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Contact Grill - Grooved - Single Grill Plate - 22cm
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Contact Grill - Grooved - Single Grill Plate - 33,5cm
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Contact Grill - Grooved - Double Grill Plate - 2 x 22cm
€471.89 €389.99 €411.99 €340.49
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Contact Grill - Smooth - Double Grill Plate - 2 x 22cm
€508.19 €419.99 €411.99 €340.49
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Toasted Sandwich Maker - 2 Sandwiches
€344.84 €284.99 €310.35 €256.49
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Panini Maker - 2 Pieces - Gelato
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Panini Maker - 1 Piece - Gelato
€399.29 €329.99 €335.76 €277.49
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Maxima's contact grills are ideal for making quick paninis or grilled sandwiches as well as grilling meat, fish or vegetables. With its elegant stainless steel casing and cast iron baking trays, these robust appliances are ready for daily use in your kitchen.

These contact grills come with cast iron baking trays, allowing for grilling and frying options. In addition to sandwiches, you can utilise these grills to cook meats, fish and vegetables. It offers the ability to prepare a wide variety of dishes, similar to a professional grill, but is more compact for smaller portions.

What are the features of Maxima's contact grills?

Maxima's contact grills include the following features:

  • Stainless steel housing and handle
  • Adjustable thermostat up to 300⁰C 
  • Temperature indicator light
  • Stands on stainless steel or rubber feet 
  • Drip tray and splash guard for easy cleaning

Where are contact grills mostly used?

Since contact grills can be used to cook meat, fish and vegetables, many restaurants and cafes use these appliances. They also take up less space in the kitchen than a normal grill which is beneficial for kitchens with limited space.

Contact grills are also used in snack bars, food trucks and fast food establishments.

What should you look for when purchasing a commercial contact grill?

Grill plates are versatile cooking machines that allow for quick and efficient cooking.

Here are some factors to consider before purchasing a contact grill.

Type of grill surface

One important aspect to pay attention to is the type of grill surface. The most common types are smooth and grooved surfaces, each offering different cooking benefits.

  • Smooth surfaces are ideal for cooking delicate items such as fish or vegetables, as they provide even heat distribution without leaving grill marks.
  • Grooved surfaces are great for grilling meats and creating signature grill marks. They also help drain excess fat from the food, making it a healthier cooking option.

Size and capacity

It's important to choose a size that fits your kitchen space and can accommodate the volume of food you intend to cook. Most commercial contact grills come in various sizes, from single grill plate models to larger double plate ones.

When it comes to capacity, consider the number of people you serve and the types of food you'll be cooking. For example, a small restaurant that specialises in sandwiches may only need a grill with a smaller capacity. However, a busy steakhouse would require a larger unit to keep up with demand.

Temperature control

One of the key features to look for in a commercial contact grill is temperature control. This allows you to adjust the cooking temperature according to the food item being cooked, ensuring consistent results every time. 

What are the benefits of grill plates?

There are numerous benefits that a contact grill can bring to your restaurant or food business.

Speed and efficiency

One of the main advantages of using a contact grill is its impressive speed and efficiency. The intense heat generated by the grill plates allows for quick and even cooking, reducing waiting times for customers. This is especially important in busy establishments where speed is crucial to keep up with customer demand.

The design of contact grills allows for simultaneous cooking on both sides of the food, cutting down on cooking time even further. This makes it an ideal choice for restaurants and cafes that offer fast food options or have a high turnover of customers.

Healthier cooking

Commercial contact grills are designed to drain excess fats and oils from the food, resulting in healthier dishes. This is achieved through the grill plates'  design, which allows for the natural dripping of fat into a separate drip tray. This makes your meals healthier and reduces the need for additional oil or butter during cooking.

Easy to clean

The non-stick coating on the grill plates prevents food from sticking and facilitates easy cleaning. Simply wipe down the plates with a damp cloth or sponge and your grill is ready for use again.

What type of contract grills does Maxima offer?

There is various grill equipment for making sandwiches, paninis or cooking meat and vegetables.

Maxima offers three different grooved contact grill models - a single grill plate of 22cm and one of 33,5cm as well as a double grill plate model of 2 x 22cm. There is only one smooth contact grill model with 2 x 22cm plates.

Maxima also offers a sandwich grill for making two toasted sandwiches and a gelato maker available in one-piece and two-piece models. 

How to clean a contact grill

A contact grill is easy to clean, as the splash guard and handy drip tray collect most of the food debris.

  • After use, switch off and unplug the appliance. Allow the plate to cool down until it feels warm to the touch.
  • Remove any baked-on food using a sponge or damp cloth with warm water. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents that could damage the grill.
  • Be careful not to scrape the baking tray with sharp objects.
  • Contact grills with grooved and smooth baking griddles come with a cleaning brush. Use it to effectively clean the grill.
  • Dry the plate with a soft cloth after cleaning.
  • Wipe the stainless steel exterior with a cloth to keep it clean and hygienic.