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Keeping food warm after it has already been prepared can be a challenge. A chafing dish is the ideal piece of equipment for doing this at events such as parties or weddings. With the adjustable temperature, you don’t need to worry about burning or cooking the food further. Maxima's electric chafing dish is both safe and practical.

What is a commercial chafing dish?

A chafing dish is a pan filled with boiling water in which you place a container (such as a Gastronorm tray) or a dish of food to keep warm. This method works the same as a bain marie. Bain marie is a cooking technique that lets you heat or cook food evenly. The water serves as a buffer between the direct heat source and the food. As the water never rises above 100⁰C, this ensures that the temperature in the container never rises above 100⁰ either.

The bain marie method is frequently used when the ingredients cannot get too hot, otherwise they will burn or separate. The Gastronorm container that you place in the water is usually covered so that the heat is not lost too quickly. The lid ensures that the humidity in the pan remains at optimal levels so the food won’t dry out. It's primarily meant to keep food warm rather than to reheat it. A chafing dish can keep food warm between about 40 and 80⁰C.

A chafing dish is a common and versatile warming device, ideal for caterers of buffets for events such as weddings and parties.

What do you need to consider when buying a chafing dish?

A chafing dish can be kept warm in a variety of ways, usually fuel, gas or electricity. Maxima only offers an electric chafing dish as it's the safest and most practical. All you need is a power point and there is no worrying about a flame under the pan.

The Maxima electric chafing dish is supplied with two GN containers in different sizes. When preparing food for the chafing dish, make sure you use the right size GN container.

When you are filling the pan with hot water, always place the chafing dish on a stable and even surface.

What is the difference between a chafing dish and bain marie?

The method of heating is the same, although the chafing dish is more often used on-site. Thanks to its size, shape and handles, it's better suited to keeping food warm at venues, such as buffets at parties and events. The bain marie is more often found in the kitchen and comes in sizes ranging from small tabletop models to large appliances as part of a cooking line.

How do you clean a chafing dish?

Cleaning a chafing dish is very easy as the appliance doesn’t often get dirty during normal use. After use, switch the appliance off and remove the Gastronorm container. Be careful of hot water droplets that may come off the underside. The GN container and lid are both dishwasher safe.

A damp cloth and mild detergent are sufficient for cleaning both the interior and exterior. Be careful around the heating element as it may still be hot. Dry the appliance with a soft, dry cloth and do not reassemble until it's thoroughly dried.