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Commercial Convection Ovens

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Convection Oven - Fits 4 Trays - Built-in Timer - up to 300°C
€1,288.64 €1,064.99 €733.25 €605.99
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Convection Oven - Grill - Fits 4 Trays - Built-in Timer - up to 300°C
€1,451.99 €1,199.99 €1,039.98 €859.49
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Convection Oven - Grill and Steam - Fits 4 Trays - Built-in Timer
€1,724.24 €1,424.99 €971.01 €802.49
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Convection Oven - Steam - Fits 4 Trays (60 x 40cm) - Built-in Timer
€2,902.19 €2,398.50 €2,266.92 €1,873.49
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Convection Oven - Steam - Fits 4 Trays (60 x 40cm) - 400V
€2,521.04 €2,083.50 €1,758.72 €1,453.49
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Convection Oven - Fits 6 Trays (60 x 40cm) - 400V
€8,165.69 €6,748.50 €5,479.46 €4,528.48
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Commercial Grade Oven - Electric - Double Unit - 60cm Deep
€1,867.64 €1,543.50 €1,760.54 €1,454.99
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Commercial convection ovens are a versatile and indispensable addition to any professional kitchen. They ensure consistent and efficient cooking results across a wide variety of food types. These ovens use a fan-assisted heating system that circulates hot air evenly throughout the oven's internal chamber. This provides consistent temperature distribution and helps reduce cooking times when compared to traditional ovens. They are ideal for use in bakeries, cafes, restaurants, hotels and any other catering business that offers freshly made food. Commercial convection ovens are great for making bread, pastries, roasting meats and cooking large quantities of food at the same time.

Commercial convection ovens are one of the most popular ways of cooking food in many professional food businesses. Not only do they reduce cooking times and ensure consistent results, but they're also very energy efficient and durable. If you're looking to invest in one, there are a few things you need to know.

What do you use a commercial convection oven for?

When you buy a commercial convection oven, you get an efficient and versatile all-rounder to use in your professional kitchen. That's why they can be found in so many kinds of food businesses.

Restaurants enjoy how compact they are, offering extra cooking capacity during busy times that is consistent in quality. Smaller businesses, like food trucks and gas stations, can cook and bake their products on-site, making them as fresh as possible. Cafes and bakeries benefit from both the compact size and consistency in results, so customers know what to expect every time.

From warming and baking to cooking and roasting, there are many functions a commercial convection oven can offer someone in the food industry. With a variety of uses, these essential pieces of professional equipment can make a big difference in any restaurant, bakery or other catering business.

How does a convection oven work?

A convection oven has one or more fans to help distribute the hot air evenly around the dish. A traditional oven works only with radiant heat, which is released from the heating elements in the oven. In this process, the heat is distributed randomly, so the temperature is not the same everywhere.

Due to the fans, there is a constant stream of warm air that hits the food in the oven from all sides. This has the following advantages:

  • dishes are cooked evenly
  • suitable for a wide variety of dishes
  • the oven gets up to the right temperature quickly
  • cooking time is shorter than with a traditional oven
  • crispier results for baked goods and juicier results for meat dishes

The even heat distribution also allows for multiple dishes to be cooked at the same time, without the need for moving them during the cooking process. Commercial convection ovens offer professional kitchens a more precise and efficient cooking experience. This is crucial in businesses where consistency and quality are the most important factors.

What kinds of commercial convection ovens are there?

Commercial convection ovens are mainly used in professional kitchens for convection cooking. They can be found in a variety of places from large catering kitchens to bustling restaurants and even bakeries, cafes and food trucks.

Maxima, however, also has combi steam ovens with multiple functions. One of these is a steam function, which offers a healthier way of cooking because it preserves more vitamins and nutrients than cooking in a pot of water. This also applies to the moisture, colour and flavour as each is retained. A cake or pizza will also get an extra crispy result.

Ovens with a steam function are connected to a water supply. Adding steam (a moisture injection) works by holding down a button. If steaming is a regular part of your cooking, you should consider a combi steam oven. This is the perfect combination between a convection oven and a steam oven, with the steaming part of its many adjustable programmes.

Some convection ovens also have a grill function. In these, the top of the oven gets very hot, mimicking the function of a grill. The grill function can be used to gratin dishes, grill fish or give your casserole an extra crispy top layer. Grilling is ideal when you want to cook something quickly and get it crispy.

Of course, you can always contact us for advice on which oven best suits your needs and situation.

What else should you consider when buying a commercial convection oven?

Choosing a commercial convection oven depends on a number of factors. Most importantly, you need to know how much you will use this appliance in your professional kitchen and where you plan to position it.

1. Capacity

When buying your convection oven, the interior size is an important point, as it affects the capacity and just how much you can cook at a time. There are ovens with room for four or six trays, so if you're a busier restaurant, you will want something bigger to accommodate more food at a time.

It’s also important to look carefully at the size of the oven trays you already use, so you can be sure you can continue to use them.

2. Power

Most convection ovens operate on 230V power, so these can be used in most restaurant and cafe kitchens, but a model powered by high voltage (400V) is also available. This is great for food businesses that already operate on this voltage, so check carefully what you need. 

3. Location

It's good to know that ovens with a steam function should be connected to a tap, so first check that you have enough space available near a water outlet before making this purchase. These ovens are not ideal for mobile food catering like food trucks and event catering where the kitchen layout can change.

4. Energy requirements

Different food businesses have different energy requirements. If you are using it every day, like in a bakery or cafe, then you want a model that is very energy efficient. 

How do you clean a commercial convection oven?

It is best to clean any oven on a regular basis, as you will then be faced with less baked-on residue. For professional kitchens, keeping your commercial convection oven clean can also lengthen its lifespan. It keeps the machine in good working condition, so it is ready to use every day. Convection ovens are used daily, so they need to be cleaned at the end of each day. 

First, let the oven cool completely and then clean the inside with a damp cloth. Are there any stubborn food residues on the inside? Put a bowl of water in the oven and heat it up to around 200⁰C. Let the water create a bit of steam for a while and then turn the oven off and let it cool down. The steam will loosen the food residue, leaving you needing only a damp cloth to clean it. Don't forget to loosen the door occasionally and clean it with water as well.

What other types of ovens does Maxima have?

Maxima has an assorted range of ovens to meet the needs of any professional kitchen. These high-quality appliances come at very affordable prices and with so many varieties to choose from, you will easily find something that suits your food business.

Combi steam oven

A commercial combi steam oven lets you add steam to a traditional convection oven so that food remains moist and retains its flavour even after hours of cooking. The best built-in combination microwave convection oven doesn't compare to a standalone appliance that can be moved around your kitchen according to your changing needs. 

Microwave oven

Whether you're looking for a traditional microwave or a microwave convection oven combo, these commercial appliances are essential in every kitchen. From warming things up to steaming vegetables, they're not only quick but also very energy efficient.

Bakery oven

Bakeries have very specific cooking needs, and a specially designed bakery oven meets them all. Aside from the standard combi steam oven functions, these customised pieces of kitchen equipment have room for trays that are 60 x 40cm to fit your Bakerynorm standard trays.

Pizza oven

There's nothing better than the smell of freshly baked pizza. A pizza oven makes this the easiest task. From single to double chambers and in a variety of sizes, Maxima has a range of pizza ovens to choose from.

What other catering equipment does Maxima have to offer?

Are you looking for more equipment for your cafe or bakery? All our bakery and cafe equipment is in a single place on our website to help you find exactly what you need to make the most delicious foods. Here you’ll find various dough machines , fondant rolling machines and even bakery trolleys , all at competitive prices.