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Crepe Maker - Single Crepe - 40cm - incl Batter Spreader
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Crepe Maker - Double Crepes - 2 x 40cm - incl Batter Spreader
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Batter Dispenser - 1,3L - Stainless Steel - incl Dosing Button
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Batter Dispenser - 1,6L - Stainless Steel - Incl Dosing Button
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The easiest way to make crepes quickly is with a crepe maker, like one of the options from Maxima. Thanks to its simple operation, anyone can make the perfect French pancake at any time of day, in any location. Surprise guests with a fresh crepe direct from your own kitchen. Crepes are the perfect food to be enjoyed at any time of the day: for breakfast, lunch, dessert or as a snack!

What are the advantages of an electric crepe maker?

Maxima's electric crepe makers can be used anywhere – from restaurant to market, from canteen to food truck. With the practical format, the sturdy stainless steel feet and the simple operation, you can now make the tastiest crepes anywhere! With the good heat conduction, you can get started quickly. The stainless steel housing is beautifully finished throughout. Thanks to this hygienic design, you can easily keep it clean.

The most important features are:

  • stands firmly on 4 rubber feet
  • with temperature indicator light
  • adjustable thermostat up to 300°C
  • cast iron griddle with non-stick coating
  • stainless steel storage drawer for crepes
  • optimal heat transfer for quick production of crepes

How do you use an electric crepe maker?

First, you let the appliance heat up to the right temperature. You can adjust this using the handy rotary button. The indicator light lets you know when this temperature has been reached. From that moment on, you can spread a few drops of oil evenly over the entire griddle. You can do this, for example, with a special sponge, then you can apply the batter to it.

Make sure that you spread the batter as quickly as possible over the entire baking tray. For this, you can use a wooden batter spreader that comes with the appliance. After a minute or so, turn the crepe over with a flat spatula to cook the other side. When your crepe is ready, put it in the storage drawer under the plate to keep it warm until you’re ready to serve.

Because you can heat the crepe plate to up to 300°C, you can actually melt anything on it, such as cheese or chocolate toppings!

What kinds of different electric pancake makers are there?

Besides the crepe maker, Maxima also offers pancake makers to make all sorts and sizes of pancakes. The best known of these is the Dutch mini pancake maker . This has the characteristic large, round external shape with small spaces for the perfect ‘poffertje’. The double baking tray instantly fries the pancakes on both sides. There are also appliances to make American pancakes. These allow you to make pancakes with a diameter of 75, 80 or 100mm, depending on the appliance. Do you want to make up to nine American pancakes at once? Then you can even choose a machine with a single or double griddle .

What is the difference between a crepe, pancake and an American pancake?

A crepe or pancake is the thinnest "pancake" variant. With the crepe baking plates, you can make smooth and thin crepes in two minutes. The traditional Dutch pancake is a classic large pancake szize that’s thicker than a crepe. The Maxima pancake maker offers a diameter of 215mm. Toppings on the Dutch pancake are infinitely varied, depending on if you prefer sweet or savoury versions. The American pancake is smaller, thicker and much airier. All these differences come down to the batter. To get a thick, but still light and fluffy pancake you need to use a raising agent, such as baking powder or baking soda in the batter.

How do you clean a crepe maker?

It is important to keep the crepe griddle clean during baking. This means that you immediately remove any leftover batter or toppings from the plate before starting a new crepe.

The Maxima pancake makers have cast iron baking trays with non-stick coating. This makes them easy to clean. After use, switch off the crepe maker and remove the plug from the wall socket. Start cleaning when the plate is no longer hot, but still feels warm to the touch. You can remove any leftover residue with a little warm water, a sponge or a damp cloth. Then dry the plate with a soft cloth.

Do not use any aggressive cleaning products and make sure you do not scrape the plate with any sharp objects. This keeps the black non-stick coating in the best condition. Then dry the plate with a soft cloth. You can also wipe the stainless steel exterior with a cloth. This way, you will enjoy your Maxima crepe maker for a long time and you will always start with a clean and hygienic appliance.

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