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A vacuum sealer is the perfect solution for preserving food products like meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. By packing food ingredients in this professional way, your products have a much longer shelf life and your refrigerator is neater and tidier.

What is a vacuum sealer?

A vacuum sealer is a tabletop vacuum machine without a vacuum chamber. For this, you use sealer rolls or vacuum bags that you place on the sealing bar. The machine is used for the airtight packing of food. The packaging is vacuumed and then sealed. This ensures that the packaged product can be kept up to five times longer than other types of packaging.

Which foods can be packed with a food sealer machine?

Many types of food can be stored in a vacuum. This doesn't have to be the food you keep in the freezer, but also many products for the fridge or pantry. For vegetables, the advice is to blanch them first to preserve them better.

The following foods are also suitable for a vacuum machine:

  • bread and pasta
  • flour, sugar and other dry ingredients
  • fruits
  • hard cheeses
  • vegetables
  • meat and fish
  • liquids like soups, sauces and oils

What are the benefits of vacuum sealing?

Packing and sealing take very little time. The vacuum time, sealing time and temperature are all fully adjustable. The biggest advantage is that you extend the shelf life of your food items and avoid unnecessary food waste.

Vacuuming also prevents freezer burn on your food. You can recognise freezer burn by the small snowflake crystals that develop on your ice cream, or the dried-out spots on frozen meat. Bread and vegetables are also sensitive to it. Freezer burn occurs when air can get to the frozen food. By vacuum-freezing your food products, your bread, meat, ice cream and vegetables will stay fresh.

Vacuum sealing also creates more compact packages of food which saves you space in the fridge or freezer. They can be stored neatly and thanks to the transparent vacuum bags, you can always see what you have frozen.

How does a professional vacuum sealer work?

When using a vacuum sealer, place the open side of the bag over the sealing bar. Close the lid and press the Seal button. Check carefully that the sealing strip is complete, transparent and tight. If not, cut it off and put the foil back in the machine.

If you work with vacuum bags, make sure there is enough space between the contents of the bag and the opening, about five centimetres. To start the vacuum process place the bag with the opening on the sealing bar and close the lid. Click on the Start button to start the vacuum process. You will hear a sound when the bag is vacuum-packed and air-sealed. Always check that the top is properly closed.

When packing soft products, use the pulse function. This is the best way to dose the vacuum.