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Hamburger Press - 10cm Portioning Plate - Manual
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Hamburger Press - 13cm Portioning Plate - Manual
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Looking for hamburger patties that are firm, even and perfectly round? Look no further! With a hamburger press, your hamburgers stay together perfectly every time and are always consistent. The best burgers are made by you. And with a hamburger press, you can also make chicken burgers, vegetarian burgers or any others your mind can think of.

What is a hamburger press?

Making hamburgers is not difficult. The biggest challenge is getting the perfectly round shape. And to solve that problem, Maxima has the ideal solution to make the process even easier. A hamburger press has a reservoir in which you place minced meat, or ground beef, in, which you literally press the meat into a round shape in no time. With the same ease, you can use this helpful device to make fish burgers, chicken burgers or even veggie burgers! There are so many things you can do with it.

What are the benefits of using a hamburger press?

In any catering kitchen, time is precious. That's why it's always a good idea to invest in kitchen equipment that can help you reduce food preparation time. A hamburger press is an excellent example of this. You no longer spend lots of time trying to make a nice round shape. A hamburger press let you make exactly the same hamburger patty every time. So you always end up with the same diameter, thickness and perfectly round shape. You also know exactly how much meat you need to buy for the number of burgers you want to make. And that can help save costs and reduce waste.

The burgers you make with a hamburger press are also a lot firmer than those you make by hand. They are both flatter and more uniform in shape, which means they can cook faster on the grill. Better yet, because each burger is identical, you know exactly how long you need to grill each side. Lastly, they also just look more attractive than ones made by hand.

What different kinds hamburger presses are there and how do you use them?

How many hamburgers do you want to make? How big do you want your burgers to be? These are questions you need to ask yourself before investing in a hamburger press. There are two kinds of presses available:

  • Tabletop hamburger press
    This is a tabletop hamburger press where you place the meat in a ball on a hamburger sheet (portioning sheet) in the tray. You also place a hamburger sheet on top of your meat. Turn the handle and the press will push the meat down, taking the shape of the round tray. By using a hamburger sheet on both sides of the burger, you can easily remove the burgers from the press without any sticky residue. You can also easily stack them on top of each other without the burgers sticking together. A lever is used to pull down the press.

    This hamburger press is available in two models, either with a tray of Ø 10cm or Ø 13cm. Thanks to its four rubber feet, it remains firmly in place.
  • Vertical hamburger press
    These machines are for the big work. They have a cylinder (or "filling tube") to put the minced meat in. This is easy because you can tilt the cylinder towards you. Using a crank lever, you lower the pressure plate into the cylinder. This presses the minced meat into the cylinder and it finally ends up in a pressure set via a filling pipe. Thanks to the transparent plexiglass you can see when the hamburger mold is filled. Slide the pressure set to the left or right and press the hamburger out.

    Both the tabletop and vertical burger press work without electricity, so you can prepare hamburger patties almost anywhere in your kitchen.

Have you made enough hamburgers? Then it's time to grill them! For professional griddles and barbecues, Maxima has a wide range of appliances to suit all needs.

TIP: Seasoning a lot of meat by hand is a lot easier with a meat mixer.

How do you clean a hamburger press?

It goes without saying that you need to clean a hamburger press properly after use. The parts come into direct contact with raw meat or fish, so it’s important to keep the appliance clean and hygienic. Luckily, cleaning these hamburger presses is very easy. The individual parts are made from stainless steel and can be washed easily in the dishwasher.

Parts of the vertical hamburger press, such as the reservoir and the filler pipe, can be detached for easier cleaning. It is important to clean the pressure plate with disinfectant. Once all the parts are clean and dry again, you can put everything back together with the same ease.

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