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Potato Peeling Machines

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A potato peeling machine is an efficient solution that simplifies the laborious task of peeling potatoes. With this kitchen helper, peeling potatoes can be done in as little as two to three minutes, saving you time and effort. Maxima's potato peeling machine even includes a washing feature, ensuring a thorough cleaning process for your potatoes.

Peeling potatoes can be a time-consuming task, especially in a professional kitchen where large quantities are often needed. However, there is a more efficient and faster method available. By using a professional potato peeling machine, you can peel kilograms of potatoes in just two minutes.

What is an industrial potato peeling machine?

A potato peeling machine operates as a centrifuge, with the drum wall lined with a coarse material resembling sandpaper, such as carborundum or silicon carbide. The rotating disc at the bottom, also coated with carborundum, helps keep the potatoes in motion, ensuring even peeling. Additionally, there is a water inlet on top, allowing for the cleaning of vegetables and washing away of scrapings.

After a cycle of two to three minutes, the hatch can be opened to collect the perfectly peeled potatoes. Not only does this save a significant amount of time, but the machine can also be utilised to give vegetables a desired rounded shape. For example, carrots can be transformed into baby carrots or potatoes can be turned into Parisian potatoes.

How do you use an automatic potato peeling machine?

To prepare vegetables using a potato peeling machine, follow these steps:

Fill the reservoir of the machine with the vegetables you want to peel. For potatoes, it's advisable to wash them beforehand and remove any dirt. Similarly, remove the foliage from carrots.

Ensure that you do not exceed the maximum capacity of the machine, which is up to where the sanding wall turns into a smooth material. 
Securely place the lid on the machine, making sure to fasten the safety latches on the side.

Connect the water supply to facilitate easier peeling. Switch on the machine and allow it to operate for approximately two to three minutes.
Once the peeling process is complete, turn off the machine and open the hatch located at the front to collect the peeled vegetables.

This peeling machine is also suitable for other vegetables like beets, turnips, ginger, carrots and celeriac.

What should you consider when buying a potato peeling machine?

When purchasing a potato peeling machine, consider the required capacity in terms of the number of potatoes or carrots used per hour. The machine's capacity is measured in kilograms, ranging from eight to 30kg. Typically, you can run the machine for approximately 20 cycles per hour, allowing an 8kg capacity to scrape up to 160 kilograms per hour.

Bear in mind that larger models occupy more space. Maxima also offers deluxe models, complete with a control panel containing separate start and stop buttons, as well as an output button for ejecting vegetables from the machine. These deluxe models also feature a convenient timer that automatically stops the machine after the set time.

Lastly, it's worth considering the weight of the machines, which falls between 42kg and 80kg, making them less portable. However, sturdy rubber feet ensure stability during usage.

How to clean a commercial potato peeling machine

Before cleaning, it's important to always unplug the machine. The machine has a smooth stainless steel finish, making it easy to clean with a soft, wet cloth. The interior walls can also be cleaned in the same way. For easier cleaning, the scraping plate at the bottom can be removed manually, ensuring the plate does not wear out. Additionally, remember to clean the water outlet.

After use, empty the collection tray where waste accumulates. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents and allow the machine to dry before the next use. These steps will guarantee a hygienic potato peeling machine that is always ready for use.