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Tray Sealer - Small - Various Moulds Available
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1/4 GN Tray 263 x 161 mm - Medium - 1 Compartment
€943.79 €779.99 €214.09 €176.93
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Vacuum Pack Machine - 26cm Seal - W28 x D38,5cm x H9 Chamber
€1,113.19 €919.99 €1,070.84 €884.99
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€346.57 €286.42
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Vacuum Pack Machine - 29cm Seal - W35 x D30 x H11cm Chamber
€1,197.89 €989.99 €846.99 €699.99
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€6,860.69 €5,669.99
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Vacuum Sealer - 40,5cm Seal
€520.29 €429.99 €482.78 €398.99
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Good packaging is essential for ensuring the shelf life of your food is as long as possible. Packaging machines may not seem like an essential for your hotel, restaurant or catering business, but they can offer huge benefits when it comes to keeping food fresh. They can extend your products' shelf life by up to five times. Explore our webshop for top-quality vacuum pack machines and top sealers.

At Maxima, we understand that every hotel, restaurant and other professional kitchen has unique food packaging needs. We offer a professional range of food packaging machines, including tray sealers, vacuum pack machines and vacuum sealers.

Whether you're looking to preserve the flavour and nutritional value of your dishes, prevent spills during delivery or maintain a neater, more structured storage space, there is a sealing machine for food packaging that's right for your business. 

Why do you need to package food properly in your catering establishment?

Packing your products in the right way quickly prevents them from drying out and preserves not just the flavour, but also the nutritional value. Every hotel, restaurant and other professional kitchen can benefit from a commercial vacuum pack machine.

In addition, using a packaging machine also ensures more tidiness and structure in your fridge and freezer. It makes it easy to store exact portions so that you can see precisely how much you have frozen.

Packing neatly also saves space in your fridge. Leaving everything in cardboard packaging is not always ideal as it does not seal well, is often half full and the cardboard absorbs moisture. This can affect the longevity of the product.

By utilising a packing machine, you can significantly enhance efficiency and maximise your storage space.

What professional food packaging machines does Maxima offer?

Considering how important packing food properly is, Maxima has multiple food packing machines in different types and sizes to suit your kitchen’s needs. Foodstuffs come in liquid or solid form and the size and quantities will determine what type of packaging machine is best for your catering establishment.

Maxima offers a range of tray sealers (also known as top sealers), vacuum pack machines and vacuum sealers. 

What is a tray sealer?

A tray sealer (or topsealer) is a tabletop packaging machine that can be used to pack preformed trays and containers, so they are leak-free. Tray sealers are ideal for catering companies, delivery services, hotels and restaurants, butcher shops and supermarkets. Thanks to the airtight packaging, meals for delivery arrive at their destination without spillage. Prepared meals stay fresh in the refrigerator and the shelves in the shop look neat.

What is a vacuum pack machine?

A vacuum pack machine is used to pack food in an airtight manner. The packaging is then firmly sealed. You will often find these in larger restaurants, especially ones that specialise in meat dishes. Buying meat in bulk and then portioning it is a great way to keep costs down.

You can also add a marinade or other herbs and spices to the package before sealing it so the flavours are enhanced. These machines can range in size from countertop to freestanding, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

What is a vacuum sealer?

A vacuum sealer is a tabletop vacuum machine that doesn’t have a vacuum chamber. You use it to seal food airtight by using sealer rolls or vacuum bags that you place on the sealing bar. The package is vacuumed and then sealed. Because this machine is more compact, it's suited to use in almost any professional kitchen. 

What are the advantages of vacuum packing in a professional kitchen?

In a professional kitchen, efficient food packaging is essential for maintaining the quality and hygiene of food. This is where a good food packaging machine comes in handy. Sealing machines for food packaging are designed to vacuum-pack food items, extending their shelf-life and enhancing the taste.

These machines are quick, adjustable and very easy to use, which makes them an essential part of any professional kitchen. By vacuum packing food, chefs can save space, reduce food waste, and create more hygienic and organised storage. A good food packaging machine can also help in maintaining the texture, colour and freshness of food while keeping it free from bacteria and odours.

It's also worth noting that vacuum packing is the first step in sous vide cooking, a popular technique among professional chefs. 

One of the biggest advantages is that you can keep food up to five times longer. Throwing away food is wasteful, as is buying a new stock that’s not needed. Packing also takes very little time: the vacuum time, sealing time and temperature are not only quick but also entirely adjustable, so you are in charge of the process.

Vacuuming also prevents freezer burn. Freezer burn can be recognised by 'snowflakes' of ice on the product and dried-out spots on frozen meat. Bread and vegetables are also prone to it if not packed correctly. Freezer burn occurs when air can get to the frozen food. By vacuuming and packing your products before freezing, items like bread, meat, ice cream and vegetables stay fresh and also look more appealing.

When you vacuum pack your food, you create smaller, more compact packages. This saves space in your fridge or freezer as you can store vacuumed bags neatly. Thanks to the transparency of the vacuum bags, you can also always see what you have frozen.

Which foods benefit from a professional vacuum machine?

A professional vacuum machine can benefit a wide range of foods and dishes, particularly those that require precise preservation and extended shelf-life. 

Raw or cooked meat and fish, especially sensitive varieties such as salmon or tuna, are ideal for vacuum sealing. The process can protect these products from bacterial growth and oxidation, which can lead to spoilage and flavour deterioration.

Fresh produce, particularly delicate fruits and vegetables, can also benefit from vacuum sealing. By blanching the items first, you can reduce their oxygen content and prevent enzymatic activity, extending their longevity and maintaining their colour and texture.

Dairy products like hard cheeses and butter can be preserved effectively using a professional vacuum sealer. By removing excess air, you can slow the oxidation process and reduce the growth of mould, giving these products a longer shelf-life and a fresher taste.

Other food items, such as bread, pasta and dry goods, as well as liquids like soups, sauces, and oils can also benefit from vacuum sealing. By removing the air and excess moisture, you can prevent mould growth and maintain the original flavour and texture of the food.

What should you look for when buying a professional food packaging machine?

When buying a food packaging machine for a professional kitchen, there are several key specifications to look for. Firstly, consider the sealing technology used. Do you need a machine that uses heat sealing, vacuum sealing or a combination of both?

Next, think about the types of products you will be packaging. Some machines may be better suited to packaging liquids, while others are better for solids or powders.

It's also important to consider the speed of the machine, as well as its capacity for producing larger volumes of packaging. Look for machines with easy-to-use controls and effective safety features.

Finally, make sure the machine meets your specific food packaging needs while also fitting within your budget. Overall, purchasing a reliable and efficient food packaging machine is essential for any professional kitchen looking to streamline its operations and ensure the quality of its products.

Maxima's refurbished equipment

Even though all our machines are priced competitively, we also offer refurbished items for sale at a reduced price. These machines may have been demo models or returns, which are usually sent back as a precaution when the packaging has been slightly damaged during transport.

You can get used food packaging equipment that has been thoroughly tested by our technical department at an even lower price. Browse our Refurbished section to find your new second-hand food packaging machine today.