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Hotplate - Max 105°C - 61,5 x 36,3cm - 15kg
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An electric hotplate from Maxima is ideal for any kitchen as it helps keep food warm and ready to serve. It's also compact and allows you to expand your kitchen’s capacity when needed. Thanks to the practical sizes, these appliances are easy to store or even transport when extra capacity is needed. 

What is a hotplate?

Maxima's freestanding hotplate is ideal for use as extra cooking capacity during peak times. It can also be used to keep dishes warm, freeing up the capacity of your cooker or stovetop so that you can continue cooking other items. Due to its practical size, this hotplate is ideal for mobile use on location, such as in food trucks and markets. It's lightweight and is easy to carry and store when not in use. Although it's compact, it's still wide enough to accommodate two large pans.

What are the features of Maxima's hotplate?

With a top-quality glass plate and stainless steel housing, this is a professional appliance for use in any kitchen. The temperature is adjustable from 60 to 105°C using a rotary button. It also comes with overheating protection. The On/Off button is at the back of the appliance and the indicator light shows when the plate is heating up. 

  • Includes indicator light
  • Temperature adjustable from 60-105°C
  • Glass plate and stainless steel housing
  • Single On/Off button and temperature dial

Maintainance and cleaning of your Maxima hotplate

Regularly check and clean the appliance, its parts and accessories. Always switch off and disconnect the power supply before cleaning or maintenance. Make sure the appliance has cooled down before cleaning or maintenance. Use a damp cloth with some mild food-safe detergent to clean the device. Always dry the appliance and its parts after cleaning, using a soft cloth. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or abrasives.

Do not use solvents or petrol-based cleaning agents as some cleaning agents may leave harmful residues or cause damage to the machine. Use a food-safe detergent instead. Do not use any scourer and sharp or pointed objects during cleaning as this may cause damage to the machine. Never hose down the machine or immerse it in water or any other liquid, instead wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.