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Pasta Cookers

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Pasta Cooker - 2 x 2L - incl 2 Baskets
€205.69 €169.99 €195.40 €161.49
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Pasta Cooker - 4 x 2L - incl 4 Baskets
€302.49 €249.99 €287.36 €237.49
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Commercial Grade Pasta Cooker - 15L - Single Unit - 60cm Deep - Electric
€1,052.69 €869.99 €1,000.05 €826.49
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Heavy Duty Pasta Cooker - 1 x 20L - Single Unit - 70cm Deep - Electric
€1,439.89 €1,189.99 €1,367.89 €1,130.49
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Premium Pasta Cooker - Single Unit - 90cm Deep - Electric - 400V
€3,024.99 €2,499.99 €2,873.74 €2,374.99
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Premium Pasta Cooker - Double Unit - 90cm Deep - Electric - 400V
€5,081.99 €4,199.99 €4,827.89 €3,989.99
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Premium Pasta Cooker - Single Unit - 90cm Deep - Gas
€3,363.79 €2,779.99 €3,195.60 €2,640.99
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Premium Pasta Cooker - Double Unit - 90cm Deep - Gas
€5,807.99 €4,799.99 €5,517.59 €4,559.99
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This versatile cooking appliance from Maxima allows for precise cooking and draining of various foods in the correct portions, making it a worthy addition to any kitchen. Whether it's in a food truck or an industrial kitchen, Maxima offers pasta cookers that cater to every requirement.

With Maxima's pasta cookers, you can serve a full pasta meal within minutes. With a range of capacities and stainless steel baskets, you can prepare several types of pasta simultaneously. Besides pasta, you can also prepare noodles in the pasta cooker. The pasta baskets have a fine perforation and are very robust. The highly durable construction and heavy-duty components ensure that this pasta cooker will last for years.

What are the features of Maxima's pasta boilers?

The pasta cookers from our 900 cooking range have a sturdy stainless steel base with either one or two doors for extra storage space. The large drain and handy ball valve allow you to empty the water tank quickly.

No matter which pasta cooker you choose, with the quality of Maxima, you can always be sure that you have a robust appliance in your kitchen.

Maxima’s pasta cookers have the following features:

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Includes stainless steel baskets with fine perforation
  • Equipped with a safety thermostat
  • Water tank with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Heating indicator light

What are the benefits of using a rice and pasta cooker?

Pasta is found on many menus in the restaurant business. Given the many different pasta variations, a pasta cooker is essential in every kitchen. Not only do you save yourself the trouble of cooking with a pan and sieve and risk burning yourself when you pour the boiling water out, but you also keep the capacity on your stove available for other dishes.

Lastly, you can always serve consistently cooked pasta or noodles thanks to the precision thermostat. This allows you to accurately set the ideal temperature. The pasta baskets are also helpful in portioning food so you never have to throw away any pasta and eliminate food waste. This also applies to other items that require cooking and draining in portions. This handy appliance is extremely versatile.

Time is important in any catering business. So all of Maxima’s appliances have been designed with this in mind and for daily use. Thanks to a precise thermostat and a temperature indicator light, the operation is simple. As a result, anyone can use it. The appliances contain either a basket hanger or a separate drain surface to drain the pasta, which helps keep your kitchen clean and neat.

What type of pasta boilers does Maxima offer?

Thanks to its wide range, Maxima has pasta cookers in various capacities available, ranging from small to very large. We have the ideal size in our range for every size of catering establishment.

The smaller electric pasta cookers can be used in any kitchen. Starting at a capacity of 20 litres, you have the choice between electric pasta cookers on power current (400V) or even pasta cookers that work on gas. These professional devices fit perfectly into a professional cooking line.

For larger kitchens, there is a commercial pasta cooker of 2 x 40 litres that can be incorporated into a cooking line. And if those still don't provide enough capacity, the boiling pans certainly do.

You also don't only have to use a pasta cooker for cooking pasta. Because of the baskets with small holes, you can also cook rice, vegetables and noodles in them. This makes a pasta cooker a versatile, multifunctional cooking appliance.

How to clean a professional pasta cooker

It's important to regularly check and clean the appliance, its parts and accessories. Always switch off and disconnect the power supply before cleaning or maintenance. Let the appliance cool down before cleaning.

Remove major residues using a brush and the clean surface with a damp cloth and/or brush. Clean parts and accessories using a soft brush or cloth and warm water with a mild (food-safe) detergent.

Do not clean the parts or accessories in a dishwasher unless this is specifically mentioned. Rinse under the tap to remove soap residue and wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth. Always dry the appliance, parts and accessories after cleaning using a soft cloth.