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Stick Blender - 20cm Shaft - 280W
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Stick Blender - 21cm Shaft - 450W
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Stick Blender - 26cm Shaft - 450W
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Stick Blender - 31cm Shaft - 650W
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Stick Blender - 41cm Shaft - 650W
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Stick Blender - 46cm Shaft - 850W
€526.34 €434.99 €417.44 €344.99
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Stick Blender - 51cm Shaft - 850W
€526.34 €434.99 €473.70 €391.49
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Maxima’s powerful stick blenders are ideal for the effortless mixing, pureeing, blending, grinding and whisking of food items. With ease you can quickly create creamy sauces, smooth soups or whipped desserts to serve on the table in no time at all.

What can you use a professional stick blender for?

Mixing, mashing, blending, grinding and beating are chores that occur regularly in every kitchen. It’s helpful to then have an appliance on hand that can handle all these jobs with ease, regardless of the structure or quantity of the ingredients. A creamy pasta sauce, puree, whipped cream, soups or desserts are on the table in no time. These blenders also have no trouble grinding vegetables, meat, potatoes or rice.

The professional stick blenders from Maxima have a few advantages, mostly that they are very powerful devices and have a rod with a long insertion depth. This is useful, for example, with deep pans where you can easily reach the bottom so you can puree everything thoroughly. In addition, they come in different lengths and wattages so there is always a device among them that fits your kitchen perfectly.

With these stick blenders, you can also expect the quality that you are used to from Maxima. This means that you get a product that is made from robust materials and components. So you can work effortlessly with it every day.

What should you look for when buying a professional stick blender?

With a stick blender, the motor is the most important part. Each motor has its own wattage which indicates the power level. What are you going to use the stick blender for? If you mainly with soups and other liquids, then a slightly lower wattage may suffice. Vegetables and meat are, of course, a bit tougher, but you could easily use a stick blender around 500W for this.

The length of the stick blender is also important. The length determines how much food you can prepare with it. A short shaft, around 20cm, is suitable for pots with a capacity of up to 10 litres. Extra-long hand blenders, like those of 50cm, are easy to use when you have pans of 80 litres. Choose a model that suits the dishes you make the most often.

The same goes for the possibilities you have with the speed. Some dishes require more speed than others. The speed is indicated in rotations per minute (RPM).

Finally, it is good to know that you can also order different attachments. Check the accessories on the product page to see what attachments are available. A frequently used attachment is the one with two small whisk blades, which you can use to whip cream perfectly. The stick blender comes standard with an attachment that has steel cutting blades.

For more handy kitchen appliances, see our Food Processing category in our webshop.

What types of professional stick blenders are available?

The lengths range from 20cm to a whopping 51cm! In terms of wattage, they range from 280W up to 850W, which is the most powerful blender in the range.

The main features of the stick blender are:

  • hygienic design
  • very durable construction
  • switch for variable speed control
  • optimal beating and mixing results
  • ventilated motor with thermal overload protection
  • powerful and durable motor, suitable for professional use
  • stainless steel shaft, equipped with a double-bearing inner shaft and blade housing
  • wear-resistant couplings in the shaft, and motor block for a quick change of attachments

How do you clean a stick blender?

Always unplug the stick blender before you begin cleaning. The shaft is easily detached, so you can rinse it without worrying about getting the motor wet. After you've rinsed the individual parts thoroughly, you can put them in the dishwasher, as the attachments are made from stainless steel. The base of the device (the black plastic part with the plug) should never come into contact with water, so wipe it clean with a dry cloth. 

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