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Glass and Cutlery Polisher

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Glass Polisher - 5 Brushes - 300 Glasses/Hour
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Glass Polisher - 8 Brushes - 600 Glasses/Hour
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Cutlery Polisher - 3 000 Pieces/h - Tabletop Model
€3,593.69 €2,969.99 €2,413.94 €1,994.99
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Cutlery Polisher - 7 000 Pieces/h - Floor Model
€4,682.68 €3,869.98 €3,466.64 €2,864.99
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Shining cutlery and glistening glasses are often the first thing a customer sees in your restaurant. They can really help you make a great first impression. Now, there's no need to spend hours and hours polishing everything by hand. Using these glass and cutlery polishers, you can make sure your serving utensils and drinking glasses are sparkling again in no time. These machine can process hundreds of glasses and cutlery sets per hour. Even the dullest glasses, knives, forks and spoons look brand new again. 

There's nothing better than sitting down as a guest in a restaurant and seeing that the glasses and cutlery are not only clean, but also sparkling. It can have a huge affect on the entire dining experience and really adds that extra touch that makes you stand out. Make sure you're always making a good first impression with glassware and cutlery that attracts all the right attention by using a glass or cutlery polisher - or even both!

What is a glass polisher?

Do you spend time every day drying and polishing glasses by hand with a towel? There is a much easier way to do this. A glass polisher does this with a lot more efficiency and doesn't leave you tired from all the manual labour. It frees you up to do other, more uregent tasks around the kitchen. 

Thanks to the rotating brushes on the machine, limescale stains, residual drips and dull spots are polished up in no time at all. Even deep-bottomed glasses can look like new again. 

How does a glass polishing machine work?

A glass polishing machine has several upright brushes that rotate automatically at the push of a button. Slide the glass you want to polish over the centre brush. This brush polishes the inside, including the bottom of the glass. Other brushes have been placed around the centre brush and these polish the exterior of the glass. On either side are air blowers that work to dry the glass and keep the brushes dry for each use. 

The glass polishers come in both single and double models. The single model has five brushes, one in the middle and four around it. The double model has eight brushes, two in the middle and six around it. This means that the double glass polisher lets you polish two glasses at a time.

How does a cutlery polishing machine work?

A cutlery polishing machine helps to quickly polish and disinfect a lot of cutlery.

First, polishing granules need to be added to the machine. Then, the machine is turned on for 20 minutes so that it can heat up. After that, cutlery items can be inserted at the opening on top.

As the machine vibrates, the cutlery moves through the granules, which polishes and removes any water marks. Together with the UV lamp, it ensures that the cutlery is both clean and disinfected. Limescale residue, dust, rust and bacteria  all make way for a shiny result.

It is a good idea to place a container or bucket in front of the opening to catch the cutlery as it is ejected from the machine.

Is a polisher suitable for my business?

Whether you call it polishing, buffing or shining, it all boils down to a time-consuming job that needs to be done, even though there is rarely enough time for it.

A polisher or polishing machine is one of those investments that easily pays for itself in several ways.  Dull and dirty glassware can cost you customers. It also takes a lot of time to polish glasses by hand. Professional kitchens can't afford to have employees spending hours doing time-consuming labour, when there are so many other chores that need to be done.

Since every restaurant, hotel and other catering business is always going to have to wash their servingware frequently, there's no way to get away from the task of polishing everything. Why not make it as easy as possible? 

Additional tips for keeping dull glasses shiny

A clear and sparkling glass starts with the washing up. Using a commercial dishwasher lays the foundation for beautifully clear glasses and glistening dishes. It might be worthwhile to explore investing in a professional glass or dishwasher . Not only do these machines only take two minutes to finish, they are also much more effective and water-efficient than a home dishwasher. 

You can also enjoy your glasses, cutlery and dishwasher more when using a water softener. A water softener filters tap water to reduce the chance of limescale. The dishes not only come out of the dishwasher much shinier, but it also prevents limescale deposits in your dishwasher. So a water softener is also a good way to keep your machine in good condition.

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