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Wok Cooker - Ø26cm - 3500W - Induction
€417.44 €344.99 €290.39 €239.99
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Wok Cooker - Ø28cm Cooking Ring - 60cm Deep - Gas
€1,179.74 €974.99 €834.89 €689.99
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Heavy Duty Wok Cooker - Ø28,5cm Cooking Ring - Single Unit - 70cm Deep - Gas
€1,542.74 €1,274.99 €1,116.21 €922.49
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Heavy Duty Wok Cooker - 2 x 28,5cm Cooking Rings - Double Unit - 70cm Deep - Gas
€2,595.44 €2,144.99 €1,976.52 €1,633.49
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Premium Wok Cooker - 28,5cm Cooking Ring - Single Unit - 90cm Deep - Gas
€1,687.94 €1,394.99 €1,197.89 €989.99
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Premium Wok Cooker - 2 x 28,5 Cooking Rings - Double Unit - 90cm Deep - Gas
€2,922.14 €2,414.99 €2,628.11 €2,171.99
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High temperatures, the sizzling sounds of food cooking and sometimes even flames – cooking on a wok can sometimes be an entire show in itself. Now you can also transfer the tastes this spectacle results in right to your kitchen. With a professional wok cooker, you can have rich and flavourful dishes on the table in no time.

What types of wok cookers are there?

Wok cookers come in many different types and sizes. Are you looking for a more compact machine that you can take to any location? Then an induction wok cooker is the ideal choice. Thanks to an easy touch control and a timer, this table model can be used in many places.

The more powerful wok cookers in our range work on gas. You can choose between either a single or double model. The robust design makes them suitable for intensive daily use. The stainless steel housing and cast iron burners are proof of this.

What should you look for when buying a wok cooker?

First decide whether you want an electric wok cooker or a gas wok cooker. Choose a model with a double burner if you know you need extra capacity. You should also consider the size of your wok pans as they need to fit side by side on the gas burners. For cooking on the induction wok cooker, you need an induction pan, of course. If you are looking for a professional wok cooker to fit into your cooking line, then any of the gas models should suit.

What are the benefits of cooking on a wok?

Wok cooking, also known as stir-fry, takes place at a high temperature. As a result, any moisture that is released evaporates immediately and the flavours from your ingredients will not be lost. The preparation time is much shorter than when cooking with a normal pan. Vegetables are cooked quickly and retain their nutrients. So it’s healthy too!

With wok cooking, you can create many dishes because almost all types of meat, fish and vegetables are suitable for a wok dish. Sauces and herbs can also be fried together. This is not only very tasty, but has the practical advantage that you only need to use one pan for your entire dish. And if you want to cut down on cooking time even more, a vegetable slicer can help!

Is a wok cooker suitable for my business?

Cooking on a wok is one of the fastest and healthiest cooking methods. Wok burners are not only found in Asian restaurants, but have now made their way into almost any kitchen in any restaurant, cafe or brasserie. It has the great advantage that you can make complete dishes with a single wok, leaving your stove top free for other dishes.

Your freshly made stir-fries can be kept warm with the many types of warming devices in our webshop. These include electric chafing dishes , bain marie sets or heating lamps .

Is a wok cooker easy to clean?

Maxima wok cookers have a robust and practical design. The housing has a smooth stainless steel finish and can simply be wiped down with a cloth. The cooking rings can be removed for easy cleaning.

Any food residue will end up in the drip tray underneath so make sure to empty this. Then you can enjoy your Maxima wok cooker for a long time and always start every meal with a clean and hygienic machine.

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