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Plate Warmers

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In any kitchen, it’s important to serve hot dishes as quickly as possible to avoid them getting cold. To facilitate this, you can dish onto plates that are already warm. Maxima's plate warmers heat a large number of plates, leaving you free to focus on other tasks. Our range includes both plate warmers and plate dispensers in various sizes.

What is a plate warmer?

If you offer hot dishes, then it's beneficial to serve them on plates that have already been warmed. This keeps your dishes at the right temperature for longer and enhances the flavour. It also shows customers that everything has been freshly prepared. The easiest way to warm up a lot of plates is with a plate warmer. These appliances contain a heated interior with a temperature that you can set yourself anywhere between 30 and 85°C.

In addition to our plate warmers, Maxima also offers a version that you can use as both a plate warmer as well as a plate dispenser. This trolley is mobile so it can easily be wheeled to where it's needed. An indicator light shows when the desired temperature has been reached and you can then use the plates to serve. 

What types of plate heaters does Maxima offer?

Maxima offers several plate warmers and plate dispensers. Both come as single or double models and in several capacities, both large and small, of between 30 to 120 plates. The cabinet models have one large space in which you can place one or two shelves to create multiple tiers. These models keep the plates clean and easily maintain the required temperature.

A plate dispenser is open at the top. Through a round opening, you can quickly access the top plate of the plate warmer. These dispensers work very efficiently for use on an assembly line or at a buffet. With the double plate dispenser you can set the temperature per each chamber, so different temperatures are also possible.

Maxima also has a cup warmer for coffee cups. This cabinet contains two levels and provides consistent heating up to 65⁰C. So guests can enjoy a hot cup of coffee for a long time. On top of the cabinet, there is space to store saucers so they are always within reach.

How do you use a plate warmer?

It’s important to set the right temperature. You do this with the dial on the side of the device. Adjust the heat of the plates to the food you want to keep warm so that the plate has exactly the right temperature. After this, you can fill the appliance with plates.

With a plate warmer, first determine the height of the shelves. Slide them in at the right height and then stack the plates on top. With a plate dispenser, you fill the large round cylinders from above. When doing so, stick to the maximum capacity of the plate warmer so you don't overload it.