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Dough Roller - Ø30cm - Single Roller
€1,560.89 €1,289.99 €1,170.66 €967.49
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Fondant Roller - Ø30cm - Single Roller - Adjustable Thickness
€1,560.89 €1,289.99 €1,197.89 €989.99
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Dough Roller - Ø45cm - Single Roller
€1,849.49 €1,528.50 €1,559.07 €1,288.49
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Fondant Roller - Ø45cm - Single Roller - Adjustable Thickness
€1,922.09 €1,588.50
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Dough Roller - Ø30cm - Double Roller
€2,121.74 €1,753.50 €1,542.74 €1,274.99
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Dough Roller - Ø40cm - Double Roller
€2,357.69 €1,948.50 €1,753.28 €1,448.99
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Dough Roller - Ø40cm - Automatic - Built-in Timer
€2,502.89 €2,068.50 €1,851.29 €1,529.99
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Dough Sheeter - 38cm - Tabletop
€5,388.74 €4,453.50 €4,410.43 €3,644.98
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Dough Sheeter - 38cm - Floor Model - Foldable
€6,477.74 €5,353.50 €5,263.48 €4,349.98
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Dough Sheeter - 52cm - Tabletop
€6,931.49 €5,728.50 €4,410.43 €3,644.98
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Dough Sheeter - 52cm - Floor Model - Foldable
€7,621.19 €6,298.50 €5,263.48 €4,349.98
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Rolling out dough requires plenty of muscles. An automated dough roller can make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. A professional dough rolling machine is the easiest way to roll out the perfect pizza bases and dough for cakes every time. Need to roll out pasta or fondant? Maxima has dough rollers for every occasion.

What is a dough roller?

When making pizza, pasta, cake or even bread, you could always do with a little extra help rolling out the dough. An electric dough roller takes over the heavy work from you, saving you time and effort. With a dough rolling machine, the dough moves over one or two rollers while you control the machine with a foot pedal. The diameter and thickness of the dough are adjustable so you always get the perfect pizza base, exactly how you need it.

Dough and fondant rollers are designed in such a way that the appliance does not heat up the dough and affect it and, thanks to a safety switch and protective cover, you know you’re always working safely.

What types of dough rollers are there?

Maxima has electric dough rollers with one or two rolling pins. We call these either a single or double dough roller. A single dough roller is handy if you want pieces of dough that come out straight, and the double dough roller is used to make round shapes, for example, for a pie or pizza base.

There are also automatic dough rollers, or ones that can be manually operated. Automatic dough rollers have a sensor so the machine starts rolling as soon as you put dough in the machine. A manual model is mostly operated with a foot pedal, so you have your hands free.

Lastly, there are professional dough rolling machines with a conveyor belt. This conveyor belt is for supplying and removing the dough. These types of dough rolling machines are ideal for large pieces of dough. Maxima has these machines in both a table and floor model. With both machines, the conveyor belt also can be folded away, so that you have some additional space available in your kitchen when you are not using it.

How do you use a dough roller?

An electric dough roller makes rolling out dough quicker and easier. Before you begin, it's best to sprinkle the dough with a little bit of flour. This prevents it from sticking to the roller and results in a neater product. Then, it’s important to adjust the roller properly.

First determine how thick the dough should be when rolled out and adjust this using the rotary button on the side. Switch on the machine with the foot pedal, or let the dough pass through the roller automatically if you have a model with a sensor on it. Catch the dough at the bottom and you're done.

What should you look for when buying a dough or fondant roller?

When you're looking for a dough or fondant roller, it's important to decide what you're going to use it for. Do you want to roll out pizza dough, or will you use it for rolling out fondant? There are special rollers available for both types, with a slightly different structure, so it’s important to buy the right kind for your specific need.

But it’s not only the type of dough you use that will determines your choice when you want to buy a dough roller. The size of the dough pieces also plays an important role. The size of the machine corresponds to the dough slices that come out of it so if you want to make pizza with a diameter of 40cm, you should choose a dough roller that size. Also check what thickness of dough you need for your pasta and see if your dough roller can handle that specific thickness.

There are also other kitchen appliances that can help you make the perfect dough. Our dough kneaders will be happy to take over the kneading for you. Maxima also has dough mixers with a capacity that can handle up to 130 litres of dough! Have you finished rolling your pizza dough? Then bake it in one of our professional pizza ovens.

How do you clean a dough roller?

Hygiene is always very important in food preparation. That’s why it’s a good idea to clean your dough rolling machine regularly. First, remove the plug from the machine. Then you can disassemble the various parts of the machine and wipe these down. Use a dry cloth for this. Do not use water as this can cause flour remnants to stick to the machine during the next use. Take each roller out of the machine and wipe it well. Do not forget the back and the casing of the dough roller.

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