide device, but only for the food you have already vacuum packed.


Did you know that Maxima has more than 20 different types of waffle irons?


Multifunctional appliances like a salamander grill can both defrost and keep food warmed using a constant low temperature. They can even grill when used at full power. So for this compact all-rounder you can easily keep a place free in your market stall.

Of course, the microwave cannot be left out of this list. These are not only handy for heating up something quickly, but Maxima's microwaves also have special defrost programmes.

Just as simple and versatile is, of course, the deep fryer. Why? Because you can use it to make many different snacks on location. In addition, there are compact catering fryers that can be placed anywhere.


A market stall has many similarities to a food truck or mobile stall at an event. We have put together catering equipment that is ideal for use market stalls, mobile kitchens and food trucks in a dedicated category "Food Truck & Festival". You'll find plenty of inspiration to professionally set up your mobile kitchen with compact equipment, without compromising on convenience and efficiency.