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Pass Through Dishwashers

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Pass Through Dishwasher - 50x60cm - With Rinse Aid and Soap Pumps - 400V
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Pass Through Dishwasher - 50x50cm - With Drain, Rinse Aid and Soap Pumps - 400V
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For catering establishments that are handling large numbers of guests, a pass through dishwasher is an essential tool in making sure you have enough clean plates to serve your meals on. With its large capacity and quick turnaround time, you can be sure your guests will always have clean crockery to use.

What are the advantages of a pass through dishwasher?

For big catering establishments that need to clean large quantities of dirty dishes quickly and efficiently, a pass through dishwasher is an absolute asset to have on hand. It offers the ability to pass large amounts of dishes through the machine and have them come out sparkling clean on the other side so you can serve your guests on plates that are clean and hygienic in no time at all.

In addition, after each wash cycle the pass through dishwasher rinses the cutlery, plates, cups, glasses and other crockery with very hot water in order to help them dry quicker. This means that you can save no only labour of washing and drying each and every glass and dish, but also the time it takes to do so.

And it's all done without making too much noise, which is perfect for busy catering environments where there is already a lot of hustle and bustle. So if you're looking for a top quality appliance that can handle big loads effortlessly, the pass through dishwasher is the ideal choice.

What are the key features of a pass through dishwasher?

  • Includes baskets for glassware, plates and cutlery to keep the process smooth
  • It is a powerful dishwasher, specifically for use in larger catering kitchens
  • It can be installed in a corner or as part of an in-line installation
  • Quiet dishwasher, ideal for busy kitchens

What other kinds of dishwashers are there?

Something every professional kitchen has to deal with is an abundance of glasses or dishes that always need to be cleaned quickly. However, not all items benefit from the same dishwasher, which is why Maxima offers a few different kinds of dishwashers. Aside for the pass through dishwasher, there are also:

Undercounter dishwashers: for an average amounts of dishes

Do you have a lot of dishes in use all the time? Then you need an appliance like an industrial front-loading dishwasher that sits under the counter. It's suitable for glassware, as well as plates, cutlery and utensils. Within two minutes, these undercounter dishwashers finish the job and you're back in business serving up delicious meals for your guests.

Utensil washers: for large pots and pans

The utensil washer is for big jobs. Thanks to its large volume, it can clean the bigger catering sized pots and pans that don't fit in a standard sized dishwasher. You can put anything in it: large bowls, GN trays, kitchen utensils, or even bakery or butcher's tools. These washers are sometimes also called tool washers or pan washers.

Glass washers: for glassware and small amounts of dishes

There are several advantages to using a professional glass washer in your catering business. They are designed to rinse your glasses, and even a small number of dishes, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Gone are the days when you have to wash each item by hand, a task that's not only tedious, but also time consuming.

How do I clean a pass through dishwasher?

Our pass through dishwashers are made from stainless steel, which is known for being a hygienic and easy to clean material. The smooth surfaces can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth. The wash arms on the inside are made of special ABS and can also be cleaned with a cloth and bit of water. Follow the steps below to keep it clean and fresh.

  1. First, remove any food residue with a damp cloth.
  2. Use warm water and a little bit of soap for the dishwasher and the tap.
  3. Make sure to clean the outside and the handle of the dishwasher.
  4. Empty the dishwasher's filter and rinse it under a tap before reassembling it.
  5. Turn on the empty dishwasher and use a descaling agent and a special cleaning agent to clean the inside.

Another way to make sure your machine stays clean is to install a water softner . This helps lower the water hardness levels and stops limescale from building up and decreasing your dishwasher's performance.