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Commercial Pizza Ovens

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A good quality commercial pizza oven is essential for creating light and crispy pizzas. These professional pizza ovens from Maxima bake pizzas at high temperatures and on stone for real authentic flavours and delicious textures. Thanks to the adjustable top and bottom heat, you can now make a delicious traditional Italian pizza in any professional kitchen.


Commercial pizza ovens are specifically designed for high-volume production of pizzas and other baked goods. Maxima's pizza ovens come in various sizes and types and are suitable for various food and catering establishments. 

What are the features of Maxima's commercial pizza ovens?

Maxima has a range of different-sized electric pizza ovens. Made from high-quality materials and designed to be easy to use and easy to clean, they are some of the best commercial pizza ovens on the market. Besides the different sizes, you also have the choice of, among other things:

  • Available in a single chamber or a double chamber
  • With glazing or stainless steel front
  • Pizza oven with extra wide chamber
  • Suitable for 1 x 40 cm pizza or 4 x 20cm pizzas

In the ovens with an extra wide chamber, you can bake four to six pizzas side by side. There are also 'double' versions available, which means they have two chambers. This allows you to make up to twelve pizzas at once. The temperature of these ovens can be controlled per chamber using the rotary buttons. You can even use them with your oven gloves on since they are spacious.

There is also a compact model that is easy to move as it only weighs 20kg. If you don't want to leave the larger ovens standing on the countertop, you can also order a base for your pizza oven. 

If you want to make a lot of pizzas, we also have a pizza oven with a conveyor belt available. This can make up to 30 pizzas per hour. In this pizza oven, the pizzas pass through the oven on a conveyor belt, where they are baked evenly on both sides.

How do you use a professional pizza oven?

With our professional pizza ovens, you can set the temperature to your specific needs using the handy dial. The indicator light shows when it’s time to put the pizzas in. The best way to do this is with a pizza board so that you can place it directly on the bottom of the oven and it will keep its shape.

You can also use a pizza oven to bake bread or make cakes. This is beneficial if your regular oven is not available for a while. It's also helpful for professional kitchens that can use one piece of equipment to do multiple things, so you get the most out of your purchase.

With a double pizza oven, you can set the temperature per chamber. Because the temperature is easy to regulate, each dish always cooks exactly the way you want it to.

What should you look for before buying a commercial pizza oven?

There are many different pizza ovens to choose from. However, it's important to first consider a few things before making a purchase.

Oven type

When it comes to professional kitchens, selecting the right type of commercial pizza oven is a crucial factor. There are three main types available: wood-fired, gas and electric. 

Wood-fired pizza ovens are preferred by traditional pizzerias and restaurants that serve authentic Italian-style pizzas. These ovens combine heat and smoke to create a distinct flavour. However, they do require a lot of space.

For kitchens that require high-volume production, gas pizza ovens are a more economical option. They are user-friendly, require less maintenance and can heat up quickly. Busy kitchens appreciate their speed and practicality.

Electric pizza ovens are a great choice for commercial kitchens. Not only do they offer precise temperature control, but they also save energy. Many restaurants opt for these pizza ovens.


When it comes to commercial pizza ovens, size and capacity play an important role in determining how many pizzas you can bake at once. Depending on your business's scale and output needs, you may choose an oven that can bake one or two pizzas at a time or invest in a model with double chambers for increased capacity.

Pizza ovens also come in various models, including countertop, single-deck, double-deck and conveyor belt models. The larger the oven, the more pizzas you can bake simultaneously, making it a more efficient investment for high-volume pizzerias. 

Temperature range

One key feature of a high-quality pizza oven is a wide temperature range, typically between 50 and 450 or 500⁰C. This range allows for greater flexibility when cooking different types of pizzas and lets you experiment with various cooking styles.

For example, a lower temperature setting can be used to create a crispy crust while a higher temperature can create a more authentic charred look. Additionally, a wider temperature range can also be useful for cooking other dishes, such as bread or roasted meats. Ultimately, investing in a pizza oven with a wide temperature range can help elevate your pizza-making opportunities and enhance your overall cooking experience.

Energy efficiency

When it comes to choosing the right professional pizza oven for your professional kitchen, energy efficiency is a crucial factor. Not only does it help reduce environmental impact and conserve resources, but it also offers numerous benefits for kitchens in terms of cost savings and increased productivity.

For instance, opting for energy-efficient appliances can result in significant reductions in energy bills. These appliances also generate less heat so less air conditioning is needed, resulting in lower electricity bills. 


In a professional kitchen, the ease of maintenance can be a deciding factor when choosing a commercial pizza oven. The pizza oven is one of the most important appliances in any pizzeria or restaurant and requires regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently. A well-maintained oven not only ensures the quality of the pizza but also minimises the risk of breakdowns and repairs.

In addition, an oven that is easy to clean and maintain will save time and money for the kitchen, allowing chefs to focus on making food instead of worrying about equipment issues. This saves time and money in the long term.

What kinds of commercial pizza ovens does Maxima offer?

In the world of pizza-making, several types of pizza ovens cater to the needs of different food businesses. Commercial wood-fired pizza ovens or Italian pizza ovens, are perfect for those who want to achieve a classic, smokey flavour. These are often found in authentic Italian restaurants with lots of space.

Commercial gas pizza ovens are a popular choice for those who want a more efficient and controlled cooking process. These ovens are also great for food establishments that require high-volume cooking. These are good options for larger volume catering businesses like restaurants and hotels.

Lastly, commercial electric pizza ovens are ideal for those who want a consistent and convenient pizza cooking process. These ovens are easy to operate and their ability to control temperature ensures that consistent quality is achieved with every pizza cooked. They are ideal for use in smaller spaces, like medium-sized kitchens, food trucks and takeaway pizzerias.

How to clean a pizza oven

It's important to clean your industrial pizza oven after each use to keep your pizza equipment in good working order. Due to the high temperatures, most of the grease will have disappeared. You can just use a dry cloth or a slightly damp sponge. Do not use a lot of water or let water drops soak into the stone.

It’s also important to let the pizza stone cool down first. This prevents burns and stops cracks from forming in the stone when there is a big difference in temperatures. Make sure you remove any leftover food residue. You can do this with a knife or a stainless steel sponge. Don't use cleaning products on the stone as you don't want the taste or smell of these on your food either. Don't forget to clean the inside of the glass windows.

After a while, stains may appear on the stone. This is normal and you may not be able to remove them. A pizza stone is porous so leftover cheese and pizza dough will soak into the stone. The moisture will then evaporate and the leftover marks will remain. However, this won't affect the taste.

Making your pizza dough

Making your pizza dough can be a lot of intense work. Like traditional Italian kitchens, it's a good idea to make a large amount at once so you can quickly cook a homemade pizza in the oven whenever you want. Maxima’s dough kneaders are excellent tool for this. There is no need to knead the dough yourself as the dough mixer does this for you with ease, saving you time in your catering business.

For rolling out pizza dough, you can make it even easier for yourself by using an automatic dough roller .