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Kamado Barbecue

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Premium Kamado BBQ 13 inch - Ø 33cm
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Premium Kamado BBQ 16 inch - Ø 41cm
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Premium Kamado BBQ 18 inch - Ø 46cm
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Premium Kamado BBQ 22 inch - Ø 56cm
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Premium Kamado BBQ 26 inch - Ø 66cm
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Pizza Oven - Ø53cm - Ceramic
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Maxima's Kamado BBQs offer superior heat retention thanks to their ceramic construction. This means they can reach and maintain high temperatures for extended periods, making them excellent for cooking a variety of dishes.

Kamado BBQs are incredibly versatile. They can be used for grilling, smoking and even baking. With the help of various accessories, you can cook anything from steaks and burgers to pizzas and desserts on a kamado BBQ.

What are the features of a Maxima Kamado BBQ?

The most important feature of a Kamado BBQ is the material. Kamado barbecues are made from ceramic ('mullite') which is made at high temperatures. The thick ceramic walls are highly resistant to heat and temperature changes. Another important advantage that comes in handy when barbecuing is that a ceramic BBQ can hold the heat (and the moisture) well.

The steel parts are powder-coated. This makes it weatherproof so you can safely leave it outside.

Cleaning it is also easy: the fire tray keeps the coals and the ashes separate and the retractable ashtray allows you to remove the ashes from your barbecue without getting your hands dirty.

What are the benefits of using a Kamado grill?

Commercial kamado BBQs are becoming increasingly popular in the food industry due to their many benefits. 

Versatility: Kamado BBQs can be used for grilling, smoking, roasting and baking. This versatility makes them a cost-effective option for commercial kitchens, as they can perform multiple cooking tasks with just one appliance.

Energy efficient: Kamado BBQs are known for their excellent heat retention capabilities. This means that they use less fuel compared to other traditional grills, making them an energy-efficient choice for commercial use.

Even cooking: The unique design of Kamado BBQs ensures that heat is evenly distributed. This results in food that is cooked thoroughly and consistently. This makes them perfect for cooking large quantities of food at once.

Moisture retention: The thick ceramic walls of kamado BBQs help to retain moisture while cooking, making the food juicier and more flavorful.

Durability: Commercial Kamado BBQs are built to withstand heavy use and high temperatures, making them a long-term investment for businesses.

Temperature control: Kamado BBQs have good temperature control capabilities, allowing chefs to cook at precise temperatures for optimal results.

How do you keep the temperature constant in a Kamado BBQ?

Temperature is a crucial item when barbecuing. Every dish has its own preparation time and required temperature. Regulate the temperature with the air supply at the bottom and the air outlet ('chimney') at the top.

When your BBQ is about 5 degrees below your target temperature, use the air supply and air outlet to achieve the desired temperature. This works as follows: a large temperature change is controlled using the air supply at the bottom.

For smaller adjustments, you can control it with the return air. It takes some practice to achieve perfect temperature adjustment so it's always better to work in small steps as the temperature can rise quickly, but is not so easy to lower.

The more both channels are open, the more oxygen the BBQ can attract and the higher the temperature will be. The following applies to both the air supply and the air extraction: never close them completely during use as the fire will be extinguished.

Tips for using a Kamado BBQ

With a few simple tricks you can make things even easier for yourself:

  • Prepare your dishes in order of increasing temperature. A Kamado BBQ is easy and quick to heat up, but due to the ceramic housing, it cools down slowly. So start with the dishes that you prepare at a lower temperature and finish with the foods that require a high temperature, such as pizza.
  • Only use charcoal and not briquettes. Apart from the fact that briquettes are less durable (except coconut briquettes), charcoal achieves higher temperatures.
  • Use high-quality charcoal. It's better to choose better-quality charcoal. This often costs a little more, but you'll get charcoal pieces in larger chunks. These are easier to light and burn longer than the smaller pieces so you don't have to fill up with charcoal as often.

How to clean and maintain a Kamado BBQ

Major maintenance and repairs should only be done by a certified technician. 
Before cleaning or maintenance, always make sure the fire is extinguished and the appliance has cooled down completely.

Never use aggressive cleaning agents or abrasives. Do not use solvents or petrol-based cleaning agents. Use a mild and food-safe cleaning product instead.
Do not use any scourer and sharp or pointed objects during cleaning, as this may cause damage to the appliance.

Never hose down the machine or immerse it in water or any other liquid. Do not use a steamer to clean the appliance. The Kamado Grill is “self-cleaning”. Heating it at 260 °C for 30 minutes will scorch any residue left behind, after which it can be easily removed. If necessary, excess residues can be removed with a hard brush after the device has cooled down completely.

Do not use water or any cleaning products to clean the inside of the Kamado Grill. The inside wall is porous and absorbs liquids, this can cause the Kamado to crack.
Wipe down the exterior using a damp cloth with a mild detergent.

Clean the cooking grid and charcoal plate using a brush or cloth and warm water with a mild (food-safe) detergent. Do not clean in a dishwasher unless mentioned. Rinse under the tap to remove soap residue. After cleaning, always dry the appliance, parts and accessories using a soft cloth.