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Food Processor - 6L
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Food Processor - 9L
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Food Processor - 20L
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Food Processor - 30L
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Food Processor - 50L
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Food Processor - 70L
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The Maxima food processor makes short work of all the chopping needs in a professional kitchen. There is nothing this appliance can’t handle. The powerful motor and stainless steel blade work beautifully on any ingredient, from meat, fish and vegetables to fruit, cheese, nuts or chocolate. This helpful all-rounder will take a lot of work off your hands!

What do you use a food processor for?

It's no coincidence that our food processor is known by several terms: a cutter, chopper, food processor or slicer. These are all names that suit it equally well. This powerful all-rounder takes a lot of manual work off your hands. Cutting and mixing meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, cheese, nuts or chocolate by hand can be a lot of messy work. How much more efficient is it when you can do it all with one machine?

The removable bowl contains rotating blades of which you can set the rotation speed yourself from 1100 to 2800 rotations per minute. You can even use it to cut through meat, hard nuts and uncooked vegetables. It goes without saying that with this machine you can make the perfect preparations for dishes such as pesto, tapenade, sauces, herb mixes and dressings. Want to make a tasty filling for a meat or pasta dish? With this machine you can create whatever texture you require.

How do I use a food processor?

Our food processor is easy to operate, although you need to handle it safely. Place your ingredients in the large stainless steel bowl. Then put the lid on the device. You do this using the two safety latches next to the bowl. As an extra security measure, place the lever on top of the lid. This way you can be sure that the lid stays in place and the ingredients stay in the bowl. Only add new ingredients when the machine is not switched on.

Thanks to the transparent lid, there is an excellent view of what is happening in the bowl. The handy opening in the lid means you never have to come into contact with the blades. When the ingredients are sufficiently chopped, turn the appliance off before emptying the bowl.

What should you look for when buying a food processor?

The most important thing you should look for is the capacity. What foods or dishes will you use it for? How much do you need to be able to cut in one go? Each food processor has its own capacity.

The most compact model has a bowl of six litres. A larger capacity may be more convenient, but it also takes up more space. Larger kitchen machines often have a higher wattage. You then have an even more powerful motor, which can cut tough ingredients more easily. Finally, it is good to know that the Maxima food processors stand on sturdy rubber feet so you can work safely on almost any surface.

How to clean a food processor?

Hygiene is very important when you are preparing food. All Maxima food processors are made from stainless steel. Thanks to the smooth surface, food residue can easily be removed and nothing is left behind. The machine is designed in such a way that all parts that come into contact with food can be taken apart. This allows for easy and thorough cleaning.

After use, unplug the appliance and remove the lid, the bowl and the blades. Wipe down the stainless steel housing with a slightly damp cloth. We recommend cleaning the bowl, lid, and blade with a mild detergent and rinsing with warm water. When all parts are completely dry again you can reassemble the food processor. This way you always start with a clean device.

What other food processing appliances does Maxima have?

Maxima also has a compact professional vegetable slicer, specifically for slicing vegetables. This handy tabletop appliance has a robust aluminium housing. It contains two feedthrough holes, one with a lever for large products and one with a pusher for small or longer products. This allows you to work quickly and efficiently. The vegetable slicer comes with five different slicing discs and graters for a variety of shapes and sizes In addition, there are many other attachments available for ordering that allow you to cut vegetables into all kinds of shapes. Grating, cubing, French fries or slicing are then all part of the options as well.

With a stainless steel tomato slicer from Maxima, you can cut perfect tomato slices of 4mm thick with one action. It would not be possible to do this so neatly and quickly by hand! You can also use the tomato cutter to slice lemon and kiwi.

To slice meat into paper-thin slices, we also have meat slicers in different sizes.

Are you looking for another specific device to prepare food? Thanks to our wide range of professional catering equipment, chances are we always have a suitable solution for you. Feel free to contact one of our specialists.

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