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With a sous vide machine from Maxima, you can get perfectly cooked dishes that both look good and are healthy. A sous vide lets you cook while retaining all the flavours and nutrients of a dish, without it burning or drying out.

What is sous vide?

The French term ‘sous vide’ means ‘under vacuum’. In sous vide cooking, you cook vacuum-packed food at a constant temperature. This is why the term ‘vacuum cooking’ is used. Sous vide cooking, just like the bain marie method, has a water tank that you gradually heat. Because water never gets hotter than 100°C, your food can’t burn or separate. The advantage of this is that your dishes are cooked gradually and evenly. This is ideal for meat and fish as well as ingredients like vegetables.

Which foods can you use a sous vide cooker for?

The preparation with the sous vide method has almost no limitations. Meat, fish and vegetables are the most obvious items to prepare with a Maxima sous vide, but certainly not the only ones. Desserts and fruits are also suitable to be prepared this way. A major advantage of sous vides is that the nutrients, vitamins, textures, aromas and flavours of ingredients and foods are preserved. Any spices and herbs that are added also get a stronger flavour when cooked with sous vide.

What do you need for sous vide cooking?

There are two ways to cook sous vide: you can use a sous vide stick to heat a water tank, or you can use a sous vide appliance. The sous vide appliance is also a kind of water tank with a built-in sous vide. In both cases, the device will heat the water and circulate it for even heating. Both the sous vide stick and the sous vide appliance has a convenient control panel for easy operation.

Of course, since you will be preparing vacuum-packed foods, you will also need a vacuum sealer or a vacuum pack machine to first vacuum-pack your food items.

What are the advantages of sous vide cooking?

During food preparation, it’s often convenient to clean, cut or peel fresh products completely. After this, simply vacuum pack them and freeze the package. From there it is very easy to prepare these products using a sous vide. Other advantages of a sous vide include:

  • preservation of moisture, flavour and vitamins
  • easy to clean
  • versatile application for many foods
  • quiet way of cooking
  • no burned or dried-out dishes
  • easy to control preparation process
  • healthy choices due to less fat and salt added during cooking

What is the difference between sous vide cooking and a bain marie?

You can easily compare sous vide with bain marie cooking. The way of heating is the same: using warm water. It's called a sous vide when the food is packaged in a vacuum package. You place this package directly into a container of water. Most sous vide equipment and devices circulate the water for temperature distribution. With a bain marie, you first place your unpackaged food in a container and then place the container in hot water.