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Churros Machine - 3L - 4 Churros Shapes - 2 Speeds
€381.14 €314.99
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Churros Machine - 5L - 4 Churros Shapes - 2 Speeds
€453.74 €374.99
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Churros Machine - 7L - 4 Churros Shapes - 2 Speeds
€526.34 €434.99
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Churros Machine - 10L - 4 Churros Shapes - 2 Speeds
€635.24 €524.99
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Churros Machine - 12L - 4 Churros Shapes - 2 Speeds
€725.99 €599.99
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Churros Machine - 15L - 4 Churros Shapes - 2 Speeds
€689.69 €569.99
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Churros Filling Machine - 5L - Stainless Steel - Manual Operation
€1,161.59 €959.99
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Simplicity and efficiency are extremely important in every kitchen. Maxima Kitchen Equipment makes it easier to bake churros with a special churros machine. These devices are available in different models, with capacities ranging from 3 litres up to and including 15 litres.

What is a churros machine?

Anyone who regularly serves churros can make food preparation a lot easier with a churros machine. A churros machine is of course used for making churros: a Spanish snack made of fried dough that is dipped in cinnamon sugar. Churros have a typical shape; they are long and have the shape of a star. This allows you to bake them evenly and they have a crunchy exterior. A churros machine is a tool to create this distinctive shape. The machine presses the dough through a special attachment that makes the churros star-shaped. Then the snacks are ready to be deep-fried and sugared.

What is the advantage of a churros machine?

When you make churros by hand, you will have noticed that it is difficult to make straight and even churros. Each churro looks slightly different from the others and may have imperfect edges. With a churros machine, these problems are a thing of the past. This machine gives you an even shape to each churro and you make the snacks so that they will all cook for the same length of time. What's more, you can work much faster if you use a churros machine. You can make the snacks in an automated way and then put them directly into the deep-fat fryer. Before you know it, you'll have a fresh batch of churros ready to serve.

What different churros machines are available?

If you want to buy a churros machine, it is especially important to take into account the capacity of the machine. This is because these devices are available in all kinds of different variations. The larger the contents of the reservoir, the more churros you can make in one session. The smallest model has a capacity of three litres. This model is very handy and takes up very little space. If you need to make a lot of churros in a short space of time, then it is wise to use a larger model, which can have a capacity of twelve or fifteen litres. Bear in mind that larger models of the machine also take up more space in the kitchen.

How does a churros machine work?

Each churros machine has a large reservoir in which you can place the dough for the churros. The machine also has an output. Here the dough comes out of the machine in long strings. You can adjust the shape of the churros using different attachments and you can decide how wide the snacks will be, and which star shape the churros will take. Once you've installed the device correctly, it's time to get started. You can do this by rotating the machine's lever. This lowers the pressure plate into the reservoir and then the churros are pushed out of the machine. Cut the churros to the desired size and they're ready to be fried.

How to clean a churros machine?

Because a churros machine is made entirely of stainless steel, it's incredibly easy to clean. The output portion of the device can be removed all in one go. These parts can therefore easily be put in the dishwasher. The rest of the appliance can be cleaned by using water and a special stainless steel cleaner. Remove the inside of the reservoir and don’t forget to clean the pressure plate. The outside of the machine is easy to clean; wipe it down with water and stainless steel cleaner. After cleaning, re-assemble and store your machine.

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