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An induction hob is ideal for buffets, workshops or events. Whenever you can't take your entire stove with you, a free standing hob is a great alternative due to its practical size. When faced with time constraints or a shortage of burners in the kitchen, free-standing hobs can be useful. 

An induction hob contains electric coils that create a magnetic field. These are the red spirals you see when you turn it on. For it to generate heat, it must make contact with what is known as ferromagnetic material, such as the steel or cast iron of a pot or pan. As a result, the glass plate itself does not get hot, but only the part of the pan that makes contact with it. This makes cooking on induction faster, more efficient and most importantly safer.

Where are commercial induction hobs mostly used?

The use of commercial induction hobs is popular among food truck owners due to their compact size and portability. These appliances take up less space compared to traditional stovetops, making them a perfect fit for food truck kitchens with limited space. Portable induction hobs also allow food truck owners to easily transport and set up their cooking stations at different locations.

In restaurants, commercial induction hobs are a popular choice for busy kitchens where speed and precision are essential. These appliances heat up quickly and provide instant temperature adjustments, allowing chefs to cook dishes faster and more accurately. This can be especially beneficial in high-end restaurants where presentation and timing are crucial.

What are the benefits of using an induction cooktop?

Induction cooking offers several advantages:

Quick heating and cooling: This cooking method features short heating and cooling times. For ample, water boils twice as fast compared to an electric hotplate. This makes it ideal for busy periods and ensures a quicker turnaround time.

Energy efficiency: Unlike traditional methods, induction cooking heats the pan directly rather than the hob itself. This eliminates heat loss and makes it more efficient compared to gas cooking, where much of the heat escapes along the pan. As the hob itself does not heat up, you also have less trouble with stubborn baked-on food residue during cleaning.

Safety: When there is no pan on the hob, the magnetic field is inactive and the hob remains cool. This eliminates the risk of burning your hands on the hob. If you forget to switch off the induction hob, there is no immediate fire hazard, as long as there is no pan placed on it.

Precise temperature control: Induction hobs are ideal for achieving even heat distribution and precise temperature control, resulting in more accurate cooking.

What do you need to consider when buying an induction cooker?

To ensure successful induction cooking, it is crucial to use pans that are compatible with this method. Induction cooktops rely on a magnetic field, so the pans must be magnetic as well. A simple test with a refrigerator magnet can determine their suitability. If the magnet sticks firmly to the bottom of the pan, it is suitable for induction cooking. If it only sticks slightly or not at all, the pan is not suitable.

Suitable materials for induction pans include stainless steel, cast iron, enameled steel, ceramic and those with a steel bottom. Avoid using pans made of aluminium, glass, brass and copper as they are not suitable for induction cooking.

It's also worth noting that cooking with a spherical wok on a flat induction hob is not ideal. Induction hobs heat the bottom of the pan but not the sides, which is essential for wok cooking. To overcome this, you can either use a wok pan with a flat bottom or the specially designed Maxima induction wok burner.

The Maxima induction wok burner features a wok pit that evenly distributes the heat over a round wok pan, achieving optimal wok cooking results.

What type of induction equipment does Maxima offer? 

Maxima offers a range of induction appliances, including hobs with a capacity ranging from 2000W to 5000W. The choice of hob depends on the size of your pans, as larger pans require more power. Operating the hobs is convenient through the touch-sensitive buttons on the touch panel or the rotary knob.

In addition to the induction hobs, we also offer a specialised induction wok plate and induction fryers , which feature a digital touch panel and are suitable for both home and professional use.

For peak times and added convenience, we provide a freestanding induction hotplate . This hotplate is user-friendly, equipped with a single rotary knob to adjust the temperature between 60-105°C. Maxima offers a variety of hotplates in our webshop to cater to your specific needs.

How to clean an induction plate

Maxima's induction hobs feature high-quality glass plates that are easy to clean. The recommended method is to use a soft microfiber cloth with warm water and a mild detergent, like dish soap. For induction hobs, there are also specialised cleaning agents available.

Avoid using scouring pads or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the surface. For stubborn residues, a dedicated hotplate scraper can be used. It's important to clean the edges of the hob thoroughly to prevent dirt buildup. Lastly, use a soft cloth to dry the appliance and achieve a streak-free finish.