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Potato Chip Cutter

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Potato Chip Cutter - Up to 1.500kg/h Output - Various Chip Sizes - Electric
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The best French fries are ones that have been freshly made. It's even better when you can do this yourself. The easiest way is by using an electric potato chip cutter that automatically slices them up in no time. Transform kilograms of potatoes into beautiful fries that are consistently sized every time.

What is an electric potato chip cutter?

With a potato chip cutter, you can cut potatoes into the shape needed to make French fries. When fries are on the menu, you need large quantities very quickly to make enough portions of fries to meet the demand. Because cutting fries by hand is a lot of work, restaurants often choose ready-made frozen fries out of convenience. And that's a shame because nothing beats fresh, homemade fries!

With an electric potato chip cutter, you can save time and a lot of the manual labour is reduced. You can quickly transform kilograms of potatoes into French fries of any size. An electric potato chip cutter does all the work automatically. All you have to do is put in peeled potatoes.

How does an electric potato chip cutter work?

The size of the knife block you use will determine the size of the French fries. There are various knife blocks available to choose from. This machine comes standard without a knife block, so you can select which size you want. These options are available through our webshop. The knife block is positioned right in front when you open the appliance, so changing it is very easy.

To start making fresh French fries, you will need potatoes. These need to be peeled before being placed into the potato chip cutter. A convenient way to peel your potatoes quickly and easily is to use a potato peeling machine . Not only does it remove the peel, but it also washes the potatoes for you.

Push the Start button to turn the machine on. The pressure disc automatically pushes the potatoes through the knife block and your fresh fries come out the front. You can collect these with a container, such as a GN container.

For the finishing touch, you should also invest in a professional deep fryer . We have a wide range of single and double-basket fryers in our range to suit any size of catering business. From compact tabletop models to high-capacity freestanding deep fryers, there's something for everyone.

What advantages does an electric potato chip cutter have?

  • Substantial time savings, thanks to the speedy operation
  • Consistent quality so you always get the same result
  • Efficient cutting of potatoes with minimal food waste
  • Manual labour is significantly reduced

How do you clean an electric potato chip cutter?

A potato chip cutter is an appliance that you will often use, so it is best if it can be cleaned easily. The drum and the knife block are both easy to remove. The drum can be cleaned by running water through it. This will rinse out any leftover potatoes.

After that, you can clean it with a sponge and mild detergent. Be sure to rinse it well so that no soap residue remains. The blades are made from stainless steel and can be cleaned the same way.