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Meat Mincer - up to 120kg/h
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The best minced meat is, of course, homemade. Make your own minced meat spiced with your own special seasonings in no time at all, thanks to a powerful electric mincer from Maxima. It comes standard with several handy accessories – you can even fill sausages with it.

What do you use a meat mincer for?

If you want to use meat for sausages, hamburgers or stuffing, you must first grind it into mince. This is best done with a meat mincer. The meat mincer is also known as a meat grinder.

A meat mincer can also be used to grind up vegetables or even nuts. Because of this, an electric meat grinder is not only found in butchers’ shops – it is an indispensable appliance in any professional catering kitchen. After all, minced meat is not only used to make tasty meatballs. Many familiar foods such as hamburgers or croquettes, or dishes with minced meat fillings such as pies and pasties, are made faster using a mincer. Maxima’s mincers are also supplied with a sausage filler so that you can use them to make your own sausages.

Is a meat mincer suitable for my catering business?

Minced meat, or ground beef, is a hugely a versatile ingredient and can be used in many dishes. It is so much nicer when make it yourself! Whether you like to work with pork, beef, turkey or chicken, anything is possible.

Because not all types of minced meat are equally as easy to come by, a meat mincer also lets you easily make it yourself. You can then use your homemade minced in all sorts of ways. You can use it to make hamburgers, for example, but also as a tasty filling for a savoury pie. And by making the minced meat yourself, you know exactly what’s going into your food so you keep an eye on the quality and fat content. Maxima has mincers in different sizes, varying in capacity from 120kg meat per hour up to 320kg meat per hour.

How to use a meat mincer?

The mincers from Maxima have a large scale on which you can put pieces of meat. When grinding meat, it’s important to use meat with a higher fat content. To get the best texture, first cut the meat into smaller pieces and use meat that has just come from the refrigerator.

Then insert the disc with the size of holes you want to use. This determines the texture of the meat. After switching on the appliance, you can use the stopper to push the meat towards the small knives and disc plate. The blade of the mincer cuts the meat into small pieces. Collect the ground meat in a container or bowl. Now it’s ready to use in your dish.

If you want the minced meat even finer, you can put it through the mincer again. Each mincer comes standard with two different hole sizes. These have holes with a diameter of either six or eight millimetres. You can also purchase extra accessories if you want to grind the meat extra fine. In that case a disc with holes with a diameter of 3 millimetres is a good choice.

Two tips for preparing meat: mixing large quantities of meat and spices is super easy with a stainless steel meat mixer. And with a professional hamburger press you can turn this into perfectly round hamburgers in no time.

How do you clean a professional meat mincer?

When preparing food, it’s important to clean your appliances and kitchen utensils thoroughly after every use. When you use kitchen appliances to process meat, there are always leftover pieces. Don't wait too long to clean as the meat leftovers are easier to get rid of if they haven't dried out yet. Fortunately, cleaning meat mincer is very easy. You can remove the entire grinding section to facilitate this. The bowl, screw rings and spiral blade are all made from stainless steel, and the knives and discs are made from hardened steel. In principle you can just put them in the dishwasher, but first remove any the larger meat pieces. Before washing, you can also soak these parts in warm water with a bit of vinegar.

When all the parts are clean, you can reassemble them with the same ease. First make sure that everything is completely dry. The casing of the meat mincer is also made from stainless steel and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The most hygienic result is obtained by using lemon water or a vinegar and salt solution in warm water.

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