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Meat Tenderiser - 2 Rollers - 27 Blades - 12,5 x 2,5cm Input
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Meat Tenderiser - 2 Rollers - 37 Blades - 17,5 x 2,5cm Input
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The perfect, most succulent piece of meat is now always within reach! Thanks to a meat tenderiser, you can rest assured that each piece of meat in your store will cook to perfection – juicy and tender. It also helps herbs, spices and marinades penetrate deeper into the meat, adding extra flavour, and even shortening the cooking time.

What are the advantages to using a meat tenderiser?

A good piece of meat doesn't just arrive at the table, you need to put a lot of time and effort into it. First, you have to ensure the origin and quality of your meat, determine your method of storage and possibly figure out the best way to defrost it – and that’s not before you even start with the prep work. In that respect, a meat tenderiser is an often undervalued appliance for preparing meat. When you see the benefits it can offer, you’ll soon realise what a missed opportunity this is.

By making small cuts into the meat across the entire surface, you end up with a piece of meat that’s guaranteed to cook into a juicy and tender meal. This is because the cuts allow the meat to cook more evenly in the pan. This is not only good for the flavour, but it also improves the texture of the meat and reduces the cooking time. These slices also have a positive effect when marinating and seasoning meat. The herbs and sauces penetrate deeper and more easily into the meat so the flavours are retained longer during the cooking process.

A meat tenderiser is an efficient alternative to a meat mallet or a meat pick. The Maxima meat tenderiser has two rollers with dozens of blades. These tenderise the entire piece of meat using the same force. This is a lot less labour intensive than with other options.

Whether you are planning to prepare steak, or you want to marinade chicken, lamb or pork: the meat tenderiser is suitable for the preparation of many different kinds of meat.

How to use a meat tenderiser?

Thanks to the large base with suction cups, you can place the device firmly on your work surface. Cut the meat so that it fits through the passage. It has two rollers with dozens of small blades that you set in motion using a lever. With one hand you lower the piece of meat into the top of the opening and you will feel the rollers pull the meat into the device. Keep turning the handle until the meat has been through the device and comes out extra tender at the bottom. Place a tray or bowl under the appliance to catch the meat.

After this, it’s ready to grill, bake or broil! The tastiest cuts of meat come out best when using our professional griddles. Prefer to cook in the oven? The combi steam ovens combine the best of both worlds – baking and steaming.

Maxima has the meat tenderiser in various sizes. If you work mainly with large pieces of meat, then choose the model with the largest throughput. The number of blades on the rollers relates to the size of the meat tenderiser, so you get even cuts with each one.

For more appliances to help you further with meat processing, look in our webshop under the category of Food Processing for things like meat mincers, bone saws or meat mixers.

How do you clean a meat tenderiser?

It is important to clean the inside of the meat tenderiser after each use. You do this by opening the protective cover around the machine. Disassemble all the loose parts, including the rollers, the top cover and the shafts. Clean all these parts with a brush, warm water and cleaning products suitable for meat processing equipment. Do not use sharp objects or abrasive sponges when doing this as these can damage the meat tenderiser. Dry the parts well with a soft cloth and then carefully reassemble the unit.

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