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Glass Washers

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As anyone in the catering industry knows, glasses and dishes must be cleaned quickly so they can be used again without delay. This is where glass washers come in – they can get your glasses sparkling clean in a matter of minutes.

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As anyone in the catering industry knows, glasses and dishes must be cleaned quickly so they can be used again without delay. This is where glass washers come in – they can get your glasses sparkling clean in a matter of minutes.

What are the advantages of a professional glass washer?

There are several advantages to using a professional glass washer in your catering business. They are designed to rinse your glasses, and even a small number of dishes, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Gone are the days when you have to wash each item by hand, a task that's not only tedious, but also time consuming.

In busy commercial kitchens, a glass washer can save you a lot of time. Glass washers, such as those used in bars and restaurants, have a much shorter run time than home models. For example, these machines from Maxima all work in under two minutes so your glasses can be cleaned and dried in no time at all, ready for use again.

What advantages does a Maxima glass washer offer?

As well as being designed to clean glasses quickly, Maxima's glass washers also have other features that make them ideal for use in professional kitchens, such as a very low water consumption. This can help you keep overhead costs down, while still offering you glassware that is clean and hygienic.

Because of their front loading design, they also fit easily into most professional kitchens. However, due to their compact size, that are especially useful in smaller catering establishments, or if you only need to rinse glassware.

Lastly, these are very quiet machines so they don't add extra noise to an already bustling kitchen.

What other kinds of dishwashers are available?

Something every professional kitchen has to deal with is an abundance of glasses or dishes that always need to be cleaned quickly. However, not all items benefit from the same dishwasher, which is why Maxima offers a few different kinds of dishwashers. Aside for the glass washer, there are also:

Undercounter dishwashers: for an average amounts of dishes

Do you have a lot of dishes in use in your kitchen all the time? Then you need a versatile appliance like an industrial front-loading dishwasher that sits under the counter. It's suitable not only for glassware, but also plates, cutlery, cups, saucers, utensils and pans. Within two minutes, these undercounter dishwashers finish the job and you're back in business serving up delicious meals for your guests. Models are available for 40 x 40cm baskets and 50 x 50cm baskets.

Pass through dishwashers: for large volumes of dishes

The pass through dishwasher is usually found in bigger catering establishments. To assist working in an orderly fashion, you can easily connect this machine to the stainless steel dishwasher tables and give your dishes a pre-rinse shower. The tables are also useful for storing additional baskets.

Utensil washers: for large pots and pans

The utensil washer is for big jobs. Thanks to its large volume, it can clean the bigger catering sized pots and pans that don't fit in a standard sized dishwasher. You can put anything in it: large bowls, GN trays, kitchen utensils, or even bakery or butcher's tools. These washers are sometimes also called tool washers or pan washers.

How do you clean a catering glass washer?

The construction for these glass washers are made from stainless steel, while the wash arms and dirt filter are made from ABS so all parts are easy to clean.

To clean the interior, simply remove any build-up of dirt and food debris from the filters and wash arms. The door seal should also be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

Another way to make sure your machine stays clean is to install a water softner . This appliance helps keep the water hardness levels low in order to prevent limescale build up in your machines.

Every catering business and professional kitchen is different. The choice of professional dishwashers depend largely on the type of kitchen you have. The specialists of Maxima can advise you on how to choose the one that suits your situation best.