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During Black Friday sales, many businesses take advantage of the discounted prices to upgrade their kitchen equipment. This is because upgrading kitchen equipment can increase efficiency and ensure businesses have reliable appliances during peak seasons.

Kitchen appliances and professional equipment are often quite expensive and upgrading it can impact your budget. However, during Black Friday sales, you can find great deals and discounts that can help you save money while still getting high-quality equipment.

Maxima products on sale

This Black Friday, Maxima is offering discounts on the entire product range. Whether you run a busy restaurant, café or bakery, everyone can benefit from our Black Friday deals.

Here’s a few of Maxima’s equipment on sale during Black Friday:

Planetary Mixers

Businesses like bakeries and cafes experience increased demand during the holiday and end-of-year season. This is because people enjoy buying festive treats and beverages to keep warm in the cold weather. These businesses must have durable and reliable equipment to keep up with the increased number of customers.

One piece of equipment that can increase efficiency is commercial planetary mixers. A planetary mixer’s powerful motor and strong construction make it ideal for commercial kitchens and businesses that specialise in high-volume baking.

Maxima’s planetary mixers are designed to mix, whip and combine ingredients with ease. They come with various stainless steel whisk attachments and are ideal for whipping up ingredients, such as eggs, whipped creams and frostings. For dough-based products, the dough hook attachment can be used to knead large quantities of tough dough. With a professional planetary mixer, bakeries can ensure that all their festive cookies, cupcakes and desserts are consistently delicious.

These mixers are available in different capacities, allowing businesses to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Planetary mixers with a Black Friday discount include:

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Stand Mixers

Smaller bakeries, patisseries and cafes that still want to remain competitive and increase profits during the holiday season, can benefit from Maxima’s discounted stand mixers. These mixers are designed for countertops or tables, making them easy to move around. They are smaller versions of a commercial planetary mixer but offer the same high-powered capabilities.

A 7L stand mixer makes mixing sauces, creams and batters an easy task with its robust stainless steel bowl. These mixers also come equipped with a variety of attachments, allowing you to do everything from kneading dough to whipping cream.

Maxima’s stand mixers with a Black Friday discount include:

Dough and Fondant Rollers

Cake shops and bakeries that produce a high volume of cakes and other similar products need high-quality equipment to help them keep up with increased demand. One appliance that can help increase efficiency and productivity for these businesses is a dough or fondant roller. These machines are designed to roll out dough and fondant quickly and easily into thin sheets, eliminating the need for manual labor-intensive rolling pins.

For cake shops, this ensures smooth and professional-looking fondant-covered cakes. It also streamlines the process of rolling out dough for products like croissants and pastries.

These rollers are even suitable for rolling out pizza dough and are ideal for a busy pizzeria or restaurant. Dough rollers come in various models with many different features, allowing businesses to choose the one that best fits their needs.

Dough and fondant rollers with a Black Friday discount include:

Dough Mixers

As the end of the year approaches, businesses in the hospitality and catering industries are preparing for a busy holiday season ahead. This includes upgrading or replacing essential equipment. For bakeries and cafes looking to produce and sell seasonal treats, having a reliable dough mixer is crucial. These machines are designed to mix dough for bread and pizza crusts quickly and efficiently without overworking it or compromising its texture or flavour. Fortunately, Maxima is offering attractive discounts on many dough mixers during the Black Friday sale.

Dough mixers come in various colours, capacities and sizes, allowing businesses to choose the ideal mixer for their kitchen needs. Whether you’re selling the classic German treat “Stollen” or traditional Italian “Panettone”, with Maxima’s dough mixers all your festive treats will be of high quality.

The following dough mixer models are on sale during Black Friday:

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Waffle Makers

The start of winter means it’s almost time for Christmas markets and fetes. At these events, food trucks are known for selling seasonal treats like Gluhwein and spiced gingerbread cookies. However, food truck owners and food suppliers looking to stand out at these events should consider adding waffles to their holiday menus.  Waffles are sweet and delicious treats that everyone loves and are easy to make.

During Maxima’s Black Friday sale, we’re offering various waffle makers at attractive discounts. Professional waffle makers are designed to be compact cooking units, making them an easy fit into any kitchen workflow. This makes waffle makers a great, user-friendly option for mobile catering businesses.

Waffle makers on sale during Black Friday include:

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Deep fryers are an essential kitchen appliance for many restaurants, hotels and cafes. They are versatile, easy to clean and ensure consistent quality. During the festive season, food businesses start to offer specialty treats like Dutch “oliebollen” and fried apple beignets. These are two popular snacks in the Netherlands that are associated with Christmas time. That is why having a good quality fryer can help businesses keep up with seasonal trends.

Quality commercial deep fryers come equipped with large, durable cooking baskets to prepare large batches of food. Depending on your portion sizes, a single basket can produce many servings of a single dish. This is useful if you have a high volume of orders to cook in a short space of time. This makes deep fryers ideal for food trucks and mobile catering services that sell products at markets and festivals.

Maxima’s fryers with a Black Friday discount include:

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This time of year is important for many businesses in the hospitality and catering industry. It’s the ideal opportunity to increase brand awareness while boosting sales and revenue. However, for this to be successful, businesses must have reliable and upgraded equipment that can endure extensive use and demand. That is why taking advantage of Maxima’s Black Friday sale is beneficial. We have all the equipment you need at discounted prices to ensure a profitable end-of-year season.

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Don’t miss out on Maxima’s Black Friday deals and start shopping now!