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Commercial Bakery Ovens

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Maxima's bakery ovens provide the most delicious and crispest results for your food and catering business! Thanks to the optimal air circulation, you can always count on light, but crunchy bread. The ovens heat up quickly and even boast a steam function.

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Maxima's bakery ovens provide the most delicious and crispest results for your food and catering business! Thanks to the optimal air circulation, you can always count on light, but crunchy bread. The ovens heat up quickly and even boast a steam function.

What do you use a bakery or convection oven for?

Bakery ovens are intended for baking pre-baked items a second time before actual consumption. This is often done with bread rolls such as pistolettes, Kaiser rolls and French baguettes. If you heat pre-baked rolls for a short time and at a high temperature right before they go on sale, they get a crispy outside and a warm inside. This way, the buns look and feel freshly baked.

Bakery ovens are called this because they can accommodate trays of 60 x 40cm, which is the industry standard for bakeries. They also have a steam function and some ovens have a handy adjustable door.

Convection ovens (or hot air ovens) are also perfectly suited to baking fresh loaves of bread, as these foods are cooked using hot air only. This produces a light and crunchy result. A convection oven is also suitable for roasting meat, vegetables and potatoes. You can do this at a very high temperature so that these foods become crunchy and get a rich taste. When you set the oven to a low temperature, you make sure that the dish cooks slowly. This creates a smoother texture and is ideal when you want to cook a tender meat dish.

What do you use the steam function of a bakery oven for?

By combining a typical convection oven with a steam oven, you get the best of both worlds in one appliance that’s ideal for bakeries. You can either circulate dry air or hot humid air, or both at the same time. This means you can bake, roast and even grill as normal, but adding the steam option gives you additional benefits. With steam, you can suddenly cook a lot more different kinds of foods with the same appliance. Just think what you can prepare when you have one appliance that allows you to bake, boil, grill, stew, roast, steam, confit, gratin and even cook sous vide. Steaming meat and fish, steaming vegetables, and preparing rice, pasta and potatoes are just some of the specialties of this beloved all-rounder.

Steaming dishes also has the great advantage that they retain their flavour, aroma and colour much longer. This also applies to the preservation of nutrients and vitamins, so steaming is a healthy option! Reheating with the addition of steam prevents your food from drying out, preserves the flavour and makes sure everything is heated through evenly.

How does a bakery oven work?

A bakery oven works with a fan system. These distribute hot air evenly around the food. A traditional oven works with radiant heat released from the heating elements in the oven. In this case, the heat is not spread evenly, which means that the temperature is not the same throughout. Thanks to the fans, there is a constantly moving stream of warm air which touches the food in the oven from all sides. This has the following advantages:

  • dishes are cooked evenly
  • the oven gets up to temperature quickly
  • the cooking time is shorter than in a traditional oven

What should you pay attention to when buying a bakery or convection oven?

When buying your bakery or convection oven, the interior dimensions are always an important point because this naturally influences its capacity. Trays of 60 x 40cm always fit in a bakery oven. Maxima's bakery ovens offer space for four, six and ten trays. The 4-tray models are also supplied with these trays. With the larger baking ovens, you can order a stainless steel trolley with a storage rack separately.

Most convection ovens operate on three-phase current (400V), but a 230V model is also available so it is good to know what power source you have available. Finally, it is important to remember that ovens with a steam function must be connected to a tap.

Are you looking for more equipment for your bakery or cafe? On our website we have all our bakery and café equipment together so you can find all our various dough machines, fondant rolling out machines and even bakery trolleys at affordable prices.

What are the defining characteristics of Maxima’s bakery ovens?

The Maxima bakery ovens are very similar. They are all equipped with a thermostat and you can accurately set your desired heating time via the simple controls. Thanks to the indicator lights and the display, you can constantly monitor the baking process. This way, you will always serve deliciously fresh rolls on the table. Some other features of Maxima bakery ovens are:

  • tray distance 8cm
  • efficient heat distribution
  • temperature indicator lights
  • robust, stainless steel construction
  • adjustable timer up to 120 minutes
  • an adjustable door with athermic glazing

What are the differences between Maxima’s convection oven, bakery oven and combi steam oven?

In terms of functionality and possibilities, there are not many differences between a convection , bakery or a combi steam oven . The main difference lies in the dimensions of the combi steam ovens and bakery ovens. Combi steam ovens are designed for Gastronorm (GN) trays, while Maxima’s bakery ovens are based off of the baker's Bakerynorm standard. This means that these ovens have 60 x 40cm shelves. A hot air or convection oven generally has other dimensions, such as 43,5 x 31,5cm. Some of these ovens also have an option for grilling. Of course, you can also use it to bake bread as well.

How do you clean an oven?

An oven is easiest to clean if you do it regularly because then you encounter less baked-on grease and residue. First let the oven cool down completely and then clean the inside with a damp cloth. Is there any stubborn food residue on the inside? Put a bowl of water in the oven and let it heat up to about 200°C. Let the water create steam for a while, turn the oven off and let it cool down. The steam loosens up the food residue so that you only need a damp cloth to clean the oven. Do not forget to clean the door with water.

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