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Can't find the parts you're looking for? Please contact our technical department. They can immediately tell you if these parts are in stock.

The best way to reach our technical department is through the following email:

In your email please mention which machine you're talking about and what parts you need. Our mechanics have many years of experience with our machines and can provide you with expert advice on repairing or maintaining your machine.

Sometimes an appliance in your kitchen does not work as well as it should and may need to have parts replaced. In these cases, it's often sufficient to replace only one worn part. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment you'll find all the necessary parts for your appliances, including handy accessories that can make using a machine easier.

What kinds of parts are available?

When looking for parts for your machines, you have a choice between two different categories: spare parts or accessories. Accessories are products that you can add on to a device or use as part of a particular process, such as sous vide bags or hamburger sheets for the hamburger press. Cleaning products for your machines are also included in this category. Additionally, there are accessories that expand the potential uses of a machine, such as extra attachments for a sausage filler or -planetary mixer. Spare parts, on the other hand, can be any small or large pieces that are an integral part of a machine. As a result of wear and tear, these parts have to be replaced from time to time and can be ordered separately.

How to find the right parts?

When buying new parts, it's important to be sure that you are buying the right parts for your machine. Most parts have a name or product code that refers to a specific device. If you know this code, it's possible to find the right parts for your machine. Also, when purchasing accessories, make sure you choose the right size. For example, there are mixing bowls and blenders with various capacities that may or may not be suitable for the size of device you have. If you’re not sure which parts are suitable for your machine, you can always contact us to help ensure that you're buying the right parts and accessories.

When do you need to buy parts?

There are two situations in which you may need to buy new parts for your machines. First of all, if a part of a device is broken. In that case, you'll want to replace it as soon as possible, so that you can use your equipment again. Secondly, you can buy parts that expand the function of a machine. These include accessories such as an alternative cutting unit for your food processor or a different kind of whisk for your planetary mixer. Also, bowls or reservoirs with a larger capacity are available for some machines. Simply adjust your equipment to meet the changing needs of your kitchen.

What is the best way to maintain your parts?

It’s important to take care of the parts of your machines so they last as long as possible. Two things should always be considered. First of all, it's important that you clean every part straight away. This doesn’t just apply to knives, blender sticks and other accessories that come into direct contact with food, but also to the wheels under a table or the on/off button which should also be kept clean. Make sure that you use each machine as recommended. Carefully follow the instructions for each device, so that you use and store the machine correctly.

Which parts are suitable for machine maintenance?

You can also buy items that make the maintenance of a machine easier. For example, there is a special cleaning agent that you can use to clean the inside of many of our machines. This detergent does not damage delicate parts and has an antibacterial effect. It is also possible to buy a washing and rinsing agent for your dishwasher. Don't forget to buy oil that's suitable for the maintenance of your appliances. This keeps every mechanism working smoothly and prevents wear and tear. All these products are suitable for use on stainless steel appliances and are also safe to use wherever food is prepared.