The wonderful world of waffles

There's nothing like a hot, fresh waffle, straight from the waffle maker. Whether you like your waffles with fruit and syrup, or simply topped with butter, there’s no denying that they're a delicious treat to be enjoyed at any time of day. Thanks to modern technology, making waffles is easier than ever before.

A waffle maker comes in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: to help you make perfect waffles, every time. Some waffle makers are designed for making traditional waffles, while others can make more creative designs. The range from Maxima even includes built-in timers to ensure that your waffles are cooked beautifully. The practical sizes and ease of operation make these the perfect piece of equipment to have in any kitchen or food store.


‘They all have one thing in common: to help you make perfect waffles, every time.’


Classic waffle
First up is the beautifully rounded traditional waffle shape many are already very familiar with. The classic shape includes the beloved honeycomb patterns that’s perfect for pouring sauces like maple syrup or chocolate sauce over so it collects in the pattern. Did you know you could also get this shape with a bubble pattern? Instead of an indented pattern, you get more waffle for your money with the unique bubble unique shape.

Belgian waffle
Another well-known and well-loved waffle is the Belgian waffle. These originated in Belgium and come in a rectangle shape instead of round. They are great snacks for on the go and if you get a mini Belgian waffle maker, you can quickly make any number of snacks ready to sell at a market stall or food truck festival.

Stroop waffle
For a different take on waffles, the Dutch stroop waffle has been making its way across the globe and is quickly becoming a fan favourite. Using a stroop waffle maker, this becomes an easy task. It keeps the traditional round shape but is typically served with a layer of melted caramel pressed between two waffles. Served fresh, this sweet treat is not to be missed.

Novelty shaped waffles
It’s always a good idea to try something new on your menu and take your traditional wares to the next level. Waffle makers with various shapes are not only fun for kids, but adults enjoy them too! From heart shapes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day to butterflies, which are always a hit with the kids, there is something for everyone. Another growing trend is the Japanese fish cake known as Taiyaki. The waffles are usually filled with a red bean paste, but you can also try other options like chocolate or custard.

Lolly waffles
Who doesn’t love a snack food on a stick? Keep your hands clean and the mess to the minimum with these waffles that are both delicious and easy to eat on the go. From mini Belgian waffles to heart shapes or even ones with emojis on them, Maxima’s wide range of waffle makers lets you find the perfect pairing for your business.

Churros and corndogs
Although not typically classified as waffles, these food items are also extremely easy to make with equipment that’s specifically designed for them. A churros maker ensures that each churro comes out exactly the same, and with a variety of patterns available to print on your corn dogs, you can create something that’s truly unique.

If you’re looking to expand your search even further, there’s also a wide range of pancake makers available from Maxima. From crepes to American style or even traditional Dutch pancakes, there is a machine to help you make the perfectly golden pancake ready to serve at any time. And while pancakes and waffles may be seen as typical breakfast foods, you can read more about other equipment to invest in to help boost your brunch sales in our previous blogpost ‘‘5 basic appliances for the best breakfasts’’.

The wide range of waffle makers available means you can find any solution, or possibly even a few solutions, to help your food business stand out. Just imagine creating an unusual dessert with a signature topping, or creating a seasonal menu that changes toppings and flavours every season. You could even customise the cookie you served with your coffees and serve a lolly waffle instead. You are only limited by your own imagination.