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Potato Peeling Machines

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Potato Peeling Machine - 8kg - 160kg/h
€1,669.79 €1,379.99 €1,185.18 €979.49
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Potato Peeling Machine - 15kg - 300kg/h
€2,139.89 €1,768.50 €1,584.48 €1,309.49
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Potato Peeling Machine - 30kg - 600kg/h
€2,902.19 €2,398.50 €2,479.28 €2,048.99
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Potato Peeling Machine - 15kg - 300kg/h - Built-in Timer
€2,502.89 €2,068.50 €1,283.19 €1,060.49
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Potato Peeling Machine - 20kg - 400kg/h - Built-in Timer
€2,521.04 €2,083.50 €1,500.99 €1,240.49
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Brace yourself for the most time-saving kitchen appliance in the hospitality industry. If there's one machine that takes a lot of work off your hands, it's a potato peeling machine. Peeling potatoes can be a lot of work, but this kitchen helper gets the job done in two to three minutes. It has even washes them for you.

What is a potato peeling machine?

Peeling potatoes is a time consuming task. A professional kitchen often requires large quantities of potatoes. It can be expensive and a waste of time to peel these all by hand and it’s possible to it faster, neater and more efficiently.

With a professional potato peeling machine you can peel many kilogrammes of potatoes in just two minutes. Simply put, a peeling machine is a centrifuge where inside, on the wall of the drum, is lined with a coarse layer that feels a bit like sandpaper. This material is carborundum or silicon carbide. The bottom has a rotating disc. This is also covered with carborundum and helps the potatoes remain in motion, which ensures that the potatoes are peeled evenly. On top is a water inlet so your vegetables are cleaned and the scrapings are washed away.

After a cycle of two to three minutes, you can open the hatch to collect the peeled potatoes. The potato peeler saves you a lot of time. When vegetables are delivered cut into cubes, you can also use this machine to give them a nice rounded shape. So you can turn carrots into baby carrots or potatoes into Parisian potatoes.

What are the advantages of a potato peeling machine?

  • considerable time savings
  • peeled and washed in 2 to 3 minutes
  • efficient peeling without loss of vegetables
  • neatly peeled vegetables while retaining their shape
  • diced vegetables acquire their round shape by peeling

How do you use a potato peeling machine?

Fill the reservoir of the potato peeling machine with the vegetables you want to prepare. With potatoes, its wise not to put them in straight from the bag, but first to wash and remove any dirt. With carrots, take off the foliage. Observe the maximum capacity of the machine: this is up to where the sanding wall turns into the smooth material. Place the lid on the machine and secure it with the safety latches on the side. Connect the water supply, so that the peels come off more easily.

Now you just need to turn on the machine. After two or three minutes, the machine will be finished. Then turn the machine off and open the hatch at the front to collect the peeled vegetables.

You can also use a peeling machine for other vegetables, such as: beets, turnip, ginger, carrots and celeriac.

What should you consider when buying a potato peeling machine?

When buying a potato peeling machine, first look at the capacity you need. How many potatoes or carrots do you use per hour? The capacity of these machines is indicated in kilogrammes and ranges from eight to thirty kilogrammes. Generally, you can run the machine for approximately twenty cycles per hour. So, with an eight kilo capacity, you can scrape as much as 160kg per hour.

Keep in mind that the larger models also take up more space. Maxima also offers the more ‘deluxe’ models. These have a control panel with a separate start and stop button, and an output button to eject the vegetables from the machine. In addition, a deluxe model also has a convenient timer that allows it to automatically stop after the set time.

Finally, it is good to look at the weight of the machines. They weigh between 42kg and 80kg so they are not easy to move. Thanks to the sturdy rubber feet, you don't have to worry about them moving around during use.

There are many kinds of appliances that can also help with food processing available at Maxima. Have a look at our vegetable slicers, food processors and meat mixers for a few examples.

How do you clean a potato peeling machine?

Always unplug the machine before you start. The outside of the machine has a smooth stainless steel finish. This allows you to clean it easily with a soft, wet cloth. The same applies to the interior walls. The scraping plate at the bottom can be removed so is easier to clean. This should preferably de done by hand so that the plate does not wear out. Do not forget to clean the water outlet as well.

Lastly, there is also a collection tray where all the waste ends up. Empty this tray after every use. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents and let the machine dry before you use it again. This way you ensure a hygienic potato peeling machine that is always ready for use.

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