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Food Heating Lamps

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With Maxima's heating lamps, you can keep every dish fresh and warm without burning the contents or cooking it any further. Our infrared heating lamps are easy to use and available in several practical sizes to suit your needs. The wide range of applications makes it a very useful tool in any professional kitchen. They're ideal for use in hotels, large restaurants and buffets during catered events.

What is a food heating lamp?

A heating lamp is an ideal solution for keeping food warm. Dishes that you have prepared ahead of time are always best when served warm on the table.

When cooking for large groups, sometimes certain dishes are ready before others. Or perhaps you need to prepare a dish in advance and have a little time before you can serve it. It's useful if these dishes can be kept warm without occupying the capacity of your pots, pans and stovetop.

A heating lamp uses special infrared light to make sure that your food remains sufficiently warmed without cooking it more or burning it. Because you can adjust the height of the lamp yourself, you can control the intensity of the heat and use it for almost any dish. It's ideal for catering events and restaurant buffets.

The adjustable height means that anything you place under it is not only warmed but also easy to reach when you are ready to serve. It’s an asset to any professional kitchen. From restaurants and cafes to canteens and food trucks, its wide range of applications and practical size make it a very useful device in any professional kitchen.

What should you consider before buying a restaurant heating lamp?

When considering purchasing a heating lamp for food in your commercial kitchen, there are several factors to take into account. First is the size of the lamp you need – will it be used in a catering setting or solely in the restaurant? Next, consider the wattage of your lamp. This should be based on how much food you plan to heat at once. You should also look into the safety features of the lamp, such as an adjustable arm that can be raised or lowered to ensure safe operation.

What types of food heating lights does Maxima offer?

Maxima has three different kinds of heating lamps: a single version with one lamp, a double version and a triple version with up to three infrared lamps. Your choice of appliance should be based on the amount or size of food you want to keep warm. Larger catering businesses such as restaurants and hotels often need to keep multiple dishes warmed at once so the triple version is ideal. For smaller food businesses, a single or double lamp would be sufficient. The lamps also come with powerful 275W infrared lamps and a matching GN tray.

What are the features of Maxima's infrared heating lamps?

Maxima offers quality kitchen equipment at affordable prices. Thanks to the durable aluminium casing, the lamp does not overheat and you can count on a long life for this appliance. The heating lamps also offer the following benefits:

  • Aluminium stand and hood that is simple to clean
  • Compact and lightweight format making them easy to store
  • Includes lamp and GN container 
  • Mobile, thanks to the long power cable
  • Height adjustable to give you different heat intensities

Best food heating lamp

Maxima heating lamps for food come with technology that allows them to heat food quickly and evenly while using minimal energy consumption. The temperature is adjustable, so you can get just the right amount of heat without over-cooking or under-cooking your food. Maxima heating lamps are perfect for any professional kitchen due to their durable construction, energy efficiency and adjustable temperatures.