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Hob - Ø18cm - 2000W - Induction
€134.29 €110.98 €108.89 €89.99
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Hob - Ø26cm - 2700W - Induction
€308.54 €254.99 €223.23 €184.49
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Hob - Ø24cm - 3500W - Induction
€399.29 €329.99 €248.64 €205.49
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Hob - Ø32cm - 3500W - Induction
€762.29 €629.99 €417.44 €344.99
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Hob - Ø32cm - 5000W - Induction - 400V
€1,070.84 €884.99 €617.09 €509.99
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Wok Cooker - Ø26cm - 3500W - Induction
€471.89 €389.99 €323.06 €266.99
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Deep Fryer - 8L - 1 Basket - Induction - with Drain Tap
€871.19 €719.99 €506.37 €418.49
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Deep Fryer - 2 x 8L - 2 Baskets - with Drain Tap - Induction
€1,451.99 €1,199.99 €903.86 €746.99
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Premium Induction Cooker - 2 Burners - Single Unit - 90cm Deep - Electric
€3,628.19 €2,998.50 €1,980.02 €1,636.38
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Premium Induction Cooker - 4 Burners - Double Unit - 90cm Deep - Electric
€6,023.99 €4,978.50 €5,150.32 €4,256.46
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Cooker - 4 Burners - Induction - 70cm Deep - with Stand
€6,350.69 €5,248.50 €5,419.57 €4,478.98
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Cooker - 2 Burners - Induction - 70cm Deep - with Stand
€3,628.19 €2,998.50 €3,096.38 €2,558.99
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Heavy Duty Cooker - 1 Burner - Induction - Single Unit - 70cm Deep
€1,849.49 €1,528.50 €1,403.53 €1,159.94
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Heavy Duty Induction Cooker - 2 Burners - Double Unit - 70cm Deep - Electric
€3,355.94 €2,773.50 €2,565.66 €2,120.38
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An induction hob is ideal for buffets, workshops or events. Whenever you can't take your entire stove with you, a free standing hob is a great alternative, due to its practical size. It’s also useful when there is a rush and you don't have enough burners in your kitchen. You can quickly whip out an induction hob from Maxima.

What is an induction hob?

An induction top contains electric coils that create a magnetic field. These are the red spirals you see when you turn it on. In order for it to generate heat, it must make contact with what is known as ferromagnetic material, such as the steel or cast iron of a pot or pan. As a result, the glass plate itself does not get hot, but only the part of the pan that makes contact with it. This makes cooking on induction faster, more efficient and, most importantly, very safe.

What are the advantages of an induction hob?

  • Quick: induction cooking has the characteristic that both the heating time and cooling time are very short. For example, a pan of water boils twice as fast as on an electric hotplate. This is good news during busy periods, you finish earlier and your hob is quickly available again for the next dish.
  • Energy efficient: induction cooking works very efficiently. It is not the hob that heats up, but the heat goes directly to the pan. With gas, for example, much of the heat goes up along the pan causing you to lose a lot of heat. Because the hob itself does not heat up, you also have less trouble with stubborn baked-on food residue during cleaning.
  • Safe: As long as there is no pan is on the hob, the magnetic field is not active and the hob does not get hot. From the moment you lift the pan off the hob, you can't burn your hands on the hob. And if you forget to switch off the induction hob, there is no immediate risk of fire, provided there is no pan on it, of course.
  • Accuracy: induction hobs are well suited to evenly heat and cook food. This is mainly because you can set the temperature very precisely.

What kitchen appliances that work on induction are there?

Maxima has within its range of induction appliances hobs that have a capacity between 2000W and 5000W. The choice is based on the size of your pans because you need more power with large pans. For the operation, you can use the touch sensitive buttons on the touch panel or the rotary knob.

We also have a special induction wok plate and induction fryers in our range. These, like the induction hobs, have a digital touch panel and are suitable for both home and professional use.

Also useful for peak times: a freestanding induction hotplate . This is easy to operate with a single rotary knob that lets you set the temperature between 60-105°C. At Maxima, we have a variety of hotplates available in our webshop.

What do you need to consider when buying an induction hob?

The most important thing to know is that your pans must be suitable for cooking on induction. A pan must be magnetic, otherwise the magnetic field of the cooktop will not work. You can easily test this with a refrigerator magnet. If it sticks firmly to the bottom of the pan, it is suitable. If it sticks slightly or not at all, your pan is not suitable for induction cooking.

Stainless steel, cast iron, enamelled steel, ceramic and pans with a steel bottom are suitable materials. Examples of materials that are unsuitable include: aluminium, glass, brass and copper.

A flat induction hob is also not suitable for cooking with a spherical wok, as you would on a gas flame. An induction hob heats only the bottom and not the side of the pan, which is exactly what is needed for cooking with a wok. You will either have to use a wok pan with a flat bottom, or the Maxima induction wok burner. This burner has a wok pit to evenly distribute the heat over a round wok pan.

How do you clean an induction hob?

Maxima's induction hobs have a top quality glass plate and are very easy to clean. The best way to do this is with a soft microfiber cloth and warm water with a mild detergent, such as dish soap. There are also special cleaning agents for induction hobs. Microfiber cloths have the advantage that they do not scratch the glass. Scouring pads and abrasive cleaners should definitely not be used. You can remove any burned-on food residue with a special hotplate scraper. Also clean the edges of the hob thoroughly to prevent dirt from accumulating there. Dry the appliance with a soft cloth to prevent streaks.

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