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Vacuum Pack Machine - 25,4cm Seal - W31,5 x D3 x H26,1cm Chamber - for Liquids
PLN 5,197.51 PLN 4,295.46 PLN 1,803.35 PLN 1,490.37
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Vacuum Pack Machine - 26cm Seal - W28 x D38,5cm x H9 Chamber
PLN 7,245.03 PLN 5,987.63 PLN 4,646.25 PLN 3,839.88
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Vacuum Pack Machine - 30cm Seal - W32 x D37cm x H18,5 Chamber
PLN 8,662.56 PLN 7,159.14 PLN 5,740.89 PLN 4,744.54
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Vacuum Pack Machine - 44cm Seal - W22 x D46 x H46cm Chamber
PLN 11,655.10 PLN 9,632.31 PLN 8,505.05 PLN 7,028.97
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Vacuum Pack Machine - 50cm Seal - W52 x D54 x H20cm Chamber
PLN 17,167.61 PLN 14,188.11 PLN 11,166.84 PLN 9,228.79
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Vacuum Pack Machine - 40cm Seal - W42 x D44 x H20cm Chamber
PLN 11,576.34 PLN 9,567.22 PLN 7,796.30 PLN 6,443.22
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Vacuum Pack Machine - 70cm Seal - W72 x D61 x H21,5cm Chamber
PLN 24,806.45 PLN 20,501.20 PLN 22,286.42 PLN 18,418.53
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Vacuum Pack Machine - 60cm Seal - W76 x D60 x H16cm Double Chamber
PLN 44,730.51 PLN 36,967.36 PLN 40,241.70 PLN 33,257.60
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PLN 78.38 PLN 64.78
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PLN 101.95 PLN 84.26
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PLN 243.75 PLN 201.45
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PLN 188.58 PLN 155.85
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Vacuum Pack Machine - 29cm Seal - W35 x D30 x H11cm Chamber
PLN 7,796.30 PLN 6,443.22 PLN 5,512.52 PLN 4,555.80
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Food should be packed in a professional manner, not just to look good but also for food safety. With a vacuum pack machine, food really does stay fresher longer than when packed in a sandwich bag or aluminium foil. You not only save yourself from discarding spoiled stock, but also on space in your fridge or freezer.

What is a vacuum pack machine?

A vacuum pack machine is used to package food in an airtight manner. The package is sealed shut, which ensures that the packaged product has a shelf life up to five times longer than with other packaging.

What advantages does vacuum packaging have?

Packaging takes very little time. The vacuum time, sealing time, temperature and cooling time are all fully adjustable. The biggest advantage is that you can keep food up to five times longer. Throwing away food that has spoiled because it wasn’t stored correctly is a waste of money. You also have to buy new stock.

Vacuuming also prevents freezer burn. You can recognize freezer burn by the snowflake crystals on ice cream, or the dried-out spots on frozen meat products. Bread and vegetables are also susceptible to it. Freezer burn occurs when air can get to the frozen food. Vacuum freezing your produce keeps your bread, meat, ice cream and vegetables fresher for longer, and it keeps them looking better too.

When vacuuming, you create compact packets of your food. This helps saves space in the refrigerator or freezer because you can store vacuum bags neatly. Thanks to the transparent vacuum bags you can always see what you have frozen.

What vacuum pack machines are there?

A packaging machine should have a home in almost any catering establishment. That is why Maxima has them in different sizes, to suit various needs. There are compact tabletop models, floor models, ones on wheels and even a packaging machine with double chamber for larger quantities.

In addition to vacuum pack machines, Maxima also has tray sealers in all shapes and sizes. These are perfect for the leak-free packaging of food into pre-formed trays and containers. Tray sealers are ideal for catering companies, hotels and restaurants, butcher shops and supermarkets.

Finally, in the vacuum packaging category, there are vacuum sealers . These are vacuum pack machines without a chamber. Here, you use sealer rolls or vacuum bags to store your food.

What foods can you use a vacuum pack machine for?

You can vacuum pack a lot of different types of food. This doesn't only have to be food that you keep in the freezer, but also many products that you can keep in the refrigerator or pantry, such as spices or baking goods. For vegetables, the advice is to blanch them first before packing them. The following foods, among others, are suitable for vacuum packing:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • hard cheeses
  • meat and fish
  • bread and pasta
  • liquids like soups, sauces and oils
  • flour, sugar and other dry ingredients

How do you use a vacuum pack machine?

First, choose a vacuum bag that’s the right size for your machine and the food you want to pack. Put the product in the bag and set the vacuuming time and temperature. Then place the bag in the open area of the machine. Make sure that you place the vacuum bag with the opening on the sealing bar. Leave about five centimetres free between the opening of the bag and the contents to get a good seal.

After closing the lid, the bag of food is now vacuum sucked and automatically sealed airtight through a heating process. As soon as you hear a tone, you can remove the bag from the machine and check the seal. The bag is properly sealed when the seal is even and transparent.

Does a vacuum pack machine require maintenance?

For machines that come with an oil pump, it’s important to check the oil level weekly and top it up as needed. At least twice a year you should change the oil completely. The oil is included in the service package as standard. In the case of a vacuum pack machine without an oil pump, this obviously does not apply.

Regularly check that the seal strip is clean and intact in order to seal properly. To clean the machine, a damp cloth with a mild detergent is sufficient. After cleaning, dry everything thoroughly again.

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